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  1. 09 May 2011
  2. 21:58 - Hellfang: Hi.
  3. 21:58 - Hellfang: Adv?
  4. 22:02 - Hellfang: Advantage, please respond, I know I'm being annoying but it's something I'd really rather have resolved.
  5. 22:02 - Hellfang: I don't think it will take long.
  6. 22:10 - Adv: I'm sorry, Hellfang, I'm not going to speak to you about one of my admins attitudes, and how they're running their role, with someone who blatantly went out of their way, to change character and avoid roleplay, possibly causing an OOC break in a situation. I typically expect that if you have a problem with a situation, you work to get it voided after completing it, or talk to the person subtly during the situation. I don't believe in making big arguments out of something that could potentially be avoided if only people would work together. After all, this is only a game. And this is my time, as I'm working you've asked me to volunteer into helping with this situation. So, if you cannot resolve something with Blank, then respond back with everything you've tried to resolve this issue. I don't believe its my position to find myself in a situation that could work, if the two people in it didn't stop banging their heads together, and that's why I've asked you to do this, in a semi-respectful manner.
  7. 22:10 - Hellfang: I can show you logs where I try to resolve the issue.
  8. 22:11 - Hellfang: I offer two compramises which he ignores.
  9. 22:11 - Hellfang: Plus, he banned me for a WEEK, without warning or indication of any punishment. I'm SURE that's against regulation.
  10. 22:12 - Hellfang: Also, I did TRY to talk to him, he ignored what I was saying and went ahead with /evs that powergamed me.
  11. 22:12 - Hellfang: I did not respond IC to them because I was busy talking to him OOC.
  12. 22:13 - Hellfang: [EVENT] ** The mechanised hulk unit turns, making a few soft bleeping noises as it's guns slowly start to align on a private. **
  13. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] You were wandering, and it's night time. These operate on thermals, it is a hunter killer.
  14. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] ok!
  15. [ [EVENT] ** A large set of pulsing rounds jettison from it's right arm, blowing up around the private sending him back a way. **
  16. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] No... In cover, and about fifty meters from the trench line.
  17. FK.DSC.4444 (Blank): [OOC] Wait-...
  18. FK.DSC.4444 (Blank): [OOC] Did you seriously change characters?
  19. FK.DSC.4444 (Blank): [OOC] To escape role play?
  20. ''Sergeant'' Duke Savvage (Cuppy): [OOC] inb4 ban
  21. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] Yes, because you didn't even wait for a responce, you powergamed me.
  22. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] I said you were being aimed at.
  23. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] You sat there and took it up with me O
  24. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] Yes.. because I didn't agree with it OOC
  25. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] Which doesnt' even specify injury, just a chase.
  26. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] You changed characters?
  27. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] No, you didn't deal with my concern that it was powergame, or my claim that I was in cover.
  28. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] Giving you the chance to come back onto the character.
  29. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] Your call.
  30. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] So you can powergame me again?
  31. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] I explain you were spotted. The guns aimed at the cover.
  32. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] They shot around it, forcing you back. I don't see the flaw at all.
  33. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] Make your choice.
  34. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] [EVENT] ** A large set of pulsing rounds jettison from it's right arm, blowing up around the private sending him back a way. **[
  35. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] That's death.
  36. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] You wre behind cover.
  37. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] That's not a direct hit at all.
  38. 22:13 - Hellfang: [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] You decribed plasma fire blowing a person back, in my books it's death. If you want to Re-RP from the point before you spotted me while in cover
  39. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] I'd be fine with that
  40. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] But I REALLY don't think you should have spotted me.
  41. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] If you want we can take it up with another admin.
  42. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] An independent one.
  43. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] I described plasma fire blowing up around you. Where in that event did I say back?
  44. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] [EVENT] ** A large set of pulsing rounds jettison from it's right arm, blowing up around the private sending him BACK a way. **[
  45. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] Sending him back.
  46. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] Blowing him back
  47. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] That's clearly not what I wrote Hellfang. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] I copy pasted it directly from console
  48. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] Blowing up -around-.... Sending him -back- a way.
  49. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] [EVENT] ** A large set of pulsing rounds jettison from it's right arm, blowing up around the private sending him back a way.
  50. PM TO FK.DSC.4444] How else would a plasma blast send someone back?
  51. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] And you're twisting what I said beyond proportion even though I have numerously clarified what I said.
  52. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] You were in cover as you said, it shot around the cover, the force would send you back.
  53. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] Please speak proper english I have trouble understanding you. [PM TO FK.DSC.4444] Yes, the shockwave. Shockwaves pulp organs, heat from plasma incinerates people.
  54. [PM FROM FK.DSC.4444] Yes, but only if it were in direct sight and exposure. Which it clearly wasn't was it?
  55. Disconnect: Kicked by Console : " "Banned by FK.DSC.4444 for 10080 minutes".
  56. 22:13 - Adv: I shall have a word with Blank.
  57. 22:13 - Hellfang: Thank you, can my ban be at least DISCUSSED with the team, with the above evidence.
  58. 22:14 - Adv: The ban will be finalised by myself.
  59. 22:14 - Adv: I will work out whether the time length specified was justifiable
  60. 22:16 - Hellfang: Thank you. Although I feel you'd already judged the situation before you read any of the information I gave, which to be honest, I find disturbing.
  61. 22:16 - Adv: I judged the situation in my head, after a working day. the first thing that came to my head was "Why me"
  62. 22:16 - Hellfang: I can go to Dave if you want.
  63. 22:17 - Hellfang: But I didn't think it would need much thinking... I broke a rule and offered to go back anyway, he broke a number of admin regulations.
  64. 22:17 - Adv: I'm speaking to him now
  65. 22:18 - Adv: Did you choose to take a shot into the back?
  66. 22:18 - Hellfang: Uh... No, I don't think anything about a shot in the back was mentioned, let me check.
  67. 22:19 - Hellfang: No, nothing.
  68. 22:19 - Adv: Hm.
  69. 22:20 - Adv: Alright.
  70. 22:20 - Adv: You claimed that he plasma shot fired you into the backl?
  71. 22:20 - Adv: When he aimed to shoot around you
  72. 22:20 - Adv: As a miss
  73. 22:20 - Hellfang: No, I didn't.
  74. 22:21 - Hellfang: I claimed that his event outlined death or severe injury.
  75. 22:21 - Hellfang: Usually I'd roleplay being blasted back by heavy plasma as death or severe injury.
  76. 22:21 - Hellfang: He claimed that it would not have injured my character.
  77. 22:21 - Hellfang: It was during this debate that he banned me.
  78. 22:23 - Hellfang: I have to go for five minutes. But as a matter of principle, I'm not going to stop until SOME form of action is taken. Be it a reduction of the ban (There was no warning or indication of punishment, which in itself makes the ban against regulation), or a complete unban. Which I would be more happy about. But I understand I broke a server rule, so that's unlikely.
  79. 22:24 - Hellfang: I would be absolutely fine with a compramise of one or two days, for example.
  80. 22:25 - Hellfang: (BRB)
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