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  1. [US EAST] YES's Playground
  2. RULES:
  3. 1. No Harassment
  4. 2. No Hate Speech
  5. 3. No ear-rape (playing music is fine, If a staff member asks you to stop you must stop)
  6. 4. If you have an issue with another person, please let one of the Admins/Owners know and we will handle it.
  7. 5. No closing doors in the BEGINNING of the round
  8. 6. Do not beg for special roles
  9. 8. Do not purposefully delay rounds
  10. 9. Teaming is okay
  11. 10. Any form of doxing, hacking, and/or malware depositing is strictly forbidden
  12. 11. Do not attempt to find loopholes in the rules
  13. 12. (For Guards only) Try to disarm the D-Boy before you shoot him, you have that thing for a reason! If a D-boy is running away on purpose or carrying a gun, Weapons Free.
  14. 13. Do not join the serves with an offensive, harmful, or attacking username
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