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White Victims of Black Crime - 0490 - Rebecca Wood

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  1. 0490
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  4. July 13, 2016
  6. Victim(s): Rebecca Wood 32
  8. Attacker(s): Deanthony Bradley, William Bounds, Jeremiah Flowers, Carlando Anton Mukes
  10. Description: Rebecca, a mother of two, was sitting in her vehicle, when Bradley walked up to her and pointed a gun at her head with his finger on the trigger. When she tried to drive away, she was shot and quickly lost control of her vehicle, crashing into a tree. Her attackers got away with $20, which they used to buy cigarettes and two bags of marijuana.
  12. Archive.is Link(s):
  13. https://archive.is/c1rOT Story on the crime.
  14. https://archive.is/LOW7z The last of the four, Mukes, pleads guilty. Bradley was sentenced to 30 years in prison and 15 years supervised release. Bounds was sentenced to 17 years and 10 years supervised released. Mukes was sentenced on 6-19-2017 & Flowers was sentenced 8-4-2017. Their sentences are unknown at this time.
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