Kain't Be This Secretive

Apr 29th, 2013
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  1. [00:19:32] <Amaryllis> Back in the hotel room! Ammy's kept the place dimly lit in Nat's absence, simply a few candles at the bedside. Ammy herself is lying on the bed, a scrambled pile of books at her side, and one old heavy volume in her hands.
  2. [00:19:57] <Natalie> With a louder crash than there SHOULD be the door gives way to let Nat in, who's pouting and spouting a :< face all the while, yet with a mixed expression of genuine worry. A little cleaner too. "Nnnnn, Ammyyyyyy!"
  3. [00:21:02] <Natalie> "I'm really really sorry about that, you okay?" She kicks her shoes off and prances over, swirling a Cure spell in her fingers.
  4. [00:21:34] * Amaryllis snaps the book closed in surprise. It's one of the old ones from the mansion, so many years back. She sets it aside in the messy pile then sits up with a wince. "Could've used without getting kicked awake, but I'm fine."
  5. [00:23:01] * Natalie brings a finger to her lips and then pokes her serv- friend with the other one time and time again, shoving restorative magic in forcefully. It's still calming though. "Nnnnn, yeah. I got too into the role again, oops~"
  6. [00:24:35] <Natalie> "But it's fun, isn't it? That Burmecian got SO MAD at the teasing, and the lightning mage was really weird but nice..."
  7. [00:25:05] <Amaryllis> "Words are fine. Words are the building blocks of story, and that is my domain. They harm me not." Ammy relaxes a bit. "Stick to words when playing the role."
  8. [00:25:08] <Natalie> "... That crystal, though." :<
  9. [00:25:46] <Amaryllis> That crystal indeed. Ammy grabs it out of her bag and taps it against Nat's forehead. "Anything?"
  10. [00:26:07] <Natalie> Obediently, Nat gives a crisp nod. "Acting isn't JUST about words, but... Okay. It's just been a while since I- oof!"
  11. [00:26:36] <Natalie> It makes a CLAK noise against the ruby in her forehead. As any gem should!
  12. [00:27:41] <Natalie> "Well right NOW it just feels weird." She spins around once or twice but then sits down on a bed or something. "Earlier though, a thing happened."
  13. [00:27:49] <Amaryllis> "You're right, acting is more than words, but Nat I deal with enough just with" Ammy calls up a mote of darkness in her hand, then lets it fade. "this."
  14. [00:29:10] <Natalie> "Nnnnn. I'm still really sorry. At least I can make it feel KINDA better." sitting bow-legged, her face is more serious. "Anyway I... Remembered something."
  15. [00:30:12] <Natalie> "That's why I went outside when the damn thing called me out," she sticks her tongue out at it, "or tried to I guess."
  16. [00:30:17] * Amaryllis nods. "It's okay." She reaches over to the pile of books and removes her journal, laying it open in her lap with a look that says "go on".
  17. [00:32:47] <Amaryllis> If Nat's taken a good look around the room, aside from the books, there's a new addition of a small bottle of cheap, strong whiskey on one of the counters. Unopened. For now.
  18. [00:32:54] <Natalie> "It was... A girl. Younger than me kinda, with a horn. Her hair was blue.... Uhh, I forgot if it was light-blue or dark-blue. If it was light it could've been little-me maybe, but the horn weirds me out. I just remember... Blue. I know it was before I met you, Ammy, so maybe it wasn't little-me, but if it was it..." She prattles on, knowing its all getting recorded.
  19. [00:34:18] <Amaryllis> "A horn? A summoner." Ammy writes down something, then clicks the crystal again, more lightly this time.
  20. [00:34:40] <Natalie> "... Maybe it's an alternate-universe me where I grew up like this and had a horn the whole time instead of this, but then that means I was never real-me in the first place..."
  21. [00:35:40] <Natalie> "Oh yeah!" She wiggles her toes. "Summoners, right. How'd I forget that? Nnnnnnnn."
  22. [00:36:16] * Natalie wears confusion at the realization and lets out another 'nnnn.'
  23. [00:37:16] <Natalie> "So I guess it really WASN'T little-me. Blue... She had good taste, whoever she was."
  24. [00:37:18] <Amaryllis> "How frustrating, not only the tales of the world but the very answers you seek, and yet we know not how to make this vessel speak." Ammy stares at Nat through the crystal.
  25. [00:37:54] <Amaryllis> A bit sing songy, almost her storytelling voice, but a bit too sardonic.
