Banjo-Tooie Not64 (Wii N64 Emulator) Glitches

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  1. 1. The obvious one - The WitchyWorld crash. Looking into it, on a clean Banjo-Tooie (U) rom (in my experience), [b]it is not the Inferno that crashes the game - It's the Train Station.[/b]It is possible to explore all around inside the former - even getting to the top of the tower and to Mumbo - and it does indeed hang with an error when I try to explore inside the latter.
  2. Using a savestate, I have found that it is when the camera tries to pan to the right-side train door that it crashes (My guess is that it cannot load past it, to a hiding Chuffy - I could be wrong here). It is also completely possible to get to the train switch in the room without triggering it (have the camera face the front wall the entire time), but the train switch cutscene forces the angle to the door, and after an autosave-and-reload right before Not64 hung, it did not save the switch being pressed.
  3. Directions after selecting Slot 1 in EEPROM Save: Along path to Metal Silo -> Jump in Silo - Select "Pine Grove" -> Enter WitchyWorld -> Go to nearby Warp Pad and press B -> Select "Behind the Big Top" -> Go Forward from Tent to Horror Area (If you see the "Dive of Death", you're good - To the left from Western Zone, to the right from Space Zone) -> Head right from the "Dive of Death"'s base, and go to the rightmost entrance of the three available (Right of the one with moving jaws - The Inferno's).
  5. For those setting to complete the game, this renders the "Stegosaurus Family" and (based on RNG) "Mrs. Boggy's Kids" jiggies moot.
  7. 2. Multiplayer Shoot-Outs. This is the only other crash that I have found. If anyone selects Gruntilda in any of the three shoot-outs (Assumption, only Targitzan's Temple and Ordinance Storage tested, though this should still apply to Clinkers' Cavern) and fires an egg, when the egg hits the wall/another player, up comes another hang screen. When no player has selected Grunty, no crashes (or glitches whatsoever) occur.
  8. Directions: Set up multiple controllers in Not64 menu -> Multiplayer (N64 Console in Tooie's Menu) -> Single Game -> Select any of the three Shootouts above -> Pick Characters -> Select
  10. 3. No Playing Ball - When attempting to play any round of either Kickball game or the Dodgems game, everything on the field clips through the floor and back, seemingly at random (or at sent intervals - It's been a while since I tried). This makes completing the Kickball series of minigames - dare I say - a Canary Mary-esque feat, and quite possibly another Jiggy or two off of players' totals. (The Dodgems games, while still having the same problems - are easier than the Kickball games - I just drove around in loops across the field with the opponent(s) following me, collecting Twinklies, and the Jiggy was mine without too much trouble.)
  11. Directions; See how to get to the Minigames in the directions for #2. Same for #6 below.
  13. 4. Any text. When a period/exclamation point pops up in any text, it appears as a straight vertical line. (This is not as annoying as it is in Banjo-Kazooie, as any punctuation appears to be a colon there.)
  15. 5. Lord Woo Fix-the-Textures: In some portions of Jolly Roger's Lagoon that are underwater, there are small instances of textures of the scenery going missing spontaneously, revealing a plain background color, one of the biggest being near the wall of Lord Woo Fak Fak's boss arena. Just swim around in it near the walls and you will find it easily.
  16. Directions -> Replay menu (Yellow hexagonal machine/VCR on the right-hand side of the menu) -> Bosses -> Lord Woo Fak Fak (Not that instructions are *really* needed for that).
  18. 6. Tower of Troubles: When playing the Tower of Tragedy quiz at the end of the game, when the screen showed a random area of the game, it hung with an error twice. It may just be my disposition this time, but I think that it may possibly be that [asterisks] train station again. The rest of the quiz - all three rounds of it - had no troubles.
  20. If there are any more I might have missed, I will add them below, but I believe that is all of them.
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