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  1. 18. Define hue, chroma, primary colours, secondary colours, tertiary colours, analogous colours, monochromatic colours, and complementary colours. (8)
  2. Hue: The colour itself
  3. Chroma: Intensity or Vividness of a colour
  4. Primary Colours: Red, Blue, Yellow colours of paint, can create any colour…..EVER
  5. (except the cool ones………)
  6. Sedondary Colours: Colours created by 2  or more primary colours
  7. Tertiary Colours: Colours created by 2 or more secondary colours
  8. Analogous Colours: Colours that are similar in hue
  9. Monochromatic Colours: single colour with variations in value
  10. Complementary Colours: colours that contain none of their compliments, (green & red…. Green contains yellow and blue but no red)
  12. 19. Name and describe three techniques that can be used to create the illusion of space in a two-dimensional work. (6)
  13. You can use, Overlapping to add a sense of front and behind, Size variation to show distance and atmospheric perspective like making something look less detailed when its farther away.
  14. 20. Differentiate between texture and pattern. (2)
  15. Texture is a surface quality of an object, a pattern is a repetitive shape or thing to create a “sort of texture”
  16. 21. What is meant by 'the sum is greater than its parts'? (2)
  17. The entire composition is much better then the parts that make it up, like food…. Spices taste like… poop but when added to things like chicken or beef its makes them better 
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