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  3. Nothing's been the same since the accident.
  5. It turned the family's lives upside down. Mike was the oldest, a tall young man of sixteen, quiet, awkward, but good at school, trusted by his single mother to watch his three younger sisters. That percieved responsibility likely lead to over-confidence, putting him - admittedly an inexperienced teenage boy - out on the road too late at night. He never really saw that truck coming until it was on top of him.
  7. Weeks in the hospital, weeks of rehab, and now months of recovery. Life is kind of sort of back to normal, but not really. The insurance payments and the legal settlement with that research company that owned the truck can pay to modify the house, get an accessibility van and a power wheelchair, but it can't get his limbs back. People at school now immediately know who he is - he's the limbless guy or, as some people have started calling him, 'the torso'. He still hangs out with his friends, his gaming group, but it's not the same when you can't throw dice or hold a hand of cards.
  9. And then there's the penis.
  11. Big. Shiny. And chrome. All the time. Or almost always. It seems to become 'normal' when he goes for a medical checkup. Otherwise, he can always feel it, sliding inside his shorts, rubbing, straining.
  13. Tonight he lies in his bed, shifting, grinding himself against his bed, letting out a whimper. The pep rally at school stoked his horny frustration, all those pretty girls in their crop tops and short skirt. Will he ever get with a girl? Not like he had before.
  15. Mike lets out a long groan of frustration as he rolls over. Without realizing it, in his frustration, his equipment has grown, and the microscopic machines that live inside it have started warming up for action...
  17. (( Good morning! Hope this sets the stage. Figured I'd start at home. Up to you who Mike's late-night frustrations summon to check on, and we'll roll from there. ))
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  23. Sophie left the bathroom dressed in her nightshirt. Her incredible breasts strained the top. Just one of the realities of living as a hyper girl. Her breasts got her more attention than she wanted. Everyone was always staring. Her phone blowing up with potential suitors. Luckily the rest of the girls in the family had the same trait, and plenty of girls at school were also hyper endowed. Sophie pitied the isolated girls that were surrounded by others who simply didn’t understand the challenges they went through.
  25. Sophie’s bedroom was across from Mike’s, her older brother. Sophie’s face fell as she approached. Everything had happened so fast and changed so much. She was happy that her brother was still alive. She couldn’t imagine what it would be like for him to never again rest in his room, or hear his voice. The house would feel like a tomb without him.
  27. But he had lost everything in the crash. His limbs were gone. He’d never live a normal life again. And he knew that. Sophie could see it in his eyes.
  29. She hadn’t seen him happy since the accident. All of them had tried their best to be nicer to him. The house had been outfitted with a number of modifications to aid him in daily life, getting up and down the stairs for example, and with his wheelchair he was still mobile. But all they did was serve as dark reminders of his accident.
  31. Sophie heard something in Mike’s room. She pressed her ear against the door. She heard him shuffling around. Was he restless?
  33. Sophie bit her lip. This was unlike her but… but he had cared for her so much over the years. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to pop into his room into the middle of the night to check up on him? Maybe he needed something?
  35. Sophie knocked on the door. She stuck her head inside.
  37. “Hello? Mike, are you awake?”
  39. He was. For a second Sophie thought she saw him… grinding against his bed? No, no, he must have just been squirming in discomfort.
  41. Sophie pushed inside and closed the door behind her.
  43. “Mike are you okay, do you need anything?”
  45. Little did she know that the nanites in his cock had plans for her. They ablated away from his cock, tiny enough to slip past effortlessly through all the material, and drifted towards Sophie. The floating nanites aspirated into Sophie. They buried deep within her. Immediately they began multiplying at an accelerated rate.
  47. Innoculation: Successful!
  49. Begin replication…
  51. Soon the nanite population in her body would grow large enough to make some necessary changes. Replication would only take a minute or two.
  53. ((Good morning to you too. I figure we might have a back and forth before suddenly Sophie's mouth changes. I'd like it if perhaps the nanites told either of them the only way to reverse it is for Mike to cum in her, that way it doesn't suddenly come out of nowhere. This scene can either start off as Sophie giving her brother a pity blowjob and then her mouth transforms, or her mouth transforms and then she has no choice but to let her brother facefuck her new pussy.))
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  59. In the beginning, there were times he'd wished he were dead. Better to be that than this strange shell of a man. Therapy had helped pushed Mike out of that head-space, therapy along with liberal doses of anti-depressants. He'd be lying if he said he didn't still have such dark thoughts sometimes, but usually he just dodges the question with some kind of dark humor. Everybody has a coping mechanism.
  61. It helps to have family. family. He'd always known his mom was stacked, but then he got to see Sophie, just a year younger, bloom into a heavy titted girl. Some of his friends would rib him about how lucky he was, or ask to steal her bras. Mike wouldn't, of course, but sometimes he'd sneak in to see just how big she was, so he could look up porn with women the same size. Of course, now he can picture Sophie's tits covered in cum, wrapped in latex, pierced...not that the nanites inside him know how his brain's separated the two.
  63. Mike lifts his head to see Sophie lingering there. He whimpers. The sheet is entirely off him, and reveals his body. His shortened, limbless body, rounded at the shoulder, cut off at angles at the hips, with a neatness not usually associated with crash victims. Just lucky there. But that's all secondary to the thing mounted at his groin.
  65. It glints in the limited light, reflecting off a smoothly polished surface, a curved arc that runs from groin to just below his sternum, big around as a coke can. Right up at the bottom a pair of seemingly perfectly round chrome spheres the size of softballs. Mike's staring at Sophie, past his tool.
  67. He shouldn't...but he can't help it. "I'm so fucking horny," he whispers.
  69. And the nanites inside Sophie, they've adjusted her just enough, that the idea of helping doesn't seem entirely unpleasant to her.
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  73. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  75. Replication: Successful!
  77. Registering Master Control user… Successful!
  79. Registered Mike Dickson as Master Controller!
  81. Sophie looked in on her brother. He was naked and uncovered. He was just a head, a torso, and… a huge chrome cock?
  83. Sophie’s jaw dropped.
  85. “Holy shit! What is that?” Sophie said. She got closer, mesmerized by the sight of his shiny new cock. “Is this… your cock? Why is it all metal and big?”
  87. Sophie swallowed. This was beyond weird. And a sister shouldn’t walk in on her naked brother like this. And she most definitely shouldn’t be having… thoughts. Sophie was moments away from apologizing and leaving, she’d talk to mom and Mike in the morning about his new apparent condition…
  89. Behavioral modification: Complete!
  91. … But suddenly it felt okay. Sure, he was her brother and this was wrong, but it wasn’t like they were hurting each other. Her poor brother was horny and had no way to relieve himself.
  93. Sophie trailed a finger from the tip of his chrome cock down to the bottom of his chrome balls. Sophie grabbed it by it’s midsection. It was hard and unyielding.
  95. “I know this is weird, okay? But I see that you really need my help here,” Sophie said. “Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone about this, okay?”
  97. Sophie stroked her brother’s shiny cock slowly. Up and down. There was no hurry.
  99. “Can you feel it when I do this?”
  101. Sophie stroked him harder to emphasis what she meant. She cupped his chrome perfect spheroid balls.
  103. “I bet you haven’t gotten off once since the accident.”
  105. Sophie angled his chrome cock to her face. She puckered her lips and kissed his shiny cockhead, staring her brother in the eyes the entire time. She ran her hot cock around his cockhead, getting him nice and wet. Sophie paused. This was so wrong. But Mike needed her so bad. Sophie took a deep breath and then wrapped her lips around his cockhead. Just the tip.
  107. Sophie couldn’t believe she was sucking off her own brother.
  109. ((Hello again. While browsing I read someone with the last name of 'Dickson' and I giggled and thought of us. So we're the Dickson family.))
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  115. A head. A torso. A huge chrome cock.
  117. Beyond weird...and somehow, perfect.
  119. Mike whimpers, and that whimper melts into a groan, as he struggles to sit up, his stomach muscles straining as he tries to lift. "Sophie," he whispers, saying it as much to her chest as her face. "You," he says, eyes burning with passion, with lust and need, as she comes to his bed.
  121. The shaft, long, huge, hard, like a coke can but solid. At her touch Mike's head leans back and he lets out a moan, arching his back, his whole body now. His balls seems as heavy as his shaft, spheres attached by some kind of articulation to his body. They seem warmer than his cock. Odd that.
  123. "Not once," he says. "Girls at school. Mom. You. Even Willow," he admits. "All of you moving, jiggling, making me so...and I can't...."
  125. Her lips come down over his cock-head, and he gasps. So wrong, but....damn, he does need her, so badly. Not even her. Any woman. But...her. Young. Busty. Cute.
  127. As her fingers move up and down his shaft, her fingernails lengthen and taper, taking on the shape of classic 'bimbo' nails, the kind of manicure that takes hours to do, except these aren't bright pink, but perfectly polished chrome. A harbinger of things to come.
  129. (( It's juvenile and crass. Perfect. :-P RL's going to take me for several hours, until the evening at the earliest, but I'll get back to you when I can, and I like how this is going so far, hope you do too!))
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  133. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  135. Sophie slobbered on her brother’s cock, her hand gliding up and down his smooth chrome shaft.
  137. Body structure reconfiguration needed!
  139. Reconfiguration in progress…
  141. The nanocolony in Sophie’s body set to work. Chrome poured from the tips of Sophie’s fingertips. The minor sensation escaped her notice at first.
  143. Sophie broke away from his cock, saliva trailing between her lips and his metal cockhead.
  145. “You must be so pent up. I feel so bad for you,” Sophie said. “Let me take care of you, okay?”
  147. Sophie noticed that her fingernails were now chrome, elongated, and tapered to a point. She blinked. What the hell? Sophie examined her hands, forgetting her brother for a moment.
  149. Orifice mismatch detected!
  151. Reconfiguration in progress…
  153. “Mike? What happened to your cock?” Sophie asked. “What the fuck is going on? Whatever is happening to you is also – Mmph?? MMMM!”
  155. Sophie’s mouth felt weird. Her mouth’s flesh felt gooey. Her teeth, tongue, lips all swirled together in a mockery of flesh. Chrome metal blossomed. Her mouth twisted, shifted, and shaped. Sophie’s heart raced in her chest. She brought her hands to her face. She touched her mouth experimentally. Her mouth had been replaced with a chrome cunt. Sophie’s eyes widened impossibly large.
  157. Mouthcunt reconfiguration complete!
  159. Mouthcunt template saved!
  161. Sophie fled to the bathroom. She left her brother’s door wide open and him stark naked on his bed in plain view, his huge metal cock bobbing in the air.
  163. Sophie stared at her new mouthcunt in the mirror in a full blown panic. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED!?
  165. “Mmm!” She wailed in despair. Her new pussy was incapable of forming words.
  167. She probed her new pussy with her fingers. It was warm and wet and yet somehow it was smooth like metal on the outside. The insides of her new pussy contained the velvety folds that a normal pussy had. It clutched with obscene need.
  169. There had to be a way to get back her normal mouth! Sophie couldn’t live like this!
  171. Unable to think of anything else, Sophie returned to her brother. She shut the door behind her. The others couldn’t see her like this. No, no, this had to stay secret.
  173. Sophie pointed exaggeratedly at her new mouthcunt as if to say, “Look what you did! How do we fix this?”
  175. ((I’m having fun so far. Let’s see if we can keep the fun up.))
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  181. Pent up doesn't begin to cover it. Mike shudders on the bed, as Sophie's hand glides up and down. He's dreamed about this. He's had furious grinding against the bed hoping to get off sessions about this.
