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  1. 1.  How many Ghost type species were there in Generation I?
  2. Three. Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar.
  3. 2.  In which generation did Dark Types debut?
  4. Generation II
  5. 3.  How many Pure Ghost types exist?
  6. 9
  7. 4.  How many Dual Ghost types exist?
  8. 19
  9. 5.  Ghost type went from ineffective to super effective against what type between Gens I and II?
  10. Psychic
  11. 6.  The “Day of the Dead” is held on which two Dates?
  12. November 1 to November 2
  13. 7.  What is, on average, the highest stat of Ghost types?
  14. Special Attack.
  15. 8.  What is, on average, the highest stat of Dark types?
  16. Attack.
  17. 9.  How many Ghost type moves have an accuracy less than 100%?
  18. None. No ghost type move has an accuracy less than 100%
  19. 10. Dark type accounts for what percent of all pokemon in existence? (round to the nearest percent)
  20. 6%
  21. 11. Despite the fact that Dark type was considered "Special" up to Gen III, how many Dark type moves that are actually Special exist as of Gen IV?
  22. 3
  23. 12.     How many pure Dark type Pokemon are there?
  24. 9
  25. 13. How many dual type Dark Pokemon are there?
  26. 30
  27. 14. Generation V introduced how many Dark types?
  28. 9
  29. 15.     Dark types have not had their own Gym or Elite 4 member?
  30. Gym
  31. 16. What is, on average, Dark types lowes stat?
  32. Special Defense
  33. 17. What is, on average, Ghost types lowest stat?
  34. Speed.
  35. 18. Ghost types have been featured in how many gyms?
  36. 2
  37. 19. Which Elite 4 members use Dark types?
  38. Karen, Sidney, and Grimsley.
  39. 20. Prior to Generation IV, all Ghost moves were Physcial or Special?
  40. Physical   
  43. Bonus:  In the anime, in Ash’s first battle against Fantina, Fantina actually would have been disqualified by standard metagame rules-- for what reason?
  44. Sleep Clause.
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