Pirates IRC SEP'18 Changelog

mruno Oct 1st, 2018 31 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. September 2018 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Number of ship tasks now be scaled to the number of active players
  6. Live map treasure testing
  7. Live map cell location adjustments
  8. Captain has an increased number of rob limit per day than normal players
  9. Nickserv help messages
  10. Switched pirate (black) and independent (pink) faction colors
  11. If a ship has hidden its whereabouts n' another ship seas it on the open seas or moors beside it, it is no longer hidden in the game world (and live map)
  12. Added a new bot ship for additional testing: HMS Interceptor
  13. Added a daily reward
  14. Add 100+ riddles
  15. Decreased !P Insult cooldown
  16. Decreased goals requirements
  17. Decreased goal anti-spammer
  18. While moored, ship tasks will be reduced every 15-20 minutes
  19. Added additional events to the daily special events:
  20. Ships that have been moored for over 6 hours will now auto sail to a new port
  21. The Revenge (bot ship) now has chance to change a port to a Pirate Haven. Pirate Haven's markets have all items such as coins n' herbs (but not ship upgrades) that be faction specific, but at a slightly higher cost
  22. The Revenge (bot ship) now has chance to change a port's faction
  23. Crew members can now vote to raid a port
  24. Players that chose the unlimited energy/infinite stamina round bonus can now visit brothels and taverns
  25. Added goals to tasks list and rusty
  26. Added daily goals: !P Goals
  27. Added !P Ship Upgrades
  28. Expenses in !P Today are now sorted
  29. Added new reward system for certain events where player can choose a specific reward with !P Rewards
  30. Added chance for any player to become Captain fer 10 mins when rewarded
  32. Fixes:
  33. Ship upgrades not being removed when a season has ended
  34. Vouchers stacking when referring to them as an ID in !P Use
  35. Personal quest task not being completed
  36. Fixed numerous Round Bonuses not being credited
  37. !P Power task not being completed
  38. In some instances items not appearing in chests during !P Dig
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