Pirates IRC May '20 Changelog

mruno Jun 1st, 2020 15 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. May 2020 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Added 50 additional locations to treasure hunts
  6. Only game supporters can have a custom named faction
  7. Added Pirate player faction, !P Store Faction
  8. Ship vs Ship Battles: Battle phase can now being when ships are within 2 leagues of another, vice 1
  9. Added if captain is not on the pirates channel, there is a decrease in the number of needed mutineers
  10. Decreased monster attacks caused when someone performs a !P command by 15%
  11. Increased Treasure Guardians HP by 10%
  12. A treasure map will only be rewarded in live map treasures that are protected by a guardian (monster)
  13. Added Season mod: Brotherhood o' the Wolf
  14. If the Captain changes during a Cap'n vs Cap'n duel, the duel is cancelled
  15. Nerfed the amount of items Captains can sell in the market
  16. Added treasure hunts:
  17. !P Port Info shows a port's wealth
  18. Increased port raid payouts by 200%, IF the port was not a town raided less than 2 days ago
  19. Added rare cannon shot
  20. Harpoons can now be used every 12 hours
  21. Ship vs Ship Battles: Added delay to Bot ships 'finding' player ships
  22. Added !P Whistle
  23. !P Repair has a chance to repair the ship
  24. !P Work has a chance to repair the ship
  25. Ship vs Ship Battles: Capped the number of players that are injured when hit by cannon shot
  26. Ship vs Ship Battles: Increased bot ship's accuracy in battle phase
  27. Added !P Ship Battle
  28. Time until new day added to !P Today
  29. Live Map: offline ships are 'hidden'
  32. Fixes:
  33. Ship vs Ship Battles: Other ship number of sails during chase phase is now accurate
  34. Certain tasks not being counted/completed when highlight option is disabled
  35. Ship upgrade: Bronze Cannons overpriced!
  36. Mental States
  37. Ability for a player to purchase more than one investment at the same port
  38. SuperBomb not penalizing awake players when it times out
  39. Bounties not being claimed when the player with the bounty has highlight disabled in !P Options
  40. Season Mod Complimentary Armaments, special market weapons are overpriced
  41. Game goal
  42. Whistle goal
  43. Battle-Royale: Looting of weapons
  44. Ability to fire any type of cannon shot when not loaded
  45. More than one spouse reward after a port raid and then docking at a port
  46. Ship vs Ship Battles: When attacking a bot ship and being hit with cannon shot, excessive amount of players hurt
  47. Port Claiming: !P Ship Status showing countdown to claim the port when another ship is docked at the port
  48. Race Game: Bot answering too soon
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