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  1. 1.) Login to admin panel page: https://whod.co.uk/admin/panel.php
  2. 2.) Layout of event management:
  3. - text box for event name
  4. - image upload box
  5. - text box for date
  6. - text box for caption
  7. - submit button to make update the site
  8. - delete/edit option on all the events
  9. - on events page have a show more button to expand and show more events.
  10. 3.) One account with full server access user: webmaster pass:webmasteradmin and one account with just events page access user: events pass:eventsadmin (both passwords will be changed at a later date)
  11. 4.) Pages:
  12. - "Overview" which will eventually have my google analytics on. (first page you g to on login)
  13. - "Events" List of all the current events with an edit button and delete button for each one. Also a create button.
  14. 5.) Events page setup: automatically orders soonest event first.
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