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Slab Mini Writing Guide

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Aug 24th, 2014
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  1. Slablands mini writing guide
  3. Getting Started
  4. If you're interested in writing for Slablands, you should check out the google docs project list in the OP and read several projects. It is recommended that you start with a short mob, but you could also try events as well. Examples of both can be found in the project list in the OP as well as in game.
  6. Writing Style
  7. -Second person. Example: You walk down the dusty road.
  8. -Present tense
  9. -All characters must have the option to be dominated, unless they are a special character, for example a specialized prostitute.
  10. -The PC may not have dialogue. Try to express whatever dialogue without having the PC speak directly. Example: You tell the woman that you aren't interested. vs You shake your head. "I'm not interested." (It is alright to use direct dialogue in menu options, ie. yes, no, but try to keep it short.)
  11. -Try not to thought insert for the PC. Try to convey everything through description and let the player draw their own conclusions. Instead of having the PC think that someone is very beautiful, describe their features.
  13. Formatting
  14. -Please use Google Docs to write in. It allows easy sharing and commenting.
  15. -You can insert a table of contents by going to insert --> table of contents. This allows readers to easily see an overview of what you've written, and allows them to jump to a certain part of your project.
  16. -You can allow people to view and comment on your docs by clicking the lock in the upper right corner.
  18. References/Help
  19. Names:
  20. Other: (Counts your words as well as sentences and gives you average sentence length and keyword density)
  21. If you have other questions, try asking in the thread or check the FAQ.
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