  183. And then, in a rush, it happens. The metal blossoms up out of her mouth, and reconfigures her mouth at the same time, changing it all at once. Her jaw locks in place, her mouth replaced with a sideways pussy, slashing underneath her nose, where the mouth should have been.
  185. "So...Sophie!?" Mike calls, sputtering. His chrome cock feels so needy as she abandons it, and it thumps against his stomach as the torso-boy twists in his bed. On her return, he stares. "Holy shit," he whispers. a surge of pre-cum emerges from his cock, a silvery-grey color.
  187. "I...I..." he swallows hard. His mind races. All the theories he had about what had happened to him. Is it true!? "I need to face-fuck you, Sophie," he says, his voice becoming deeper, harsher and more serious. "Sit me up." And he does have her over a barrel now, doesn't he? "If you want to turn back, you'll have to agree to certain rules."
  189. (( Definitely! Heading to bed for now, though. ))
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  193. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  195. Mike looked just as surprised and lost as she did. Her anxiety was building to another panic attack. But something come over her brother. He grew more confident. He said that he needed to facefuck her. Sophie didn't see how that would do anything - his damn cock was responsible for her transformation in the first place - and was no longer in the mood to ease his sexual tension.
  197. Mike said to sit him up. Sophie nearly stuck her middle finger up in his face until he said he could turn her back. If she agreed to certain rules. Sophie didn't know what to make of that. What rules?
  199. Sophie looked past Mike into space. This entire thing was crazy. She traced her chrome mouthcunt with a finger absentmindedly. It was not just going to go away on it's own. Sophie looked at Mike. She was desperate.
  201. Sophie reluctantly nodded her head at him. Sophie sat Mike up like he wanted. She'd agree to new rules. Hopefully those new rules weren't so bad. She waited. She wanted to hear him out before she put her mouthcunt on that damn chrome cock again.
  203. ((Good morning. I went to sleep myself. I have an idea that you might be interested in. Your character can't exactly thrust his cock as much as he could if he had his limbs. I was wondered if you wanted your chrome cock to self-magnetize at the base, so Sophie and the others bio-metal mouthcunts become attracted or repelled to the base of your cock. Basically, you can facefuck and deepthroat your partners as hard as you want without needing them to do all the grunt work.
  205. Also, I'd prefer if the mouthcunts were vertically oriented instead of sideways. Yeah, that's a bit crowded on their faces, but it drives home that it's unnatural and a pussy. Oh, and to make sure... no matter how big that chrome cock of yours is, it always fits wherever its shoved. It's a tight fit but it fits.))
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  209. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  211. Surprised, yes, but not entirely lost. Wake up with a huge, shiny chrome cock and the inability to act on your own and you have a lot of time to think. Mike, being the kind of geek he is, came to the conclusion that he'd been infected by some kind of advanced technology. Alien or human he wasn't, sure, but it had decided to change his junk. He wasn't all that upset about it. What teenage boy (or grown man for that matter) hasn't dreamed of being bigger? Becoming solid and chrome...well it does have a certain appeal. If only it could grown him some limbs.
  213. But what's happened to Sophie was definitely a surprise. That perfectly vertical chrome slit up her face, from chin to where her nose used to be. So damn inviting.Mike grunts as he gets sat up, and then puts on a little smile. He has no idea if he can actually put Sophie back to normal, but if it can make her obedient? Hell, if he can actually change women....
  215. A splort noise as a glob of chrome cum hits the far wall. Yes, he definitely approves of that idea.
  217. "Your tits," he says, looking at Sophie's oversized globes. "From now on you'll dress to show them off. Plunging necklines. Corsets. Bikini tops. And nothing covering the legs past the hips, only microskirts and booty shorts," he says. "Exception for full length latex pants," he considers, picturing her in them. Damn, that'd look nice. "And you'll have to wear heels. Twenty four seven," he adds. If his sister's going to be pleasing him, might as well make her look more like the girls he used to jack off to.
  219. (( Good afternoon! Busy day, but finally getting a bit of free time, should be about more this evening. Really like the 'magnetic' idea, and vertical is totally cool. Was originally going to write it that way, actually. I'm also good with over-large insertions to a point, as long as we deal with the mechanics some. Like, a three foot cock in a mouth is going to force a girl's head back to create a channel. A ten foot cock goes all the way through. That kind of thing. Not just magically disappearing into a pocket dimension. ))
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  223. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  225. Sophie wasn’t sure what she was expecting when Mike told her the new rules she’d have to live under. She furrowed her brow at him. She had been doing him a favor by stroking and sucking his weird chrome cock and now he was ordering her to dress to blatantly show off her body. Of course, she did already own most of what he was asking for but that didn’t mean anything. If only she didn’t need him she’d flip him the middle finger and storm out. But she had to get rid of this damn cunt on her face.
  227. Sophie slowly nodded.
  229. If he really could change her back, then this would be the last time she even thought about his metal dick. As long as she stayed away from it she wouldn’t be transformed again. Right? Right. So she’d agree to his terms and after she had her old body back she’d tell him to fuck off. She wasn’t his doll. She was his sister.
  231. His cock had shot some cum out strong enough to hit the wall. It was also chrome colored. Whatever happened to his cock affected all of his cock and balls, Sophie guessed. She idly wondered how his sperm would taste.
  233. Keeping her eyes on her brother she grabbed him by the metal cock again and fed it to her new mouthcunt. Her mouthcunt quivered and clutched at his smooth metal cock. Strangely she could taste the metal from his cock. Did her mouthcunt have tastebuds? Ugh. That could complicate things.
  235. Sophie angled his cock so she could take him deeper. Damn, he was really big. She hoped he’d cum soon.
  237. ((Yeah, we can do that. Huge cock insertions bulge their bodies and may come out the other end. I've done an RP or two where that happened. Also in the same RPs I had those cocks in my pussy, they came, and their cum geysered out of my mouth and nose.))
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  243. Mike, perhaps, could have come up with more extreme, more radical concepts to lay down on Sophie. Deep down, though, part of him didn't believe she'd go for it at all. Hell, part of him doesn't believe he really did this to her, despite knowing he's sporting a massive set of genitals dipped in silver.
  245. His lips curl in and he breathes in satisfaction as that chrome mouthcunt comes down and presses against his bulbous cock head, the time of a metal spear bobbing in the dim light. Something seems to let him move in towards that face, as she moves in closer, and indeed, Sophie can taste a metallic tang as he penetrates her. The young torso-boy moans, shuddering and shifting his shoulders, as if to grab at her with his remembered arms.
  247. Sophie feels both compelled and, to a degree, forced. Something seems to physically resist her desires to pull away, on the rare occasion they bubble up. Even if Mike doesn't harden further - can he? - his metal shaft does start to leak into her pussy-mouth, and finally erupts in a spasm of his cum. Like his cock, it has a metallic, tangy taste in addition to a cum-like saltiness, and it actively tingles, rather like swallowing pop-rocks.
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  251. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  253. Sophie bobbed on his prick. The sensation of her mouthcunt loosening and contracting around his smooth chrome cock felt so alien. No girl was supposed to know how this felt. Sophie felt used and dirty. She hoped her brother would cum quickly before she lost her nerve. This was too weird for her. She wanted this to be over and to go to bed and in the morning convince herself that this was all just a demented nightmare.
  255. But something kept her going, and not just the desire to be returned to normal.
  257. Mike loved her touch. Loved her tightness around his metal cock. The bastard loved everything second of this. Sophie felt angry. She was his sister! He should be gentle with her and care for her just like she did him.
  259. His metal prick oozed slimy liquid. The tang of metal intensified. The taste was cut with the strong taste of semen. Sophie worked him into a frenzy, driving her face against his cock and taking him deeper. It was difficult. He was too big for her tiny cuntmouth and her inner folds stretched flat to accommodate his cock can thick cock.
  261. Finally he could take no more. He groan and erupted into her facial pussy. Grey semen shot down her throat and bubbled out from between her cuntmouth's lips and his chrome prick. Sophie pulled away from him on reflex. Gross!
  263. Mike looked satisfied.
  265. Master Controller orgasm detected! Master Controller semen detected!
  267. Temporarily reverting changes...
  269. Sophie's mouthpussy rippled with movement. The chrome receded. Her flesh spun into one mass again before forming, shaping, and becoming a normal mouth once again. Her tapered silver nails also vanished.
  271. Reconfiguration... Complete!
  273. "I've got my mouth again! Thank god! Mike that was seriously fucking weird shit that you did to me!"
  275. Sophie stomped her foot.
  277. "Don't do that every again or I'm taking a blowtorch to your spherical metal balls there and make you regret it! By the way, I'm not going to do that weird clothing crap I promised you! I only did what I had to do to get my normal body back."
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  283. Weird, intense, and utterly satisfying. It may be the lack of any relieve over the past couple months, the strange rewiring the nanites have done to him, or just sheer teen boy horniness, but Mike has no compulsion against using his sister like this. It's hot. She's hot. And he needs to get off so bad.
  285. Mike releases and shudders so hard he almost falls back onto the bed. He gasps and watches as Sophie's changes receed. So he can control it...sort of?
  287. "You will," he says, hoping to at least strong-arm her. "Or you'll have to live with that..." what should he call it? 'pussy mouth' seems so on the nose. "...upgrade the rest of your life!"
  289. (( Side note. The italicized lines...are those for flavor, or can Mike hear them? I presume the first, but want to be clear. ))
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  293. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  295. Mike looked smug as fuck sitting on the bed, staring at her. He looked so completely spent and happy. He must have been pent up for so long that a release - any release - must have felt euphoric.
  297. He threatened her, only heightening her anger.
  299. "Excuse me? Did you just say that I'd live with that fucking pussy for a mouth if I don't do what you said? I can't believe you call that an 'upgrade' you bastard. I've got bad news for you, Mike. The only reason you did that to me was because I was stupid enough to touch that metal cock of yours. That's not going to happen again. And since I won't touch that cock of yours again, I won't be transformed every again. You know, if you weren't such an asshole about this I might have been convinced to stroke you off in the future while wearing gloves. I guess we'll see how pent up you can really get without any help."
  301. Of course, it didn't work that way. Sophie didn't know that. Mike's cock could infect others at a distance. And even so, she was already infected with a nanocolony of her own slaved to Mike's. Mike's nanites could trigger the transformation remotely at any time they desired.
  303. Sophie turned to leave, hand curling around the door knob...
  305. ((I can go either way on Mike being able to hear the nanites or not. Maybe it'd be better if he did hear so he'd understand what's going on a bit more, but if you don't want that they can remain for flavor.))
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  311. Ah, hubris, thy name is Mike. Sexual satisfaction may have gone to his head. Admittedly, it was really quite powerful and much needed.
  313. His shoulders drop slightly and he shifts slightly. "Sophie, I...." he starts. "This is all new to me too. I don't have total control over it. I just..." he glances down, at his still - his always - rigid chrome shaft, and the huge chrome spheres underneath, rubbing between the root of the shaft and the bed as he shifts a little.
  315. "I'm sorry. Forgive me?" he asks. Perhaps she would. And he could make her...
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  319. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  321. Sophie stopped midtwist of the door knob. All she had to do was step out and leave. Don't look back. But something in the way he said it made her pause. Her bitter anger soothed.
  323. Of course Mike didn't have control over it. This was crazy shit. How could he have control over it. He probably was just as clueless as she was. He was an amputee with a huge chrome cock and that was the only action he had gotten in forever. He couldn't even masturbate.
