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Apr 20th, 2015
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  1. General Cryptoparty
  2. Slides!hdEwQbBZ!dEZIawvxlRqXQptkndmmpIgYfG8NP4JsIrppJqnqo2A
  3. Snowden/Oliver clip
  5. Training
  6. Source for most of the guides
  7. Good list
  8. Riseup
  9. My Shadow
  10. Cyber Superhero
  11. Level up (for trainers)
  12. Tactical tech
  13. Smartphone attack vector (technical)
  15. Mobile Android
  16. Email User management K9
  17. Email Key management APG
  18. Text message Uses TextSecure account TextSecure
  19. Chat Uses Gmail/FB accounts ChatSecure
  20. Full disk Built in feature Android
  22. iPhone/iPad
  23. Email No free applications?
  24. Text message Uses TextSecure account, 99 cents TextSecure
  25. Chat Uses Gmail/FB accounts ChatSecure
  26. Full disk Build in feature Apple
  28. Windows Phone
  29. All Ask Marvin
  31. PC Mac
  32. Email Uses native email app GPGTools
  33. Chat Uses Gmail/FB accounts Adium
  34. Full disk Built in feature FileVault
  36. Windows
  37. Email Also need to install Thunderbird GPG4Win
  38. Chat Uses Gmail/FB accounts Pidgin
  39. Full disk Built in BitLocker
  41. Linux
  42. Email Uses Thunderbird Enigmail
  43. Chat Uses Gmail/FB accounts Pidgin
  44. Full disk Unstable since Truecrypt dropped Discussion
  46. Web Web
  47. Email Chrome Mailvelope
  48. Chat Browser plugin CryptoCat
  49. FileDrop Great for sources to anonymously submit files to journalists & more SecureDrop
  50. HTTPS Everywhere HTTPS browsing EFF
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