AdGholas Script to detect file associations and mimeTypes

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  1. // Credits to: Brooks Li, Joseph C Chen and Kafeine
  2. // Code "extracted" from the pictures from this amazing research:
  4. function extensionAssociated(ext)
  5. {
  6.     // Simple trick to create a "static" variable in JavaScript so we avoid using createElement many times.
  7.     if (!arguments.callee.a) arguments.callee.a = document.createElement("a");
  9.     // We create a referernce so the code is clearer.
  10.     var a = arguments.callee.a;
  12.     // Now set the href of the <A> element with a dot and the extension to test.
  13.     a.href = "." + ext;
  15.     // Now let's check the mimeType property of the "A" element
  16.     // If the extension is NOT associated, it will return: extension name (uppercased) + File.
  17.     // If we test the extension "sunga" --> a.mimeType will be "SUNGA File" because the extension does not exist.
  18.     var mime = a.mimeType.toLowerCase();
  19.     if (mime == ext + " file") return false;    // Extension not associated.
  20.     else return true;                       // Extension IS associated to a program.
  21. }
  23. // Testing saz extension (Essentially, if you have Fiddler installed)
  24. alert(extensionAssociated("saz"));
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