  325. Sophie let go of the doorknob and turned to face her brother.
  327. "Look... I... I forgive you okay? It's just that having... that... for a mouth was super weird and not all all fun or expected. And then you tried to make me live by those ridiculous rules. I understand that you get horny but you can't talk to your sister like that. And then you threatened me and I felt pissed."
  329. Sophie let her words hang.
  331. "Look, I understand I'm a hyper girl, alright?" Sophie cupped her enormous tits and jiggled them for a bit. "I don't have any control over my breasts and their effects on guys. And... well, I know you've been staring at me, mom, and the others. And I'm sorry. I guess none of us have control over our endowments or their effects."
  333. Sophie sighed. Was she really going to let this go?
  335. "I... might be convinced of 'helping' you out later, okay? But you better be nice to me. Understand?"
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  339. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  341. A deep sigh and Mike humphs a little. "Thanks," he says, shifting his head down, awkwardly, even embarassed. "You..uh...might?" he asks a bit hopefully. "You didn't enjoy it at all?" he prods. Whatever it's location a pussy should still react to penetration the same way, as he figures it, even before one gets to whatever enhancement the nanites might be doing.
  343. "I don't think I'm going to go rolling into school like this," Mike says, looking at himself again. "Maybe if I can control it somehow....I could find some girls who'd have fun with it, huh?"
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  347. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  349. "Yeah, I might get you off again. It depends on how I feel. And as for my enjoyment... Mike, just because I had a pussy on my face and just because a thick cock was spearing, doesn't mean that I was having fun. Girl's don't work like that. It hurt more than anything. Your cocks too big for my... was too big for my pussy mouth. I know it fit, it must have felt great for you, but really it was too much for me."
  351. Sophie blinked. He shouldn't be having sex with his sister at all. It'd be great if he could find a girlfriend... or a whore. Their high school had plenty of sluts.
  353. "I'm not sure you'd find a lot of girls into that, Mike," Sophie said carefully. "But, I'll... ah... start a few rumors about your new cock, okay? If you get more attention then great. Just do me a favor and promise that you'll warn them about your chrome cock's new abilities?"
  355. Sophie wondered if he really could control it. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way his chrome cock hadn't gone away like her mouthpussy had. It seemed like his transformation was more permanent.
  357. ((I'd like it if in the dubcon scenarios the girls did not have any fun. So for your sisters and your mom they fuck you solely to get rid of the transformations. I'm sure after you get with one of the girls at school Sophie will back off now that you can 'fulfill your needs with someone else'. In the fully con scenarios then the girls will have fun too. In the dubcon it's solely about pleasing you.
  358. I'm sure Mike would be pleased if he saw more girls with chrome mouthcunts. Maybe a few more transformations too. Do let me know in advance if you want something more than the chrome mouthcunt. We can throw in multitits and/or other goodies if you so desire.
  360. It's late on my end. I gotta call it a night. Good night!))
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  364. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  366. (( I get that distinction, sure, dig it. I was thinking on how to back Mike down a bit from totally setting Sophie off - which may have lead to a bit of over-correction. Still feeling out some of the vibes here. Certainly having his entire family turn chrome-mouthcunted and obedient would be fabulous...and yes, other goodies too. Late here too, will ponder and hit you up in the morning. Thinking of moving to school or sticking with the family? ))
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  370. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  372. ((Yeah, having his sisters and mothers turned cuntmouthed was the idea. We had talked about mom undergoing the SWB transformation too on top of that so she gets hit with a double whammy. Each will come to realize that both their pussies belong to their quadruple amputee brother/son whether they like it or not.
  374. We can either stick with the family or go to school. If you want only dubcon then stay with the family. If you want either consensual or more dubcon then we'll go to school. You'll meet someone interested in your big chrome cock. If you want to go to school and do more dubcon then you can bag another student or one of your teachers through either your own will or your nanites being naughty. Your choice.))
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  378. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  380. The wheelchair rolls up the ramp towards the sprawling main building of the high school, transporting its unusual charge to another day.
  382. Mike slept well, better than he had in al ong while, after his encounter with Sophie. Sure, it created tension the next day when she dressed him, but it was also a relief, their little secret, and...she didn't loathe him. Resent? Sure, and Mike could understand that. On top of relieving his sexual frustration, the encounter gave him a renewed sense of agency. He literally created a pussy out of his sister's mouth! Even if he didn't quite know how or how to control it, the potential of that kind of ability couldn't be ignored. Even if one ignored the sexual angle - which Mike couldn't do either.
  384. The shoulder control of the wheelchair lets Mike guide it up the ramp and angle it into the main hall of the school. He's dressed casually, as any teen might be, in denim shorts and a blue athletic t-shirt, each adapted to his body, with legs and sleeves closed over so they don't flap. His friend Claire once joked it made him look like a photoshop of himself. The chrome equipment lies heavy in his shorts, tucked by Sophie to the side - awkwardly, since given the size it all squishes together and his cock head presses on the left side of his shorts. It would all be far more awkward if he had to walk.
  386. Mike gets looks as he rolls along, downgraded from outright stares several months ago. He's no longer a curiosity, just an oddity. His hips adjust on the padded seat, making his steel-hard member shift. "If only they knew," he whispers to himself. He rounds a corner through the main intersection of the school, and past what some wags call 'Rack Row' - the block of lockers where the cheerleaders and popular girls tend to congregate.
  388. It's still early fall, not cold enough for heavy clothes, which means plenty of short skirts and shorts and crop tops. Ah, the young athlete on display. None of the cheerleaders are hyper girls - that tends to inhibit the required physicality - but they're certainly on the bustier side. There's Amy Cho, who embodies 'short stack', Becky Saunders, whose track and field and swimming work makes her respectably 'ripped', and of course, Victoria King, head cheerleader, double-Ds on legs that don't quit with blonde hair to her waist. Mike gets brief images of all three with chrome pussymouths on their faces, and almost feels like he'll explode right there.
  390. (( Slightly belated good morning! So here we are at school! I'm a little torn between con and more dubcon. I feel like con would be more fun with control, although having a girl willing to take whatever could be awesome. So here you go, Claire, the platonic bestie (probably from that hinted-at gaming group), and three styles of cheerleader. You can pick, I can pick, or we can go with the flow and decide in the moment. ))
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  394. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  396. True to her word, Sophie spread the rumor of her brother cock’s being huge. For a talented girl like Sophie, spreading it anonymously was easy. It would be social suicide if anyone found out that she was shilling her own brother’s cock. For now she neglected to mention that it was chrome, and she sure as hell didn’t say that it had a chance of turning mouths into pussies. Nobody would believe the chrome and transformational bits.
  398. Like any good rumor it spread like wildfire. So when Mike rolled into school anybody who was anybody had heard the rumor. For some, it was hard to believe. Mike, a big cock? Yeah, right. Others were unsure of how to deal with the news. Mike didn’t have any limbs, bedding him would be weird.
  400. But others didn’t give a shit. Others wanted to know. Others wanted to play.
  402. Mike didn’t have any limbs so seducing him would be easy, right? Hell, it wouldn’t require any effort at all. He’d jump on any chance to score with a girl, right? Right.
  404. The boldest among them made the first move.
  406. “Meet me in library basement during lunch time and I’ll suck that big cock of yours.” The message said. It was unsigned. Hearts trailed the message.
  408. ((I figure I’ll let you decide which of the girls you want Mike to get with, as long as it's not Claire. We'll save Claire for later. We’ll go with more con than dubcon, although the pussymouth will still be a shock. He can be controlling during the encounter, especially once the cuntmouth forms. Regardless of what happens with who, your partner will have enjoyed the unique experience. Maybe they tell you it will be a one-time thing though, or maybe they won’t.
  410. I also noticed that the cheerleaders aren’t hypers. That’s okay. But I’d prefer to play as them. You’re playing an enormous dicked guy, I want to play as enormous boobed girls. I know it’s unrealistic but I think in this world hyper tits woulnd’t be the impediment that they would be considered in the normal world – athletes, swimmers, and cheerleaders in general would perform just fine as hypers, even if their tits jiggled mad like jello during some of their movements.
  412. By the way, did you want any other transformation for this one besides the cuntmouth and/or maybe the bimbo chrome nails?))
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  416. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  418. Way to come through, Soph. Mike will have to do something nice for her late. Not sure what, but something.
  420. The message gets to him eventually, and he feels tingly with delicious anticipation. Who could it be? It could be anybody! A guy? Mmm.....he hopes not. That'd be awkward, not his speed. Any girl, though. A teacher? A classmate? Cheerleader?
  422. Lunch time comes and while other students stream towards lunch, Mike rolls through the halls towards the library building, and then into the elevator. He uses a manipulator to hit the down button, then emerges in the basement, moving slowly and looking about for his secret admirer.
  424. Somebody moves in the stacks, and Mike tilts his head, creasing his brow. "Amy?" he asks, as he starts to make her out. An electric surge shoots up his shaft. Damn her....
  426. ...Amy Cho. She's short, barely five one, but intensely cute, with silky black hair and tits that dominate her torso, huge spheres that have to rest on her legs when she sits, that she shows off in a variety of ways. She tends to mate it up with ultra-short skirts and barely-allowed heels.
  428. (( Let's go with Amy, then. I tend not to be for race play as such, but damn, busty asian girls. Yum. And I leaned away from hyper mostly because I didn't want to be repetitive. 100% happy to go with it, and happy to mix in other transformations too. Anything in particular from our pre-play discussion grab you, or want to riff it as we go? ))
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  432. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  434. Amy lurked in the far reaches of the library basement. Nobody would bother them here. Thanks to the high school’s layout, the central library building was pretty much accessible from anywhere in any of the main buildings or wings. Few people came to the library unless they were looking for free wifi and school computers to play games or surf for porn on before the neglected librarians kicked them off in exasperation. Nobody came down to the basement. The two of them would have plenty of privacy.
  436. Mike actually came. Amy licked her lips. Everything thought Amy was a prim and proper girl. Only a select few guys knew the truth about her. She was a slut to the core.
  438. Innoculation: Successful!
  440. Begin replication…
  442. She was about to become a slut for Mike whether she wanted it or not.
  444. Mike wasn’t on her radar even before his accident, less so afterwards. But she had heard an interesting rumor about him and his cock. She had to find out if it was true or not.
  446. Replication: Successful!
  448. Registering Master Control user… Successful!
  450. Registered Mike Dickson as Master Controller!
  452. “Mike! So glad you could make it. You know, I heard the most delicious rumor about you earlier.” Amy sashayed up to her prey, putting extra pep into her step. Her enormous tits bounced from side to side. Amy loved it when guys stared at her tits. Boys, men, young, old. She loved the attention. She had them mesmerized. She could have any guy she wanted eating out of the palm of her hand. She loved having hyper tits.
  454. Amy trailed her hands all over him. She was in control. Amy cupped his groin. She felt it.
  456. “Wooow!” Amy cooed. “Baby, you’re already hard for me. And you’re big!”
  458. Amy snatched his denim short’s clasp. She snapped it open and fished for his cock. Amy raised an eyebrow. There was something big in here alright but it felt too hard to be a cock.
  460. “What are you really packing down here, Mike?”
  462. Mike’s cock sprang from his shorts. Amy’s jaw dropped at the sight of it.
  464. “Oh my god! It’s HUGE! And… metal?”
  466. She should have been weirded out. Instead her panties had gone from ‘damp’ to ‘swampy mess’ in no time flat. She needed that cock.
