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Nov 4th, 2015
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  1. # The prefix used for plugin messages
  2. prefix: "&8[&3stShards&8]: &7"
  4. # Various messages used by the plugin
  5. messages:
  6.     generic:
  7.         reload: "&aConfiguration reloaded"
  8.         noPerms: "&cYou don't have permission to do that!"
  9.         noConsole: "&cYou must be a player to do that!"
  10.         noArgs: "&cNo arguments given! Valid arguments are: %args%"
  11.         invalidArg: "&c%arg% is not a valid argument! Valid arguments are: %args%"
  12.     upgrading:
  13.         broadcast: "&3%player% &7just upgraded their &3%item% &7to &3Tier %tier%"
  14.         success: ""
  15.         failure: ""
  16.         atMaxTier: ""
  17.     help:
  18.         obtaining: "&7Storm Shards are extremely rare, and can only be found in the Skylands world by mining or killing mobs"
  19.         using: "&7You can use them by going to the windmill at spawn while it's raining, holding a weapon, armor, or tool in your hand, and clicking the emerald block in the ground"
  20.         effect: "&7Each shard can increase the damage of your weapons, decrease the damage taken with armor, or the speed of your tools"
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