  26. [00:38:04] <Natalie> "I wanted it to shut up BACK THERE but HERE is something else. Nnnnn... Well I can act haughty if they bring what it said up I guess."
  27. [00:39:04] * Natalie stands up and puts hands on her hips, imitating herself by speaking in her noble voice. "Hmph! I know absolutely nothing about what it said! I'll have your head if you dare pry further, peasant."
  28. [00:39:57] <Natalie> Then she giggles anyway. "... Something like that. Apparently they all think it's real so no biggie, nnnn?"
  29. [00:40:23] * Amaryllis nods, still staring at the crystal.
  30. [00:40:33] * Natalie plops back down. "I wanna ask Levvie about that when I go down."
  31. [00:40:52] <Amaryllis> "I'll go as well."
  32. [00:40:58] <Natalie> "And if we've met before. That kinda thing."
  33. [00:41:47] * Natalie head tilts worriedly. "Didn't what'sherface want to come too? It'd be scary if she heard me spouting all that."
  34. [00:42:11] <Natalie> "And I don't want you to not get your stories or anything, Ammyyyyyyy."
  35. [00:43:22] <Amaryllis> "Should a high lord not have her servant on hand for protection whilst meeting with such a creature?" Ammy takes up Nat's imitation play for a second.
  36. [00:44:08] <Amaryllis> "The others would understand if I were to make two trips. In this case, I ask merely to listen as you ask your questions."
  37. [00:44:20] <Natalie> "... A point. But I did kinda establish even as spoiled princess-me that I wasn't scared of it."
  38. [00:45:36] <Natalie> "Nnnn.... Okay, but I'm just worried, Ammy. I'm gonna talk about how I forget things and maybe it'll get worse WHILE I talk about it. I do kinda worry you enough as-is..." :<
  39. [00:46:36] <Natalie> "... Oh oops, I didn't mean to even bring it up! Sorryyy." She covers her mouth.
  40. [00:46:37] * Amaryllis slumps back on the bed. "I'd want to know, if that happens."
  41. [00:47:05] <Amaryllis> "What will you do if you forget who I am or where we're staying?"
  42. [00:47:48] <Natalie> "... And what if we did meet before but didn't get along? ... Er well, then it's be dangerous, but at least I'm good at running and...". She droops down. "Okay, sorry, you're right."
  43. [00:48:34] * Natalie leans back on the bed. "I wanna rest a minute then I'll go. Can we talk a little more first?"
  44. [00:49:13] * Amaryllis nods. "I need a bit more rest myself."
  45. [00:50:18] <Natalie> "Yeah... I was just wondering. You're better at analyzing character and that kinda thing than I am, what'd you think of the others we were with today?"
  46. [00:58:58] * Amaryllis slides off the bed, taking slow steps across the room to where she's stashed her cooking supplies. She takes up the knife and swipes it through the air. "It has not told me to kill them. Nor anyone else in this city. Yet. My mind has found little else to dwell upon when it comes to them." She closes her eyes and thinks.
  47. [01:01:11] * Natalie sits up. "Careful. It's probably safe to be you a little... With how this place is. But you can't get caught, okay? I'm still putting up my act so people'll find me suspicious and not you, so you can do what you enjoy."
  48. [01:01:58] <Natalie> ".... I'm pretty sure it's working too. Nnnn."
  49. [01:12:03] <Amaryllis> "Lenore and Theta play the part of the innocent; they have yet to experience their fall. Perhaps Theta's people have, but his perspective lacks that character."
  50. [01:13:09] <Amaryllis> "The winds of change shall bring much misery to them before their journey truly begins."
  51. [01:14:17] <Natalie> "Not the Burmecian though? Cel... Leen... Leeny? Yeah, she did seem kinda moody. I mean, I look like 15, what kinda warrior picks fights with kids?"
  52. [01:15:50] <Natalie> "But she was fun. Fun to tease, fun to fight alongside. Did you see her trying to RIDE that monster earlier? Nnn, she might be crazy but it's hilarious."
  53. [01:17:25] * Amaryllis has been lost in thought for a few more moments, then flashes back to reality. "No, I'd suffered a small fall of my own by then, remember?"
  54. [01:17:31] <Amaryllis> "Celina."
  55. [01:19:02] <Amaryllis> "Many Burmecians take the fall of their people as their own. Few innocents live among them. Many orphans, many wanderers, perhaps a few warriors. The latter presents the greatest danger."