  468. ((Ah, I don’t feel that your enormous metal cock gets repetitive. I didn’t know that you felt tits would get repetitive. In terms of ‘race play’ I always conflate that with white supremacy or racism play, like if Mike started calling Amy exclusively ‘Egg Roll’ or something. Otherwise I just say that you’re attracted to Asian girls, which is normal. They’re girls! I’m okay with the racism play, if that’s what you want, otherwise we can continue without it.
  470. In terms of transformations, cuntmouth for sure. Maybe we can do multibreast if you want. Another transformation possible is fuckable nipples if you’re into that kind of thing – maybe her nipples are replaced with minipussies if penetrating nipples isn’t weird enough for you.
  472. As an aside, I’m willing to do armless transformations too with the caveat that I’d like it if all the girl’s clothes dropped to the ground once the transformation was complete, leaving them completely naked. Don’t have to worry about undressing if the nanites take care of that, yeah?))
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  476. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  478. Mike may not have been on Amy's radar, but she was on his. Who couldn't notice her? Every bit of her seemed to demand attention - probably would have been true even if she weren't hyper. Back when he could, Mike had gotten himself off to porn of the rare 'crossover' hypers, girls who were literally so huge their breasts outmassed the rest of them. He suspected that Amy might be close to that, and who knew what another few years would bring.
  480. And here she is, alone with him, alone with the torso she thought she could so easily play with. Mike arches his back slightly, trying to put on a pose of strength, as much as he could, while Amy's thin fingers and pink nails graze over his shirt. Her hands fish down, to his groin, and he makes a pleased, sighing moan as she strokes him.
  482. The snaps and zippers come off his shorts easily enough, and he does nothing to resist. "Always hard and ready," he says with a self-satisfied smirk.
  484. (( Oooof, no, not explaining well tonight! Meant 'race play' in exactly the opposite way. Just, women are great, variety is great. A lot of people take 'Asian chicks with big breasts are super hot' to mean 'racism!' which is the opposite of what I want. And my concern about hyper tits was that you would find it repetitive.
  486. Armless could be neat. Disolve the clothes. Those are some good options all around. See where the spirit moves us! ))
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  490. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  492. "Look, baby, I don't know what's going on with this cock of yours," Amy said, "But I like it!"
  494. Amy ran her tongue down from the tip of his cock down to his base, where she made another discover.
  496. "Your balls are... balls! You know what I mean! And they're metal too!"
  498. Amy cupped them fully. They were warm and perfectly smooth and shiny. Amy couldn't wait to dirty them with her kisses. Amy's pockets were fake, so she carried things around in her purse. Her purse was nearby. She pulled out her hot pink lipstick. She coated her lips and blew Mike a kiss. Then she got down on her knees in front of him. Her massive titflesh bulged harmlessly between her tangle of limbs.
  500. Amy planted kiss after kiss onto Mike's shiny metal balls.
  502. Applying Mouthcunt template!
  504. Amy grinned up at Mike. She couldn't decide if she wanted to suck his chrome cock or pull off her micro g-string from underneath her equally tiny microskirt and then ride him cowgirl style.
  506. Her mouth felt funny. The flesh rippled. Amy twitched in surprise. Her teeth, tongue, and lips whirled together in a mockery of flesh. Chrome blossomed from her face. The metal shaped itself into the proper configuration according to the nanocolony infesting her body.
  508. Mouthcunt reconfiguration complete!
  510. "Mmm!"
  512. Amy couldn't talk. She scrambled for her pocket mirror. She looked at herself. What the fuck! Why did she have a shiny cunt where her mouth should be!?
  514. Amy turned to Mike, looking for answers.
  516. ((It's okay. I know that you aren't really racist or anything. Even if we incorporated racism in the RP it doesn't mean anything. Same with misogyny. Real life racism and misogyny is horrible. Make believe is okay. After all, if I don't like it in pretend I can tell you to stop, and if you don't, I can always leave. Socially unacceptable things are okay in pretend, especially if we both consent to them. Some people think the nonconsensual cuntmouth transformations would count as misogyny after all.
  518. We can do armlessness here if you want. I need a quick clarification on 'dissolving' clothes. Do you mean the nanites eat her clothes and after her body is revert to normal the nanites reform her normal clothes? Or do you mean that the nanites eat her clothes and she's left stark naked even after her transformation reverts? The second could be more fun. I'm sure the girls could find their way to clothes without being seen... they're sneaky like that when they have absolutely no choice.))
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  522. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  524. Well shit. He should have put this rumour out earlier - one of the most bombshell hyper girls in school is lusting after his chrome shaft. He almost feels like it sparkles more, as Amy licks it, getting it wet with her saliva.
  526. "Any time you want," he says, "You know how to reach me, obviously," the torsoboy tells her. He leans forward a bit, looking past his own impressive equipment to Amy's massive endowments, pressing against the front of his wheelchair and creating stunning cleavage.
  528. The lick, then hte kiss, and Mike can feel a tingle along his metal equipment, a semi-sexual sense of anticipation. The tiny Asian's face reforms promptly, her mouth being reformed into an oh-so-appealing chrome pussy. Mike grunts on seeing it, and a glob of his silvery cum spurts out from his excitement on seeing it.
  530. "Miss Jones always said sex had consequences," he says, thinking to the health class they had last year, when their oddly-too-sexy-for-that-subject health teacher went through the ins and outs of sex and STDs.
  532. "But don't worry," he tells her, trying to sound reassuring. "Whatever changes happen can be cleared up with more sex," he concludes. probably true?
  534. (( I get you. Same page. And armless would be hot, I think, maybe after Amy gets Mike out of his chair, for some cowgirl action? And disolving either way...latter does sound fun! Just leave her in heels for the kink factor. ;-P I also woke up early, so I'm heading to bed a bit early, probably my last for the night. ))
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  538. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  540. Amy stared at him incredulously. Was Mike fucking serious? His metal cock caused this ridiculous transformation and now he was saying that more sex would fix it?
  542. This was so unlike anything Miss Jones talked about in class! And hell, Miss Jones was more graphic than she thought she was allowed to be. Amy was interested in practical applications of sexual education... and the endless amount of free condoms offered outside the health office. No judgement, she was told. Amy used to grab handfuls of the plain uncolored condoms they offered and stuff them in her purse for fun. As a fellow hyper, Miss Jones commanded the attention of all the boys in class. There were even rumors that she demonstrated how to put on a condom to a select few hung students. Nothing was every proven, of course.
  544. Amy fingered her new cuntmouth and pushed a finger in. Her new inner walls tightened around her finger. Huh. The sensation was the same as her normal pussy. This could be fun!
  546. Well, Mike didn't seem that freaked out. Did he know something like this might happen? Amy decided to go along with it. The novelty factor was great.
  548. Fuck it.
  550. Amy planted her cuntmouth on the smooth shiny head of Mike's cock and penetrated herself with it. The tang of metal filled her mouth. He was big! Too big. Mmm. Perfect. Amy's massive mammories cradled his cock. She pushed them together around his prick. Even with her top on, it must have felt heavenly.
  552. Amy pulled off of him. His chrome cock glistened with juices. She needed him more. Her pussy needed that cock. Amy spotted a nearby table. She wheeled him over to it and carefully picked him up and laid him down. She tugged his shorts off entirely.
  554. Body structure reconfiguration needed! Reconfiguration in progress...
  556. Amy reached down for her micro g-string underneath her skirt. Her hands never reached. The same unnatural feeling tingled along her arms. They began to shorten. Amy's eyes nearly bulged out of her head as the length of her arms shortened until her stubby hands met her shoulders. Her hands melted away into a chrome goo. Her top's sleeves fell limp.
  558. What the fuck, what the fuck!? Amy stared at Mike. This was crazy!
  560. Reconfiguration complete!
  562. Armlessness template saved!
  564. Obstruction detected! Removing...
  566. Liquid metal flowed through Amy's pores, soaking through her clothes. Her clothes dissolved in the liquid metal, leaving her temporarily covered from neck to toe with the stuff. Then just as quickly as they appeared, the liquid metal retreated back through her pores. Amy jumped in shock. She was completely naked! Her shoulders, where her arms should root, were capped with shiny silver metal.
  568. Obstruction successfully removed!
  570. "MMMMM!" Amy screamed at Mike.
  572. That was her favorite outfit! At least the nanites had spared her high heels.
  574. Her enormous tits and coinslot cunt lay bare before Mike.
  576. ((Good night.))
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  580. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  582. Mike at least looks serious as he pitches his strange version of sexual homeopathy. He stares back at Amy. Amy, with the brown almond eyes, now separated not by a nose, but by the silvery top of a chrome pussy.
  584. The torsoboy swallows hard. His first experience with Sophie took some of the edge off, burnished the shock away so he's left with other feelings, feelings of lust, of intrigue, of power. No longer an entirely helpless victim, he's...something else. Not sure what, but something. It gives a surge inside him and makes his entire cock twitch.
  586. "I could watch that all day," he whispers, as Amy fingers herself, not quite realizing he said it aloud. And then she's down, down on him and he's moaning, arching in his chair and he's leaking pre-cum into her face-cunt. He gets a brief pass through her tits - being put in mind of tit-fucks too, and images of potential orgies flash through his mind.
  588. Being picked up by Amy is a special experience. He's been moved by women before - Mom and Sophie, medical assistants - but this is different. This is one of the hottest girls in school, already entirely down to fuck, sporting his custom-wrought modification on her face. Pressing against her tits feelts heavenly, and he shifts his hips as best he can, trying to thrust up into those tits from below.
  590. Mike gets laid down, shorts removed, which lets his chrome shaft stand up like a flagpole, his spherical balls making soft clunks on the table. He expects Amy any moment...but she's distracted. He can see her, changing again! Her arms retract and then her clothes disappear in a burst of chrome, leaving her naked, just in heels.
  592. The torsoboy erupts right there, spewing a fire-hose of cum that creates a chrome stream between himself and the ceiling, splattering against it and then raining back down. He pants, still staring at his naked classmate.
  594. "F....fuck Amy," he whispers. "You're the hottest thing I've ever seen," he says. "I..I need you so bad. I know you feel it too," he says.
  596. (( Damn, that's a hell of a thing to wake up to. I may need another shower! I have some ideas, but wanted to give you a chance to react. ))
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  600. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  602. (( Good morning! Wanted to see if you still wanted to continue? A break is cool if you want too... This has been a blast already!))
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  606. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  608. ((I'm still interested but I had to pull four hours of overtime yesterday and that killed my free time for the day.))
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  612. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  614. (( Ooof. Super shitty. :-( RL comes first, can get back to it whenever you want, no worries. I'll probably be pretty out of pocket over labor day weekend too. ))
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  618. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  620. Armless, cuntmouthed, and naked was NOT how Amy thought this encounter would go down. Amy was surprised that she managed to stay aroused. Maybe her internal weird-o-meter was out of wack but somehow she knew she’d press on. Originally she was going to check to see if the rumors of his dick were true, and if they were, blow him. Now it looked like she was committed for me.
  622. Mike liked the look judging from the geyser of silver cum he blasted against the ceiling. That sealed the deal. Mike knew something like this could happen. He didn’t even warn her. Amy had half a mind to kick him.
  624. But his metal cock needed her and she needed him. Amy pushed aside her doubts. Climbing the table was awkward without the use of her arms and with the swinging weight of her enormous tits but eventually she managed. She carefully nestled his thick shiny cock between her pussy lips.
