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  2. Work to be completed on
  4. Front End & support
  5. Implementation of new theme and integratiion of all back end features on theme purchased by offbeat.
  6. Installation and configuiration of the latest version of YOAST seo Plugin and sitemap to work with all new CPT's
  7. Installation and configuiration of the latest version of WooCommerce
  8. Installation and configuiration of the latest version of GravityForms & conversion of exsisting forms to this new format
  9. Training & Support on the implmentation of new features
  11. BackEnd:
  12. Implementation of Advanced Custom Fields to work with new Custom Post types
  15. Creation of New Custom Post Type Interfaces for:
  16. Magazine Archive - The magazine archive will function the same as it does before on the frront end but on the back end the posty type interface will utilize the benefits of Advanced Custom Fields and everything Custom Post types has to offer for organizing monthly issues and their table of COntents. An interface to associate a speicifc Table of Contents organization per issue will be associated. Upon completion of the new post type all exsisting Magazine archived data will be impoerted into this format. All original URL's will be retained as well as the ability to give an appearnace date seperate from the publish date on the website.
  18. Review - Reviews will funciton as they are now and Upon completion of the new post type all exsisting Reviews archived data will be imported into this format.
  20. News - News articles will funciton as they are now and Upon completion of the new post type all exsisting news archived data will be imported into this format.
  22. Blogs - Blogs will funciton as they are now and Upon completion of the new post type all exsisting archived blog data will be imported into this format.
  25. Advanced Search feature - Similar to dating and job search sites we will provide an advnaced search feature that will allow for more speicifc detailed searching of the offbeat website. Search results shoudl display google style with sidegbar and be paginated. The specific search term if possible shoudl be highlighted in the search results. NOLAGraphics will work with offbeat to determine the specific search parameters but an initil list includes.
  26. - search by author
  27. - search by magazine issue
  28. - search by type to include - LIST CPTS HERE as checkboxes
  29. - search by date range
  30. - search by artist name
  31. - search by band name
  32. - search by keyword
  33. - include tags data in search results
  34. - sort results by - creation date(up/down), alphabetical by title(up/down), yesteday, last month only , least year only, ever.
  38. WooCommerce Store - The wooCommerce store will have many new features which will allow greater flexibility in how you seel products online.
  39. - The store will be connected to the magazine archive by automatically creating a product for the magazine to be purchased on the fly as the magazine is created by the offbeat staff. Additionally there will be a field for a product option to puchase the PDF for a specificed amount extra as a product addon.
  40. - The store will also allow for commerce of the products within to be sent to the offbeat facebook page so sales can be leveraged from the facebook social network.
  41. - An additonal feature much needed for the offbeat store is a varible price product wherein the customer can "name their price" on this special product. This can be used for advertisers to pay an advertising amount and receive a receipt from the store.
  44. SIMPLE EVENTS - ReDevelopement of the events and listing systems  - Complete upgrade to the NOLAGraphics Simple Events plugin which features the simplcity of listing ahnd associating
  45. - Events
  46. - Venues
  47. - Personalities
  48. - Sponsors
  50. This format will give a page for each type. It will be used for creating directory listings for:
  51. - BANDS - In additon to displaying and editing information the band section will have a front end interface for creating a "new band page" and as well "submitting events" per band to be included in the schedule.
  57. This same plugin will come with a multitude of views allowing for the display of
  59. - Music listings by day table (like they are now) to include date selection and sorting by
  60. -- Time, Genre, Neighborhood, Venue OR Band Name
  62. - Map listing of Restaurants
  63. -- Able to be sorted or search and concatonated by Cuisine AND/OR Neighborhood
  65. - Festival listings - Inspired by the jazz fest "cubes" the festival listings will allow display of an event with multiple stages and the appropriate times in the familiar grid. This has become a format standard for festival listings and will additonally include a "flyover" view and link to the band page to give more information about the band.
  67. Louisiana Music Directory - all of the same band data input into the events system will be used for a separate LMD secition of the offbeat site such that a special page of the offbeat site wherein a search for a band by name or genre will return the result of a bands in the events system. We will also display a directory view by alphabetical of band name and a directory view by alphabetical of existing genre.
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