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  1. [00:24] Ashera would have the Idea of increasing the force of her attack through distance. If she can increase the arc of the blade hitting the person. Ashera would have more time to increase the strength of her strikes. She believed that would also need to be able to close the distance as she had done this.
  3. So, Ashera would create metal Bracers and attach them to her legs and arms. These would Be able to weigh her down, as well. Ashera would weight the herself down substantially... Ashera would then tense her leg muscles and attempt to jump towards the height of the tree using jump squats.
  5. With the added Weight of her armor and bracers. This had made it increasingly challenging to perform. However, She would continue on with her attempts. And would reach half the height of the large tree.
  6. Squatting whilst she landed. Doing Jump squats.
  8. "1....2....3....4....5
  10. With the added weights, The stress of her muscles would increase as she quickly tried to escape thegravity pulling her back. She would slowly begin to sweat even more as she had done this... She would eventually feel her muscles give off a very tired state.
  12. "30...31...….32.....33
  14. Very quickly her muscles would fall under great strain.... She wanted to give in to the weight and pain whilst she had jump squatted.. But she felt the need to continue even more than what she is doing now. For her to make this new technique stronger, she would believe that she would need to hit a high height Not too High. But High enough so that she can reach a certain distance and height for the ideal strike.
  16. As she continued her training. Ashera would slowly feel the strain of her muscles at their all time high. They are quite tired. Lactic acid building up in the muscle fibers. She would slowly slow down her pace to continue until...
  18. "48......49.....50!"
  20. As she said the last set, She would give everything into it. The Krausite paladin would squat very deep, Using her holy magic to strengthen the back of her feet, as well as boost her muscles so they would increase in stamina temporarily....
  22. Ashera would soar into the air, reaching up to a third of the very tall tree under heavy weights Bringing her down, she would quickly fall towards the ground... Ashera would find her footing, and would land like a meteor to the ground... Creating a small crater as she landed....
  23. (Ashera Ixis)
  24. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  26. [01:17] Ashera would feel her muscles very quickly tire as she had done this. She would see that achieving the height would be quite the technique that she would need to train. After an hour break. The Krausite paladin was back into the practice for progress.
  28. Ashera would continue to do jump tucks this time instead of jump squats. As Ashera would be more than tired already. She wanted to reach that height of the jump consistently. Continuing this practice
  29. all day is the woman felt like she needed to.
  31. Ashera would place her hands right in front of her, And would attempt to Jump into a very high height. Ashera would once more concentrate her legs and knees. Using her holy magic to quickly bolster the strength of her jump.
  33. As Ashera would reach The third of the tree once more... Practising to reach that height even with heavily weighted bracers bringing her down. Her calf muscles would tense heavily as she would soar once more to that height. Practicing to stick the landing...
  35. "8...9....10...11"
  37. She would land onto the ground. The jump was high, and the heavy landings would put some stress on her joints. The krausite paladin would have to strengthen her muscles and protect her legs from damage as well. She would have to continue toe practice her footwork if she was to not injure herself.
  39. Ashera would continue her sets, but she had to use better footing to land safely. Every time Ashera would reach her peak height. She would take a small breath, using earth skin at the bottoms of her feet to restrict the impact to the tips of her feet. Allowing for a safe landing..
  40. (Ashera Ixis)
  41. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  43. [01:50] Ashera would begin to sweat, As she would pant heavily at her attempts to get to her peak height. So far they were working Towards a much better form of training. She would take another hard break from practicing jump tucks and would continue onwards with her training. She would use a lax essence to relax the muscles in her tense body, serving as muscle cream for her sore legs and core.
  45. Ashera would slowly create another metal construct. This time. It would be a rod with a very sharp tip upon the end. Mainly to stick it into something. As it was done being made. She would prepare herself for what she was going to do with it.
  47. Ashera would crouch deep. As she would use all of her muscle energy towards jumping even higher than before. Her very Tired Muscles would tense once more. And would soar to the higher part of the tree. And would attempt to reach the highest part of the tree itself.
