The Lannisters of Casterly Rock

Dec 4th, 2016
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  1. House Lannister of casterly rock is one of if not the oldest and Largest remaining houses in: Firefume/ES_Freddie and now Bakers genre.
  2. (^ ^)
  4.  A Long standing western tradition has developed over the years of our existence creating a vast network of Ally's, Vassals, And Knightly houses all residing within the westerlands.  The Lords have the house provided for them as well as Free funding to Pay out there Loyal Soldiers.  - We have about 12 Houses that have already reached the old 40 member requirement to become an official house.
  5. An Example: (^ ^)
  7. We take pride on the soldiers we produce coming from all kinds of backgrounds and time zones. To help with the activity we have created branches and decisions to assist the greater whole of the house weather be it land or sea.
  8. The Lannister Navy:
  9. The Pureblood Order:
  10. The Militia:
  11. The Lions Guard:
  13. But Leadership, Training's and Activity's alone is not the only thing we strive on. we have created a vast amount of assets ranging from Custom Uniforms to Custom Audio and Original High Quality games.
  14. Our Casterly rock is Raidable like that Wintefell Free Model, but in this case it is made by high End Western Developers.
  15. Made from Scratch, The Casterly rock Project Took about 4 weeks to Finnish.
  16. (^ ^)
  17. Aswell as The Lannisport Project, This took about 2 Weeks and is still [WIP]
  18. (^ ^)
  20. Our Custom uniform store is not only limited to Soldier Uniforms, we have a wide selection of garments from all across Westeros.
  21. The Lannister Royal Bank of Westeros:
  22. Full Custom Store:
  24. And Last but not least some Custom Audio for Lannister and game of thrones, Fan made by SSWEEEE himself.
  25. The Lannister Navy sailing through the mist to save the Night:
  26. Knights of the House United under one cause:
  27. The Indoctrination of Honored Pureblood Knights Ceremony: one of the Upcoming ambient's from Lannisport:
  28. And one of Casterly rocks Ambient's:
  30. Enough about this Grand house, Here is some info about Tywin Lannister, Lord of Casterly rock(SSWEEEE): I Have joined the genre so long ago it is not even known for an exact date. Some say it was 2 to 3 Years ago. During that time I have gained a vast amount of experience in The Seven Kingdoms. from Recruiting for My house which is every lords requirement, to Training these soldiers.
  31. From Running the house with the Advice of the westerlands high council to numerous Small council positions for various Kings at the time. I have served almost every position on the Council that my role as Lord of Casterly rock would allow.
  32. As well as Being King of the seven Kingdoms and protector of the realm many times over. Some say in total my house has been King and Queens of the realm for at least 7 times. But role play alone is just a Part of my experience.
  33. From being a Coordinator for Firefume and Freddie I have helped the genre as much as I can, weather it be assets for Kings landing, GFX Audio or even Holding events such a tournaments and wars alike. to even Holding Grouped regions for Freddie from dorne to the wall.
  34. All packed with updated games to go with these regions (Ex: Sunspear for Martell) and has managed these games so if a Lord did not have a Place to call home they could use the genres region games. as well as the constant Banner changes and Logos for these regions once a new Lord paramount comes into play. I have seen this genre rise and fall then rise again many times over from the beginning to present id say it has been a worthwhile experience.
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