  626. Amy shot him a sharp glance. Here was hoping to no more surprises…
  628. Amy impaled herself on his shiny cock. Damn! He was too big for her. But it was too late to back out now. Amy let herself sink down, taking more of his cock. Her pussy tightened around his cock. His unyielding shaft bulged her flesh inside of her. She wasn’t even all the way down on him yet either.
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  632. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  634. It wasn't how Mike thought it would go either, at least, not a couple days ago. Here he is, a living chrome fountain for the hottest girl in the school. Hellz yeah.
  636. Mike shifts on the table a little as he watches Amy rise up in front of him, a Venus of a girl in sparkling chrome. He lets another burst of chrome cum up out of himself, as she angles and lowers down atop him. Hips roll up, but there's something more than that - he can move up and inside Amy in a way his musculature shouldn't allow.
  638. He goes for it for all he can. Mike goes from flat to arched up, thrusting his steel piston in as Amy lowers down, already moaning and letting his eyes roll back. He bottoms out quickly, as Amy has to hover, thighs quivering, bottomed out. And then she starts to slide down further. Bit by bit, Amy's insides get reworked so Mike can get deeper and deeper inside her. He can see the ridge forming on her stomach from its passage, although her hypertits might make it hard for her to.
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  642. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  644. (( Hey there. About to crash out for today, wanted to see if you wanted to pick up in the next day or two. ))
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  648. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  650. Amy continued to sink. She felt her innards shift. His chrome cock was transforming her on the inside to fit itself. He was HUGE. Christ, she felt him all the way up to her own chest. His metal cock bulged her flesh, she could feel it. Her own enormous tits parted a little as his prick brushed them apart.
  652. "Mmm!" Amy moaned. Her eyes fluttered. Her cunt clenched hard around him, enhanced by the change's Mike's prick made.
  654. This was weird, but good. She could get used to this every once in a while. Sure, if she had to live out her entire life as an armless, cuntmouthed freak it would be horrible... but Mike said that it'd revert with sex. They'd see.
  656. The nanocolony in her body reformated her nervous system, rewiring her body's pleasure system. From now on without Mike's biometrics she'd be unable to cum. Another form of dependency on her new master.
  658. Amy came, gushing her juices between them. Her eyes temporarily rolled up in her head.
  660. ((Yep! I'm back. Sorry about the break.)
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  664. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  666. Mike continues growing upward, even as his strange, tractor-drive cock moves up inside Amy, fucking her deeper every time, seeming to make more and more space to do so. The limbless guy groans and shudders, his shortened body now glistening with sweat from the passion and exertion.
  668. Amy feels it, the chrome tool, moving inside her, growing upwards, up and up, pushing through her chest, and then her neck. It somehow starts to force her head back, so she's tilting it and her face-pussy opens, the chrome of the shaft emerging. Mike sees this and...fuck, it's something else. As Amy cums from it, so does he, his chrome balls sending another huge release of cum fountaining up to further destroy the room.
  670. (( Welcome back! Glad to have you! :-) Hope RL was fun, nothing to be sorry for. So you know, I'll be traveling for about a week starting Wednesday - which means I'll have a bunch of time Wednesday when I'm sitting in airports, but less time when I'm doing stuff. But should be able to at least slow-roll during the trip. )
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  676. His chrome cock speared through her insides. Her throat filled with his smoothness. It almost felt like throwing up. Mike blocked off her airway as his shiny cock, wet with her juices, pushed her head back and exited through her cuntmouth. The bastard had gone all the way through her! This was impossible on so many levels... His cock erupted in a geyser of cum. It drenched the ceiling and then rained back down on them both. His cum splattered her face, pooled in her eyes. With his cock lodged in her throat she couldn't even moan in protest. Without hands and arms she couldn't wipe her face clean.
  678. Master Controller orgasm detected! Master Controller semen detected!
  680. Impaled as she was on his cock, the transformation couldn't reverse. Amy willed her legs to work. After being fucked hard coupled with the weight of her tits, getting up off of her lover proved to be somewhat difficult... but not impossible. She inched her way upwards. Slowly his chrome cockhead disappeared back into her body and her cuntmouth closed shut. Amy screwed herself up off Mike, standing up onto her tip toes and rocking back and forth until her cunt spat out his chrome cock.
  682. Temporarily reverting changes...
  684. She felt dizzy. As her mind cleared her body shifted. The chrome areas on her body rippled and shifted. The biometal of her cuntmouth blended together and then disappeared without a trace, leaving her natural mouth behind. Her fingers pushed through the metal capping her shoulders and her arms soon sprouted afterwards. Her internals reworked themselves back into their natural positioning.
  686. Reconfiguration... Complete!
  688. "Holy SHIT, Mike! That was intense!"
  690. Amy looked down at herself. She was still naked save for her high heels. She waited. Nothing.
  692. "Are you fucking kidding me? I just lost my clothes? Talk about a major downside. How about next time I strip before we party. Ugh, how the hell am I going to sneak out of here and get some clothes to wear without anyone seeing me?"
  694. ((I'm not sure how busy my schedule with be, but thanks for tipping me off.))
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  698. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  700. He doesn't even know how he did it, but damned if Mike didn't want to do it again and again. Just seeing Amy, impaled like that on his massive chrome shaft, makes him want to cum all over again.
  702. As the shattering feeling of release fades, he still stays hard, thrust up through Amy. Mike moans, squirming his limbless body underneath her, as much stuck as she is. 'A...amy, holy..." he pants out, having overwhelmed even himself. Amy's cute, cheerleader thighs tense and start to move her, lifting her up, the effort making her hypertits shake and Mike moan again.
  704. Pulling off Mike almost feels like withdrawing a control rod, because as the shaft withdraws, the changes go with it. Her mouth returns, and her fingers emerge, and before too long she's back to normal.
  706. Normal-ish. She's still naked.
  708. Mike lifts his head to watch her as she climbs down. "It was...something else," he says, smirking. She's more enthused than he feared she'd be, which is good. "Well any time you want know how to find me," he says. His eyes roam over her, her sleek legs, her perfectly canted hips, her massive tits. His chrome cock twitches shakes. "Want me to try to make you clothes?" he suggests, as if that were actually under his control.
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  712. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  714. Amy shifted her weight. She wasn't embarrassed to be seen naked by Mike. After being an armless cuntfaced bitch in heat for him, she could stand for him to see her tits and pussy a bit longer. Still, she would be embarrassed to be caught naked by others. And she'd have to make up some excuse for why she didn't have any clothes at school.
  716. So when Mike suggested that he could conjure up clothes for her out of thin air, she perked up.
  718. "Can you do that? I mean, really?" Amy raised an eyebrow. "Did you... did you make me change like that on purpose?"
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  722. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  724. The limbless boy shifts on the table, flexing his body to shift and watch Amy closer. Mike has to think about that.
  726. "I...I don't know," he admits, and then shakes his head. "Not really. It all responds to my...desires? So if I wanted you to have clothes badly enough...." he says. "I had no idea you'd become that. But it wasn't bad, was it?" he asks.
  728. Even as he's speaking, something's starting to form around Amy. Thin silver bands are emerging, spreading over her hips, between her legs, over her chest. The rippling metallic liquid creates the thinest of films, then begins to take firmer shape. The material around her waist squeezes, becoming firm and black, arching up and supporting her chest, becoming a quite snug and appealing black corset with red piping. Below a matching skirt has formed, which might charitably be called 'mini', barely clearing her ass.
  730. It is, in the technical sense, clothes.
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  734. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  736. Mike said his powers responded to his desires. Amy arched an eyebrow. Mike had some pretty weird desires if he wanted to see girls with pussies for mouths along with armlessness. Still, it had only been temporary and it was somewhat fun to not have arms. When having sex Amy had reflexively tried to balance herself on his chest with her hands only to realize that she no longer had any. Every once in a while that might be fun. All the time would not.
  738. "Well, okay then. I hope you desire me some clothes."
  740. No sooner than she finished metal poured from her body. It coated over her naked flesh. The metal covered with torso and squeezed, transforming into a black and red corset. Amy's magnificent breasts fit snugly into the corset's cups. The corset was laced tight. The material was thin enough that her nipples were on display all the time. Similarly the metal around her waist blossomed down into a microskirt, matching her corset in color and material. Holy crap, it was skimpy.
  742. Amy looked over herself.
  744. "Well, well, well! So you can make clothes. A bit pervy, but it's not something I'm against wearing. Some underwear would have been nice but beggars can't be choosers."
  746. Amy helped Mike dress, fighting his cock back down into his shorts and then planting him back into his wheelchair. There. Like nothing happened between them. Well, except the clothes she wore now.
  748. Amy blew him a kiss.
  750. "Another time, chrome dick."
  752. Amy left.
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  756. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  758. "No, it looks great on you," Mike says, eying Amy. It's true, he's always liked girls in corsets and heels and short skirts, even if Amy's new outfit is amping that up several steps. Which raises some questions. Just how much control does he have. Clearly he could make Amy get clothes, but he never wanted girls with cuntmouths....even if thinking about them now makes his chrome shaft twitch. Lots of questions and no answers. All he knows is he got to have incredibly kinky sex with Amy.
  760. The limbless guy bits his lip as Amy pulls him close to lift him in. He tries to kiss her briefly, not quite hitting and landing on her cheek instead. An embarassed swallow, a blush. "I...alright," he admits, putting on a faint smile. "It was...good," he says, and then watches Amy sashay away.
  762. Mike takes a moment to look at the destroyed room. Quite a mess he made, yes, and proably best to scoot. Who knows how late he is for things. Mike shifts into the controls of his chair and gets going himself, heading back to the rest of the school.
  764. (( Hot damn has this been all the freakiness I love. Hope you've enjoyed too. Not sure what to do next, if you have thoughts, or if it's best to break while I'm traveling? Open to ideas! ))
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  768. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  770. ((A break may be unavoidable if you're unable to play, but I'll leave that to you.
  772. I'll have you choose the next scenario from a list if you lack ideas:
  774. A bitchy teacher tells Mike to stay after class. Once it's just those two, the infection manifests in her cutting her snideness off midsentence when she grows a cuntmouth. The infection was unintentional on Mike's part. Leads to dubcon sex where Mike tells her he's in charge now if she wants to go back to normal.
  776. Curious about his chrome shaft, Mike shyly asks Miss Jones if she'll examine his metal cock in the privacy of her office. She happily obliges having heard the rumors of his large cock. She can't provide any answers but when she changes she's happy to fuck his brains out.
  778. Mike takes a trip past the school's swimming pool and the girl's locker room after school lets out. Becky is in the locker room on the bench, dripping wet with water, still dressed in her school-issued swimsuit : a high-cut one-piece that leaves little to the imagination since the girls' nipples are visible through the material and they have a prominent cameltoe at all times when wearing the suit. Mike spies her through the crack in the door, or enters the locker room without her noticing, and tests out his powers to see if he can willingly infect and transform someone. Becky's reverie is broken as she suddenly grows a cuntmouth and panics. Mike wheels in and tells her the only cure is sex with him. More dubcon.
  780. You go home and it's time for fun with either Rita, your mother, or Beth, your thirteen year old sister. More dubcon. Rita will have the SWB transformation for sure.
  782. As for the transformations: cuntmouth for sure and I'll hear out your suggestions for the rest, although Rita will be hit with both the cuntmouth and the SWB transformation no matter what.))
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  786. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  788. (( I get you. I can likely keep things going, I certainly don't want this to die, it's been great!
  790. All those options seem pretty hot. Your first suggestion makes me wonder about possibly tipping into a more non-con scene. Playing a character like Mike can be a bit tough, since he lacks a certain degree of agency, but the overall arc is this abilities give him back some of that, at least. So using the changes to put a teacher/authority figure in her place and stop her from sending him to a research lab makes some sense.