  49. As Ashera had caught sight of the actual tree's highest point. She wouldlift her body once more. As she was jumping she was propelling herself past her best. Crawling a little higher than the third of the tree. But not to its highest degree...
  51. Nonetheless, Ashera would stick the long metal rod deep into the bark of the tree. Making sure that she did not harm the actual tree in itself. For now, she has made her very own makeshift pull-up bar to use.
  53. Ashera would continue her sets of jumping pullups. Ashera would leap into the air and would grab the bar and lift her body upwards. At this point she was past sweating. And her body has pretty much given up trying to stop her due to the muscle relaxant. She would continue doing ten pullups each set. Sweating intensely as she was almost done training herself to jump much higher than before.....
  54. (Ashera Ixis)
  55. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  57. [02:39] "UP!...1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10!...Down!"
  59. Yells of contstant pull-ups can be heard from the krausite paladin as she continued pushing herself towards new limits Each pullup would continue to make her much more tired. Her heart pumping more blood than ever.... For one to actually call this rigourous training would be considered the understatement for the krausite paladin here...
  61. As she was finished her first ten, She would drop towards the ground and continue her set of pullups Pushing herself to do at least fifty more until she had finished her workout. Ashera be set on doing actually that, as the soreness from her muscles would obviously be relaxed, though the fatigue wasn't...
  63. Ashera would continue her second set was coming next. And she has to work towards jumping a second time As she would feel another push up the air...This time she didn't need to place in as much energy into the jump as the last few... though she jumped up toward the tree.
  65. She would grab the bar once more. As her body would grip unto the handle. Ashera would continue to pull herself up. The pullups strengthening the grip on her hands as she started pulling up and doing another set.
  67. "UP!...1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10!...Down!"
  69. Ashera would continue to drop down, as she would barely feel the impact of the fall stress on her joints with the rock skin. The vibrations would barely bother the joints at this point. Nonetheless. Ashera would take another great leap with the extremely heavy bracers on.
  71. As she lept in the air, she would reach the bar yet again.. She would grip the bar firmly as she did it. She would feel her movements growing much slower as the Lax essence was soon to wear off. Ashera would do her sets much slower as she was getting tired...
  73. "UP!...1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10!...Down!"
  75. As She had let go. The Krausite would slowly let the bar go... She would fall very quickly.. But her legs would slowly ease out due to the constant fatigue. She would come crashing down the ground... Sticking the landing.. But her legs were wobbling...
  77. Ashera would grit her teeth... She wanted to reach the goal of fifty jump sit-ups. And she had quite the will to perform that action. Ashera would finally regain her composure, and would try to jump again towards the tall tree.
  79. Ashera continued to take the huge leap towards the tree... Her fingertips brushing across the metal bar, almost losing her grip.. One could very much tell that she was tired. But once the Krausite has a goal, she won't move away from it. Ashera would VERY slowly pull herself up..
  81. "UP!...1.....2......3......4......5...…..6......7......8......9.....10!...Down!"
  83. Ashera would fall down once more. Sticking the landing with the use of her earth, And now lifestream energy to keep her morale and spirits up.. She has one more shot to go. And she is done her jump training. Just one more set. And she is done..
  85. Ashera would pant gasping for air as she works herself to the bone. This is the final go for her. She was going to make it count. She would bend her knees... And would push up with her vertical jump. One last jump.
  87. "UP!...1......…2......…3.......…4...…………5...…………………...6...………………7...…………………8...……………………….9...…………………….10!...…………………………………… DOWN!"
  89. Ashera would fall as she and done this. She would quickly shield herself from the impact as her legs used all of their energy on that last jump. She would fall safely. Leaving a crater in front of the tree.
  91. She would unshackle her bracers on both legs and feet. She would sigh. She would slowly walk with wobbly legs back to her home Her training was very much over at this point. And one would be able to tell due to the extremely defined muscle tone of her body.
  94. (Ashera Ixis)
  95. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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