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  1. PietroToday at 6:15 PM
  2. @Excal
  3. I think trapping is insanely not competitive
  4. Jirachi we all know it's absolutely busted
  5. Spore I don't see much difference from BW
  6. No Guard + Dynamic Punch is stupid
  7. You're free to believe that I'm a cunt and my ideas are retarded
  8. I'm not stopping you from doing that
  9. I was just saying what goes through my mind
  11. ExcalToday at 9:06 PM
  12. In BW switching resets the sleep turns and a tremendous number of games were decided on sleep talk rolls and RNG
  13. Yeah, I think a lot of the opinions that you've stated about DPP recently have been very bizarre and indicate a lack of understanding of the tier if you're being very serious about them and not over exaggerating
  14. "Jirachi we all know it's absolutely busted"
  15. it's easy to say this about jira because it's amazing and all
  16. but if this is not an exaggeration and you really believe it's that broken then yeah
  17. I'd have to disagree with like everything you've said
  18. Also, I agree that complex bans should be a bit more prevalent; however, there's no need to ban Jirachi's Iron Head if it were easier to apply complex bans. Simply put, Jirachi is not broken in its current form
  19. There are huge differences between trapping in DPP and in other gens:
  20. 1. No Shadow Tag
  21. 2. No Team Preview
  22. 3. Large power creep added onto #2 which can lead to very fatal consequences of trapping
  23. you'd think no team preview would make trapping better, but it makes it way more risky and often more difficult to pull off
  24. trapping is perfectly balanced in DPP, and pseudo science derived from looking at winrates across 2 weeks of SPL and bandwagoning on that trend should not color the bigger picture here
  25. "I think trapping is insanely not competitive" is an inherently biased statement that doesn't take into account crucial differences within metagames where there can be dire consequences for employing trapping strategies
  26. BW sleep compared to DPP sleep is so unbelievably different that I'm honestly completely baffled that you'd even think there isn't much of a difference
  28. PietroToday at 9:25 PM
  29. You can call it lack of understanding of the tier, I'm not saying that one of us is right and the other is wrong, I'm simply saying that these are my views on the tier, anyone is free to agree or not, I don't sincerely mind too much
  30. You went pretty harsh though, I didn't expect it at all
  31. I'm glad we have different opinions!!
  32. I'd rather discuss things than not doing it, even if it means having some disagreement (I hope this is the correct term)
  34. ExcalToday at 9:29 PM
  35. Ftr I'm not trying to say you don't understand the tier. I know you're a capable player
  36. I'm just more so trying to point out that communicating exaggerated opinions without much explained basis may raise some question marks
  37. (ie. saying things like "Foggi is one of the top 3 dpp builders")
  39. PietroToday at 9:30 PM
  40. In my opinion!!!
  41. I never say it's the ultimate truth
  42. I think BKC Osgoode and Foggi
  43. Are the best builders in DPP
  45. ExcalToday at 9:31 PM
  46. Yeah but people are certainly entitled to their own opinions, but if you state ones that may be extremely controversial it can get bad attention
  47. I learned this first hand
  48. when I was overly loud and ignorant about Latias a year ago
  49. not to say you're ignorant at all
  50. I certainly was
  51. but making boastful claims without supporting them can result in someone very much expressing disagreement
  52. BKC was probably this close to going in when you said you thought Foggi was a top 3 builder in the tier
  53. just keep that in mind ig
  54. as aggressive obnoxious as I come off or whatever, I am very open to listening to any explanations that go beneath the surface level about things
  55. but I guess you can call it a pet peeve of mine when things are stated and spread without any sort of explanation or basis
  56. if you want to explain any of the thoughts beyond "because it's stupid" or "we all know it's absolutely busted", that'd be a completely different story
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