  792. The thought on Becky is also a neat one! A bit more devious, and I like the ide aof Mike trying out his powers more. I have a few thoughts on how to direct that change.
  794. And then getting Rita and Beth both changed would be hot. I'm glad you find SWB so appealing. It's niche, and not something I do often, but a good sign of compatibility.
  796. I've got to go deal with RL for a number of hours, I'll see if I can figure a good set later this evening (~7-10hrs). If you come up with something before then, or want to discuss further, go for it. Have a great one! ))
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  800. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  802. ((I love noncon and rape so if you want a harder scene then I'm all for it. I wasn't thinking of having the teacher attempt to send him to a research lab for study, but rather I thought maybe he was behind on homework and she was going to go full cunt on him lecturing him on how it's irrelevant that he's lost all his limbs he's going to catch up on homework and stay after school... blah blah blah. Mike turns the tables on her pretty quickly. I'm still open for Mike's chome cock to become spiked or otherwise unpleasant for girls and women he doesn't like or is flat out raping, just to add a certain harshness.
  804. Anyway, I look forward to hearing from you. There's no chance of me responding before 12 hours have past as of this post here. It is what it is.))
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  808. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  810. (( Hey! Just FYI, things are keeping me fairly busy, also some jet lag. Want to give you a good response, so might still be a while. Will do so when I'm able! ))
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  814. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  816. (( Hey, just FYI, the work part of this work trip is picking up, so might be a while. I've got a thing half-written, so progress one bit at a time. Be well! ))
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  820. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  822. Mike remains high and elated after his encounter with Amy. How could he not? He rolls his way back out of the library and towards the rest of school. It's hard to tell, but his chrome shaft seems a bit bigger in his shorts - that must be in his head, he concludes. Because it somehow even fels harder too, and that doesn't seem possible.
  824. The rest of school grinds on. Mike moves through classes looking at his classmates and teachesr differnetly. When he sees a girl looking at him, he thinks she must be considering his chrome cock. When a teacher says "Hello Mike," that's an invitation to an encounter. God, his central tool could fuck his way through the entire school and still not satisfy him today.
  826. Needless to say, he learns very little.
  828. As his last class comes to a close, Miss Stevens clears her throat. "Mister Johnson," she says. "Could you wait a moment." Mike pauses, his chair nearly to the door.
  830. She holds up a sheaf of papers. "About your coursework and attentiveness in class..."
  832. (( Hello! Let's go with this one. Wanted to give you space to decide her look - standard severe sexy teacher might be too obvious, which was admittedly my first thought. ))
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  836. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  838. Miss Steven’s wiped a loose strand of hair out of her face as the last bell of the day rang. Most days she maintained order: she owned her students for the entire class period, including the tantalizing few seconds after the bell had run. She officially owned them until she formally dismissed them.
  840. Miss Steven wore her glossy brunette hair in a tight bun. Her custom tailored cardigan hugged her enormous hyper tits well – Miss Steven did not bother to button up all the way, leaving a tantalizing amount of cleavage on display before her delicious tit valley was cut off by her white undershirt. Her black pencil skirt hugged her ass so tightly it might as well have been body paint and showed off her long, smooth legs. Without visible panty lines, she was obviously wearing a thong.
  842. “Mister Dickson,” Miss Steven said. “You are NOT excused. We have much to talk about.”
  844. Miss Steven adjusted her black thick-framed glasses. She had a glare that could cut diamonds.
  846. Miss Steven’s ran a tight ship in her classroom. No slackers. Everyone did every assignment. She didn’t give a shit what their parents said, what her superiors said, or what ANYONE said. Everyone was going to do their homework or she wasn’t going to pass them.
  848. No exceptions. Not even to the little shit that had lost all his limbs.
  850. Miss Steven’s shut the door in front of his face. She resisted the urge to turn his wheelchair so he’d face her directly. Now it was just here and him. She waved his school papers in front of his face.
  852. “You’re missing quite a LOT of assignments, Mister Dickson. And just LOOK at these test scores!”
  854. Miss Steven flashed each paper individually at him. ‘Fail’ after ‘Fail’. Some were near Fails. Others weren’t even close. All were unacceptable.
  856. Miss Steven’s leaned close, her eyes burning holes into his. And the little shit wasn’t even LOOKING at her face!
  858. “You seem far more enamored with my boobs during lecture than taking notes or paying attention. I have half a mind to report you for harassment for your perversion, Mister Dickson.”
  860. Miss Steven decided to change subject.
  862. “You might have lost your limbs in that accident of yours – no doubt a result of your carelessness and stupidity – but you didn’t lose your brain. You owe me. You’re going to finish every assignment you’ve missed AND retake these tests until you get an acceptable grade on EVERYTHING. Do you hear me? And best of all, I have the power to make you stay after school to do all of that. So you and I are going to become very familiar and I am going to stomp out all of your inadequacies!”
  864. She grinned. Mike was her little bitch.
  866. ((Nice to see you again. Ball’s in your court now, partner. Sexy teacher is right up my alley. ‘Sexy’ everything is good with me, as well as hyper boobs and general voluptuousness. By the way, can’t help but notice you had her call him ‘Mister Johnson’. I thought we agreed on ‘Dickson’. Although Johnson is another slang word for ‘cock’, I believe, so that fits too.))
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  870. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  872. Is there anything Miss Stevens does that isn't impossibly hot? Mike suspected that being a hyper made her feel she had more to prove, to run a right class that kept her students focused on the work, rather than her.
  874. Not that it worked.
  876. The limbless boy humphs as her tirade starts. He's heard versions of her tirades before, but never at this level, turned all the way up to 11. He wants to sink back into his chair for a moment under the assault of the sexpot teacher.
  878. And then she brings up the accident. It's one thing to get yelled at about tests or homework. That's...not unusual, or personal. The accident, on the other hand.
  880. Mike sits up, to the degree he can, in his chair. "Carelessness?" he asks, venom in his voice. The honest truth is he doesn't recall exactly what happened. It's entirely possible he was being careless, although the police reports and insurance and legal settlement were all very sympathetic. How can you not be, to the promising young man who lost so much.
  882. But now Miss Titsy Steven is yelling at him about it.
  884. "Like it's my fault?" he presses, leaning forward a bit. "Because I wanted this. To never walk again. To never touch anybody. To roll around in a chair," his voice gets increasingly angry as he speaks.
  886. Down his his shorts, his nanites respond to his rage. They can sense the ire directed at his target, and have spun out in the air to begin sinking into her, slowly infiltratig her until its time to trigger.
  888. "Fuck you, you heartless bitch," Mike finally spits, "You're a better pair of tits than a teacher," he says, "and you need to shut the fuck up.
  890. Before she can reply, the chrome emerges, bubbling over her mouth and nose, locking her jaw into place and forming a chrome pussy where her lips once were.
  892. (( You're right, that was a brain fart on my part. Dickson it is! :-P ))
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  896. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  898. ((It happens. I like your post. I'll kick something back soon. No one has ever talked to Miss Steven like that before. Normally she'd go for the neck, verbally speaking, but she has something else to worry about, haha.))
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  902. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  904. Inoculation: Successful!
  906. Miss Steven’s finished her tirade. She watched Mike’s facial expressions. They weren’t what she was expecting. Usually people cowered before her – but this limbless little freak looked like he was getting angry.
  908. Begin replication…
  910. Miss Steven decided to wait him out. She could yell with the best of them. And besides, she had all the power right now. She’d let him burn out and then put the screws to him. He would apologize. No, he would grovel.
  912. Replication: Successful!
  914. Registering Master Control user… Successful!
  916. Registered Mike Dickson as Master Controller!
  918. "Fuck you, you heartless bitch. You're a better pair of tits than a teacher, and you need to shut the fuck up.”
  920. Applying Mouthcunt template!
  922. Miss Steven’s leaned into his face, sucked in a lungful of hot air, and was about to tell this little fucker just exactly who he was mouthing off to when her jaw locked into place. Her lips rippled. Chrome burst through her skin’s pours, forming and shaping into their new, proper configuration.
  924. Mouthcunt reconfiguration complete!
  926. “MMM!?” Miss Steven’s recoiled.
  928. What the hell was on her mouth? She couldn’t talk at all! She brought her hand to her mouth. Where her familiar lips were supposed to be, there were instead another pair of lips. It was soft and squishy and… No, no, this wasn’t possible.
  930. Miss Steven’s ran to her desk at the front of the classroom and dug in her drawers for a pocket mirror. She snapped it open.
  932. “Mmm! Mmm!”
  934. She had a fucking silver pussy on her face! What the FUCK!
  936. Miss Steven’s tried to look everywhere at once. Her eyes were wild with panic. Her hair began to fray from stress and the gross movement. Mike! He didn’t look shocked at her transformation at all! Something was up with him.
  938. Miss Steven’s scrambled back to Mike, dropping the mirror with a clatter. Her enormous hyper tits bounced wildly as she ran. She planted herself right in front of Mike and pointed at her cuntmouth.
  940. “Mmm! Mm! Mmmmm!!”
  942. He had to know something.
  944. ((Lol “Soon”. Whoops.
  946. Angry dom Mike is fun. Tell me, do you want another transformation on top? Perhaps for Miss Steven’s to grow an extra set of chrome boobs? Something else?
  948. APP is gone. I am sad. Where else am I going to get my supply of teen studs or boy toys?))
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  952. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  954. (( God, isn't that a great reaction! Reading it made me hard so fast....
  956. Chrome boobs would be great, maybe ballet-heel feet so she can't easily get away, or something else appropriately degrading. Mmmm, thought! You know I'm not into anal, but we could reform a pussy there too and then I have Ideas. ;-P I'm about to hit exercise, but can get you a full reply later on this afternoon.
  958. Not stunned APP is gone. I'm pretty strange and libertine, as you know, and some stuff there still made me cringe. Big difference in my mind between 17 and 7, you know? Also boys and girls for some reason, likely rooted in the patriarchy. But hey, you have other scenarios you ever want to do, just let me know! ))
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  962. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  964. ((We can do an extra set of chrome titties on Miss Steven. She can also undergo an Analcunt transformation too, so you can have three pussies to choose from. If you want degradation your nanite buddies can grow a collar around her neck and for her to get a chrome tattoo on her forehead - something like, "DUMB CUNT" or "MIKE'S BITCH" - to grow. I'm not much into ballet heel feet. If you want to prevent her from fleeing I imagine your nanite buddies can set up an invisible tether between you and her where she needs to stay within a certain range of you otherwise the nanites force her to return or she simply can't take another step away.
  966. As for APP and ageplay - there's little difference between say 16 and 18 in my mind, especially nowadays with 18 year olds being more immature than ever. In real life there's a big difference between 7 and 17 but in roleplay not really. You aren't really playing with a 7 year old, you're playing with the sexed up version of a 7 year old where everything still fits and depending on your partner's taste may be more stacked than most adult women because men like da tiddies. You of all people should know that guys like playing characters where they have to avoid accidentally slapping themselves in the face with their dicks, so it's not strange to have played with an elementary school boy that's more hung that most adult men. Also, boy or not, they're usually played quite dominant. The only difference between an 18 year old "alphahole" (to use a romance novel term), a 50 year old alphahole, and a 7 year old alphahole is the age and maybe some cosmetic differences such as the scene going down in school rather than some generic vague-and-never-defined office.))
