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  1. Key: Fortidogi2
  2. Character: Anise
  3. Skill(or transformation): Makyo ASC 1
  4. How well do you know the source material?(obviously not relevant if it's a transformation):
  5. Reasoning: Throughout the previously-mentioned training with Xiang Yeqin, Anise's control of his energy flow is sharpened, his battle sense heightened, by the near-endless struggle. At the peak of their intensity, the two clash for entire nights, never ceasing, sometimes even neglecting to heal while caught up in the chaos of conflict. A breakthrough occurs; not in the young warrior's mastery of forgotten Ansatsuken techniques, but in his mastery of his own self... (Mention of new transformation just reflects the new icon KKT gave me for it.)
  7. What is the moment?: Between rounds, he finds himself panting on the cold, uncomfortable padded floor of the Rugardome, unable to see through the blinding overhead lights. His stamina pushed to the limit, with all options exhausted to him, he had been unable to break Yeqin's defense, nor resist her punishing offensive power, in all their matches in the past three days. Every single time was the same. If he approached, she struck at his nerves, dizzying him, and then crushed him from afar while he struggled to regain his balance. If he went on the defense, reserved his energy, the dove would suddenly burst forward with unrelenting pressure, striking at every opening in his defense, until ending it the same way-- a cruel, cripping blow to the solar plexus. It knocked out all the air in his lungs, every single time, stunning him for just long enough to ensure the final strike. In one direction, an impassable river; another, a merciless torrent. Anise was stuck between the two, and could not escape.
  9. His breaks were reigned in to the duration of a single minute. 'No time to catch your breath,' he thought to himself, struggling to move his muscles, to press himself into a standing position, to fight. But even magical healing has its limits, and it was perhaps true that Anise had reached them. Day after day of completely breaking, then rehabilitating, then again destroying his body had left a scar not on his body or spirit, but on his mind. The boy was unable to move.
  11. That couldn't be-- it had to be false. He wasn't afraid of Xiang Yeqin, nor this challenge or the pain it brought. All the more, he relished the opportunity to test himself this way! He had trained in similar ways with Diana, long ago, when he was just a boy! What now was blocking his progress forward?
  12. 'Close your eyes, you dumbass,' he chided himself, 'and search for it. It has to be something tangible... something that we can understand. And if we can understand it, we can overcome it.'
  14. So much had happened in a short few weeks... Zero's appearance from the cloaked guise of Astra; the death of Master Mahzarin; wave after wave after wave of attacks, fended off sometimes with ease, others by the skin of their teeth; the tension between the Namekians, whom he sympathized with on principle, and his close friends, his allies; and now the rising of a new threat to the west, a titan of incomparable size and strength enough to cleave the whole Mirhaven peninsula in twain. Was it any of these things, though? On the field of battle, he had challenged each, never faltering, and stood each time, alive if not victorious. None of these things gave him 'fear.' If any, perhaps the distant machinations of VVitch and their cohorts had instilled him with that emotion, but never on the scale he felt it now.
  16. Perhaps it was all of it? Perhaps, none of it at all? Perhaps, he thought, I am afraid of myself, of my own incompetence, of my failure to uphold all the responsibility I had weighed myself down with, time after time, when taking to the front lines of these history-changing events?
  18. Perhaps...
  20. Rising, he clenches his fists-- a spark of white lightning accompanies him upwards, a real spark from the mental battle he now waged against himself. That spark, just miniscule in nature, only a fragment of a fragment, soon trailed up his skin and scattered across his body, over his pounding heart, through his flowing hair, and into the dark wells of his eyes, lighting them ablaze...
  22. And with a roar, he stands to his full height-- higher! As a Makyojin wary of his own nature, he had always rejected typical expansion, conserving his power for more reserved, technical striking attacks. Now, he had struck upon the median of both. His expanded form was not bulky and cumbersome, did not hamper his speed; it was more akin to a sculpted athlete, an engine of power, form and function. He had reached out to that nature for a weapon, a boost, anything he could grasp to overcome the obstacles before him-- and it had answered!
  24. He lunges back into battle, his hope, his faith, his confidence restored!
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