  56. [01:19:03] <Natalie> "... Rrrrrright. Sorry I couldn't help that, I had to focus on hitting it. Dia hit it hard, I was pr~etty useful! At least when acting I can keep calling her 'rat.' Because of my looks and the 'money' I apparently have she won't start something serious, she's smart."
  57. [01:19:43] <Amaryllis> "Careful."
  58. [01:20:15] <Nacchan> "So in your terms she's a tragic character, right? What do you think's gonna happen to her? Her 'path that lies ahead?'"
  59. [01:21:20] <Amaryllis> "Many on the hero's journey will live to see true, devastating power brought down upon their people. There is no faster way to spurn a hero to hear their call. And no faster way to show a person the temptations of power."
  60. [01:21:38] <Amaryllis> "To one who has lost everything, what meaning do status and money take on?"
  61. [01:24:22] <Nacchan> "Yeah... I guess I should be more careful about how much fun I have. The mage... I mean, er, Lenore, right? ... Lenny. She has a story too, it's not an exciting one though. She's trying to be better than her father, looking for her missing brother, etc etc. it's a common story, but it means the way she acts is probably just hiding how sad she feels... Nnn. I like her, she's an interesting human."
  62. [01:24:57] <Amaryllis> "Careful." Ammy repeats. Her eyes dart toward the whiskey, but she makes no moves yet.
  63. [01:25:08] <Amaryllis> "Nat, do you know how most of my stories end?"
  64. [01:25:17] <Nacchan> "... Sorry."
  65. [01:25:55] * Nacchan gives a slow, understanding nod. "I... Think. Remind me, please?"
  66. [01:27:19] <Nacchan> Okay, so that's actually not understanding at all.
  67. [01:27:26] <Amaryllis> "Of the stories I know best." Ammy steps up. "With the thrust of a sharp knife and the loneliness of a slowly growing pool of blood in the dead of night." She mimics the action as she speaks. "From blood is man wrought, and to it shall he return."
  68. [01:27:44] <Amaryllis> "Myriad stories, from the beginning of history to now."
  69. [01:28:10] <Nacchan> "... And you expect all these stories to end in death?"
  70. [01:28:59] <Nacchan> "Nnnn, I really hope the most interesting ones live the longest. But... I know, I shouldn't get too attached."
  71. [01:29:07] <Amaryllis> "Men will die, nations will fall, but stories will live forever. Find it in yourself to foster attachment to the narratives our companions weave and the story told by their actions. Those will live on long after they die, if this crystal is to speak truthfully."
  72. [01:31:27] <Amaryllis> "I will join the myriad pools of blood one day too, Nat. You." Ammy steps up and holds out the crystal. "You are story, nothing but. Story builds your being and so it will rebuild it forever more."
  73. [01:32:39] <Amaryllis> "So always remember, we are writing a story that is worth your effort to preserve for eternity." Ammy sets the crystal down and the knife as well, giving the latter a few last wisps of shadow before letting it settle on the table.
  74. [01:32:54] <Natalie> "... And that's why it's wrong to call a story boring. Denying someone's story denies their whole being. I know, but I just can't heeeelp it, nnnn."
  75. [01:34:02] <Amaryllis> "...Yes. I suffer so I may weave a story worth your keeping as well, Nat." She eyes the last fading motes of shadow.
  76. [01:34:54] * Natalie plops back down. "And how long I'll live... Well, don't think about that, okay? I'll try to have a nice story too, and filter out the boring stuff."
  77. [01:34:57] <Amaryllis> "Though," and her voice drops the serious tone, "statement still stands that adding to my suffering by kicking me awake is needless excess."
  78. [01:35:18] <Amaryllis> "You have had your moment of comic relief." Ammy manages a small smile. "Don't let it become stale."
  79. [01:35:38] <Natalie> "Okay okay I SAID I was sorry! Nnnnnnnnnnnnn." :<
  80. [01:36:48] <Natalie> "So. I think I'm ready to go say hello and get this over with. Still wanna come?"
  81. [01:36:59] * Amaryllis chuckles. "You heard Leviathan though. If the crystal can be restored to health, you will be reborn age and age again."
  82. [01:37:13] <Amaryllis> "Stories never die."
  83. [01:37:27] * Amaryllis nods.
  84. [01:38:42] <Natalie> "Well.... That's because I serve a purpose. You know, to watch and learn. I'll keep doing that, because I have fun, and once I can remember them all I'll have every story in the world to tell." She leaps up, adjusting her ribbon. "Let's go."
  85. [01:39:38] <Amaryllis> "The herald awaits us."
  86. [01:39:56] <Natalie> "Nn."
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