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  970. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  972. Mike can't contain his pleasure as he sees his teacher change. He's grinning as she does so, as the chrome bursts out of her mouth and reconfigures her face, taking her mouth and nose and replacing it with a shiny chrome cunt.
  974. Next best thing? Watching her rush to her desk, and the look on her face. She can't quite make faces as she did before, but just the look of horror on her eyes. Priceless.
  976. Mike shifts in his chair. His always-hard chrome shaft is the focus of his attention in his shorts, and as he watches Miss Stevens run and bounce, it seems to melt its way through his shorts, emerging to reveal the shiny chrome length and balls.
  978. "Of course I did it," he says, glancing down at his enhanced equipment. "Oh, I'm sorry, you think I'm a limbless moron who can't do anything?" he says with venom. "Surprise, bitch," he says. He's staring at her tits, and as he does, chrome emerges from her sides and spreads out along her blouse, rippling and pulling it apart, revealing her hyper-tits. "Look at those," he says, as his mind drifts to lustful thoughts. More lustful.
  980. The chrome, done with her clothes, moves down her front, flowing off her tits and then settling...and lingering...the chrome bubbles and shifts and begins to bulge out, growing, on her front, a second pair of breasts, as large as her first. All together, they dominate the front of her body, huge and round and heavy.
  982. Mike licks his lips. "You can't leave until you fuck me," the torso-boy says. "Not that you'd want to, would you?" he asks. And indeed, Miss Stevens finds she can't move her arms to reach the door, or otherwise open it and leave the room, or reach for a phone for help, not that she could talk on it.
  984. In his chair, Mike's changing too. His cock is growing longer and thicker, and then there's a ripple along its length and it splits! Now sporting a top and bottom cock, the 'top' one keeps growing, while the lower stays at its foot-long length but continues getting thicker, and splits again. Now equipped with three shafts, Mike turns his attention back to his teacher.
  986. "What are you waiting for?" he insists. There's a last change happening to her. Her rear is adjusting, as an 'MD' brand appears on her ass cheek, and something happens deeper in. Just what she'll have to discover later.
  988.     permalink
  990. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  992. Miss Steven’s stared at Mike in shock. The cocky bastard was GRINNING! This entire thing was insane! The situation got even crazy when the bulge in his shorts shifted and his shorts seemed to phase away. His cock was hard chrome and had a perfect mirror finish – Miss Steven’s could see her terrified expression on his impressively sized cock. His balls were perfect metal spheres, also polished to a mirror finish.
  994. Not once in her life had Miss Steven’s encountered such a weird situation or been at the mercy of someone else. The fact that it was one of her students and a quadriplegic was even worse.
  996. Breast tissue inadequacy detected!
  998. Reconfiguration in progress…
  1000. Miss Steven’s felt her skin crawl underneath her top. Her hands flew to her top – too late, the surging liquid metal underneath tore her top open, shredding her bra behind repair. Miss Steven’s hyper boobs spilled out in front of Mike, filling his vision. Miss Steven’s tried to cover herself, her hands sinking into her soft titflesh, palms covering her areolae, squishing herself flat for modesty. The metal flowed underneath her hyper tits, formed, and grew into two more chrome tits – copies of her primary breasts but all chrome. The sudden weight threw her off balance as her front load doubled and she staggered, accidentally falling against Mike, flattening her tits against him briefly. Miss Steven’s recoiled in shock.
  1002. Multiboob reconfiguration complete!
  1004. Multiboob template saved!
  1006. She had to escape this maniac! Miss Steven’s reached for the door.
  1008. Error! Master Control command disobeyed!
  1010. Overriding motor cortex in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…
  1012. Her body halted. Miss Steven’s mind flashed with panic. She couldn’t will her fingers to close around the door knob!
  1014. Motor cortex successfully overridden!
  1016. Returning to Master Control user
  1018. Against her will her hand returned to her side and she marched in front of Mike.
  1020. Miss Steven’s started to hyperventilate. Mike said she needed to fuck him to if she wanted to leave. How did she lose control? Where did he get this terrifying power? No matter what happening, Miss Steven’s decided to never give Mike shit again.
  1022. Mike’s cock transformed. It thickened and lengthened. Miss Steven’s watched helplessly as his cock bifurcated, then trifurcated. His three branched metal cock scared Miss Steven’s. His primary cock – the top one – was longer than her arm by quite a ways. His secondary cock – the middle one – was thicker and not nearly as long at one foot, growing thicker than a cock can. His tertiary cock – the lower one – was the shortest and by far the thickest.
  1024. Mike was impatient.
  1026. Orifice mismatch detected!
  1028. Reconfiguration in progress…
  1030. Liquid metal spilled through the pores in her skin around her virgin asshole – reforming and changing her tight pucker into another virgin chrome cunt.
  1032. Analcunt template saved!
  1034. The nanocolony infesting her body was not finished.
  1036. Applying brand…
  1038. The silver biometal spelled out ‘MD” on her ass cheek, and then right next to it a cartoon version of his oversized cock and spherical balls – the symbol of his power.
  1040. Brand applied!
  1042. Miss Steven’s stared at Mike’s cocks with wide eye terror. He was ordering her to fuck him in a way no man or boy had ever been fucked before in the history of the world. It was obvious he wanted to fit his primary cock inbetween her tits for a tit job while the secondary went in her cunt and the tertiary into what she still thought was her asshole.
  1044. She couldn’t! Could she?
  1046. Error! Master Control command disobeyed!
  1048. Overriding motor cortex in 5, 4, 3 …
  1050. Miss Steven’s reached out and grabbed his cock. She had to obey. This was for her freedom.
  1052. Motor cortex override cancelled!
  1054. It had been so long since she had been with a man. Not since her wild college days, back when she was still capable of having fun without belittling others.
  1056. Normally she’d kiss his cock. With a cuntmouth she was reduce to grinding her new slit up and down the head of his primary shaft. Unlike a hard, fleshy cock, his metal dick had absolutely no give. It was a rigid, metal rod.
  1058. Experimentally Miss Steven’s pressed the tip of his primary cock in her cuntmouth. His round mirrored head pushed in with effort.
  1060. Rather than awkwardly crush her four tits against his body like she had down while ‘kissing’ his cock, she now grabbed and rearranged her tits, planting his primary cock firmly between them, shuffling them up and down around his cock.
  1062. Miss Steven’s climbed aboard his wheelchair, straddling his torso. She reached down and guided his secondary cock to her hairy pussy. Miss Steven’s narrowed her eyes at him. The fucker was enjoying this. Her terror faded to anger. How dare he treat her like this! Miss Steven’s impaled herself on his prick.
  1064. “Mm!” The sudden intrusion caused her to groan out.
  1066. It was incredible how big he was. His chrome dick spread her wide open. Miss Steven’s had never been with a man so hung before. No woman on earth had.
  1068. Miss Steven’s cringed. It was time for the final cock. Once she was sure his secondary cock wouldn’t slip out she reached out for her tertiary cock and planted it between her ass cheeks. She didn’t see the silver pussy between her ass, but she felt something was off as she brushed his metal cock against it. Regardless, and weirded out beyond measure, she planted it against her analcunt’s slit and pushed him in.
  1070. Miss Steven’s took him deeper, her stomach bulging as his massive prick entered. Miss Steven’s nestled against him, trying her best to take him balls deep. She massaged her hyper boobs around his cock, all too aware her tits were smothering his face in this position as well. She pulled back a bit so he had room to breathe.
  1072. Miss Steven’s began to bounce, setting up a crude rhythm.
  1074. Someone knocked on the classroom’s door.
  1076. “MMMM!!” Miss Steven’s panicked.
  1078. ((The past few days have been hard for me. It seems like I’ve been having more bad days than good lately.
  1080. Anyway! Sorry for the late response.
  1082. A few things: I am looking for a close call where the intruder doesn’t see Mike and Miss Steven embraced together. I am thinking that the intruder is a girl – one of Miss Steven’s best students and a nerdy book worm. I was thinking that somehow you get her to leave, however she’d be suspicious and confront you later. If you don’t like that idea, you may decide something else.
  1084. Second: you have said you are against anal sex. Would you like it if the analcunt transformation became standard, like the mouthcunt? Would you like it if from now on all the girls and women sported your brand?
  1086. Let me know, we’ll take things from there.))
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  1090. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  1092. (( Evening! Wow, lots to say! First, incredibly hot! Lots of good stuff to digest. Second, sorry to hear about that. hope things turn around soon! I've been fairly busy myself, and had an extra long work day myself today, hence why I'm not doing an immediate response.
  1094. I do like the intruder idea. Things will have to happen quickly, but I can handle that in my next post, yeah. As to the's true, anal as such has never really appealed to me. But making it standard, along with the brand, would be pretty hot. Brand location can vary. ;-) I'm going to hit the sack and will aim to get you a deserving response in the morning! ))
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  1098. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 month ago
  1100. The thrill of watching a woman transform.
  1102. Presumably it will start to get old. At some point, after some time. That point hasn't come for Mike yet, and he watches with rapt attention as Miss Stevens' body twists and reconfigures. His own body modifies itself, choosing a new way to be compatible and the torso-boy regards his three shafts with pride.
  1104. If he could get any harder he would.
  1106. Maybe he can upgrade to titanium?
  1108. The cortex control is something new and all-together different. At first Mike doesn't even know what to make of it, until he sees Miss Stevens struggling against herself.
  1110. He breaks out in an evil smile, as dark thoughts race through his mind.
  1112. "It's not like you ever gave anybody a choice," he says. "Fuck, and you can go back to normal...for a time."
  1114. Mike's torso bucks and arches, as he thrashes with sensation. Not just size, but three! It's overwhelming, mind-melting, and if he didn't have machines holding him back he'd have exploded ten times over by now. His longest shaft slides deliciously through that cavern of cleavage, while his medium shaft seats full in Miss Steven's pussy. Mike had...never considered anal before, really. And then he discovers it's not, and he can't...can't...
  1116. ...there's a knock.
  1118. Mike's eyes go wide and his shortened body freezes, head turning towards the door. They're protected enough. Right? Riiiiight? Can he be sure? No choice now. His mind may know he should stop now and cut his losses, but it's not his mind that's in charge anymore. His libido demands he keep going. Keep those three shafts in their respective slots, keep fucking this woman he's finally turned the tables on.
  1120. So he does. "Keep going," he instructs in a growling voice through gritted teeth. As best he can, he keeps fucking her, until he gets off. Each of his shafts pumps a flood of silver out, either over or into the cruel teacher.
  1122. How long did it take? Ten seconds? Thirty? A minute? Time means little to Mike now. Surely it was quick, surely nobody saw anything.
  1124. As soon as Mike finishes, the machines go to work to restore Miss Stevens. Her second set of breasts retract, to Mike's disappointment, while her ass reverts as soon as she gets off Mike's third shaft.Her face too is put back, finally, and in short order she's back to normal.
  1126. Well, mostly normal. She does looks rather like she's six months pregnant. Hardly the most difficult thing to explain, though.
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  1130. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 28 days ago
  1132. Someone knocked. Mike turned his head to the door. Whoever it was knocked again, more impatient this time. Mike turned back.
  1134. “Keep going,” he said.
  1136. Was he fucking serious!? They were going to get caught!
  1138. Mike thrust into her, using what limited mobility he had to drive his cocks deeper into her. This was crazy! But if she wanted to get back to normal then she had to get him off. Miss Stevens’ rode Mike hard, shooting nervous glances to the door. It was a race to get him off, crushing her four tits against his longest cock while taking him deeper with her holes. Her cunt and analcunt hugged his chrome dicks tightly. He stretched her out nicely.
