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Penny Fleck letter

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Oct 23rd, 2019
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  1. Dear Thomas,
  3. There is a definite possibility that
  4. I will die soon as I have been very
  5. sick lately. It is for this reason that
  6. I am writing you another letter now.
  7. As you well know I love you
  8. very much. Over the past seven
  9. months I've send you dozens of letters
  10. in the faint hope that you would
  11. get back to me. I honestly did not
  12. wish to bother you over the years
  13. because I know how much pain
  14. and suffering our love has caused
  15. for both of us.
  17. I realize this might open me
  18. up to ridicule, but I need you help
  19. your son and I need your help.
  21. I'll admit to you that the reason
  22. I'm asking is because my living conditions
  23. are so dire and I have no insurance
  24. or opportunities for any future.
  26. Thomas, you are the only hope for
  27. me and your son. Arthur is a good
  28. boy. Maybe a little sad, but a good
  29. boy none the less. I think you would
  30. be proud of the job I've done with him,
  31. and how happy he is most of the
  32. time.
  34. And Thomas I'm asking you
  35. to please look into your good heart
  36. and at least give us something
  37. so we can better our station, and
  38. become the kind of people you
  39. could love and respect.
  41. I love you forever,
  43. Penny Fleck
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