  1140. The classroom door cracked open.
  1142. Mike orgasmed. His silver cum sprayed all over her body and the ceiling, deep within her spasming cunt, and deep within her analcunt, spilling out underneath them. Miss Stevens’ pushed off Mike. His chrome dicks plopped out wetly. Miss Stevens’ turns away from him and he gets a perfect sight of her ass and her analcunt between her ass cheeks before it reforms back into a normal asshole.
  1144. The chrome recedes on Miss Stevens’ body. The brand leaves. Her secondary tits shrink and disappear. Miss Stevens’ squatted, knees wide. A gush of silver semen shoots out from her pussy and her stomach shrinks somewhat… until a chrome cap forms over her cervix and suddenly the rest of the cum inside her can’t leave. Fuck! She looked pregnant like that! The cap would dissolve hours later.
  1146. Miss Stevens’ raced to fix her clothes. She looked like a sodden fucking mess. She pulled some tissues from her desk and wiped futilely at her clothes. The janitor was going to have to clean up Mike’s cum from the ceiling and floor – she wasn’t even going to try to fix that. She put in a call and pretend to not know what it was.
  1148. Miss Stevens’s facial pussy stuck on her face. She was scared that it was somehow permanent. The silver edges finally receded to her great relief and soon she had her mouth back. Miss Stevens’ massaged her jaw. The taste of metal clung to her tongue. Yuck. She was normal again.
  1150. For now.
  1152. The classroom door was shut. Someone had been there. Had whoever it was seen her like that? Seen them together? Miss Stevens’ grimaced. This had to stay secret forever.
  1154. “You keep your fucking mouth shut about this, Mike. You hear me?”
  1156. Miss Stevens’ instinctively knew better than to mouth off again but it was a natural reflex for her. She gave her clothes one more pass over, grabbed her things, and pushed out into the hallway. No one was there. Thankfully most people would stare at her hyper tits than notice her bulging belly.
  1158. Miss Stevens’ left Mike. He could use his freakish powers to stuff his metal cocks back into her shorts or he could be caught like that. She didn’t care at all right now. She just had to get away.
  1160. ((I thought I’d leave the identity of our peeper secret for now. They haven’t seen anything but I am sure they heard the telltale signs of hot and heavy sex. We can hash out the details later and what it results in – either a student or faculty member heard. Knowing Miss Stevens’ they probably either think that you’re blackmailing her somehow or else you have something really special if a cold hard bitch like her was willing to fuck you in her classroom.))
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  1164. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 28 days ago
  1166. Mike finally hits his release and shudders and bucks, making an entire mess and she winds up panting in his chair.
  1168. He stays there as the hypertitted teacher starts to put herself back together. He glances down at himself. He's...not changing back that quickly, like he did before. Odd, that.
  1170. But the threat makes him snap his attention back to his teacher. "If you stay in line," he says with a confident smirk, as she finally makes her escape.
  1172. (( I'm cool with keeping it a secret. Fellow student sounds good, how it plays out can be left a mystery. Hummm. So what next!? ))
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  1176. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 28 days ago
  1178. ((Return home. Playtime with either Rita, your mother, or Elizabeth, your 13 year old sister. Rita will have the SWB transformation along with the analcunt, cuntmouth, and brand transformation. The analcunt, cuntmouth, and brand will become standard from now on. I figure Rita visits you at night and tries to see how well you've been coping with your new limbless life at school and such and you accidentally infect her with your nanocolony. Or else Mike decides to see if he can purposefully infect people and targets his sister, Beth, giving her the shock of her life as he then wheels in and tells her her new place in life and in the household. We can talk about Beth's transformations if there's something you're craving. Your choice whether Mike will fuck his mother or his sister, Beth, next.))
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  1182. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 23 days ago
  1184. (( Hey, sorry it's been so long. I've been working very long and irregular hours this week. Boo. Not doing much for my creativity...or libido. But things are starting to level up. Will hope to get you something layer today. Just wanted to check in! ))
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  1188. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 23 days ago
  1190. ((Not a problem. Take your time.))
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  1194. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 21 days ago
  1196. Mike watches his ultra-busty teacher retreat, and then ponders his own situation. Three cocks is pretty cool - he'd want to saunter down the hall with them, if he could. If it wouldn't out him. Maybe...some day.
  1198. And the nanocolony itself seems to know it should stay hiden. As Mike sits alone in the room, his chrome shafts ripple and begin to retract. They melt, merging back together and becoming smaller, retreating into his shorts. He still swears it feels bigger now, just like after the last time. It must be in his head. It must.
  1200. Mike shifts a bit and activates the control on his chair, shifting him forward and letting him roll out of the room. He makes his way back through the school, briefly distracted by the still-milling students, who are off on their own routes through the place. Somebody saw. Somebody...might have seen? Amy knows, and Sophie's spread rumors. So who's looking wondering about his amazing machine-cock? It can feel it pulse with need as he eyes cheerleaders in their short skirts.
  1202. Down the ramp to the street, then up into the bus to get home. It's routine, and the hypersexual escapades of the day start to feel like a fever dream, something his mind made up but couldn't actually have been real. Except he knows it is. His permenant hardness proves it is, shifting inside his shorts with every move he makes of his shortened, torso of a body.
  1204. At home he rolls through the living room. Beth is there, watching TV while doodling something. No sign of Sophie yet. She's probably off at an extracurricular. But his mother Rita is home, and given how long it takes, now is usually his bath time.
  1206. He used to think it was degrading. it's exciting.
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  1210. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 14 days ago
  1212. (( Still out there, or did you get attacked by the RL beast that had me? ))
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  1216. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 14 days ago
  1218. ((I'm still here. The week was exhausting. I thought I'd send you something yesterday but that didn't pan out. I might be able to send you something tonight. I can't do something right now. You're interested in playing with Rita for bath time shenanigans, right?))
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  1222. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 14 days ago
  1224. (( Entirely get you, no worries, just wanted to know if I should be on the lookout. No pressure if it's not doable today. And yes, Rita at bath-time was the idea. Seemed like a hook. Happy to adjust if you want. Heck, you're a good and game player, happy to reboot and do other things if you want. Not that this isn't awesome. It is. ))
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  1228. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 13 days ago
  1230. ((I was about to continue when I read your last post. You say that you're having a good time, and I'm glad because I am too, but do you want to do a reboot, change themes, or otherwise alter the RP in some way? I never thought I'd like it so much but a dirty RP staring a limbless stud that has power over the girls and women in his life has been awfully fun. I love the huge and transforming dick as well.))
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  1234. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 13 days ago
  1236. (( Oh lord no! This is kicking awesome, and I've been surprised - pleasantly! - that it's had such stamina. So I'm totally cool continuing, just wanted to say, can change gears if you wanted to. But if you're game to keep going, so am I! ))
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  1240. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 13 days ago
  1242. Rita searched through the cupboards. Work had been a pain in the ass. She felt thoroughly exhausted and too tired to cook for herself and her children. It was all she could do to wash the dishes. It made her feel like a bad mom to order out so frequently, but she’d feel worse if she didn’t feed her children somehow.
  1244. Washing the dishes could be quite a chore with a bust as big as hers. She wore an apron just so she wouldn’t soak her own tits in the sink. She took it off and wrung it out. Her own top was dry as a bone… and stretching a little too thin. And really, was it THAT cold? Her nips were showing.
  1246. She checked her phone. It was Mike’s bath time. No matter how tired she’d feel in her life she’d NEVER skip or give up caring for her beautiful baby boy. After that horrible accident he needed her – and her daughters – more than ever.
  1248. Rita stuck her head out the kitchen. Mike was here, rolling around in his wheelchair. Strange… he had a bulge in his shorts. It was a big one too.
  1250. “Poor baby. He really needs a girlfriend to take care of his urges,” Rita whispered. He was probably so pent up. Maybe she could help him with that at his bath times… no, no. That was wrong. She was his mother, for God’s sake. And besides, there wasn’t enough privacy.
  1252. Rita left the kitchen.
  1254. “I’m going to get your bath running. Come to the bathroom soon, okay?”
  1256. Rita drew a bath, checking the temperature. Just right. It must have been so embarrassing for Mike to have to be bathed by his own mother. Rita was dressed in her bikini – her triangle-cut top barely covered her nipples – because after the first few times she had gotten wet while giving him a soak as well.
  1258. ((Okay. Thanks for clarifying that with me.
  1260. If I recall, Mike’s chrome dick has been transforming back to flesh to ‘hide’ in the past when undesirables have seen his cock. It might be fun if Mike’s cock did turn back to flesh but in the middle of the bath it erects, goes chrome, and enlarges. How did you want Rita to be transformed? Accidentally or ‘accidentally’?))
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  1264. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 10 days ago
  1266. Mike hears the running water and knows it's time. He follows the instructions, and rolls through the house as he usually does, finally parking in the hall outside the door to the bathroom. He's still hard, but then, that's becoming quite the norm for him now.
  1268. "Hi mom," he says with a smile, in a tone that carries more confidence, more self-assurance than Rita has heard in a while. It's easy enough to undo his straps and pick up the torso-boy from his chair. He's still somewhat hefty, but his mother has lots of experience lifting weight, thanks to her chest.
  1270. Mike can't help but stare down into her bikini-emphasized cleavage. Damn. He'd love to fuck that. His mind drifts to the things he did with Amy. Amy. He'd have to call her or something.
  1272. Rita undresses him, taking off his shirt to reveal his more-formed-than-usual torso, and then his hips, and then his full cock and balls. Mike blushes, and feels odd, almost not recognizing it in it's stealthy, fleshy form. Being chrome just feels so right.
  1274. Rita slides him into the water and he feels the soothing liquid wrap about him. She moves and begins to scrub him, as normal, and Mike lets out a pleased sound. He sighs, and then feels unusual. He's been thinking of his cock. How right it is to be chrome. How much play it's gotten him. Hell, he's had freaky sex three times in the past two days!
  1276. The thing surges and shifts under the water. Mike feels it go hard,and makes no effort to resist. Why would he? A chrome shaft the size of Mike's former-arm rises up from the water rapidly, almost like a missile launch, straight and gleaming silver. Mike bucks and sloshes in thew ater, immediately letting out a huge stream of cum that plasters his mother's chest.
  1278. (( Sorry, could have sworn I sent this a day or two ago. :-( But yes, love those ideas! ))
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  1282. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 6 days ago
  1284. ((Not a bad start to things. I've been busy. I'll send you a continuation today, but I need at least 12 hours for life stuff and work to get the free time to write.
  1286. His cum infected her - every woman and girl that comes in contact with his cum will become infected. That sounds like a fun rule.))
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  1290. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 6 days ago
  1292. (( No worries, real life first! ))
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  1296. [-]to Mean_Mommy sent 1 day ago
  1298. (( Morning. Hope the week turned out better than the beginning. ))
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  1302. [-]from Mean_Mommy sent 19 hours ago
  1304. ((Yes, it did. So much for sending you something. I have bad news. I'm taking a hiatus from roleplaying. It's not fair to keep a partner waiting for so long and to not be able to keep promises. It makes me feel bad. I just don't have the same amount of time that I once had to dedicate to roleplaying. I'd rather call it quits rather than keep stringing you along.))
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  1308. [–]to Mean_Mommy sent 17 hours ago
  1310. (( That's absolutely fair. Real life first, and I appreciate you saying so. It's been quite a ride, you're amazingly creative and game. If you ever want to pick it up, hit me up. Good luck with everything! ))
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