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  1. Metal Wolf Chaos
  2. v0.1 Jumped by Veav
  4. ---
  6. By the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, freedom was dead in America.
  8. Beginning with a large-scale military coup d'etat that erupted in various cities throughout the nation the rebels seized power in all the central institutions of government...
  10. The entire nation appeared to have fallen completely into the hands of the coup d'etat forces. However, one final hope in opposing the coup d'etat forces remained.
  12. This final hope being the US President himself.
  14. Michael Wilson, the 47th President of the United States equipped with a special mobile armored ops suit developed in secret by the military boldly waged his own "personal" war alone to take back America's freedom.
  16. ---
  18. Identity
  20. Team Jumper (0 CP): drop-in. No allies, no targets painted on your back.
  21. Team Barbas (50 CP): Reporter, news anchor, or someone else at DNN, the world's premier news network. Promote truth!
  22. Team Richard (100 CP): Vice President, or one of the Vice President's insurrectionists. Demand freedom!
  23. Team Michael (100 CP): President, or one of the President's loyalists. Believe in your own justice!
  25. ---
  27. Liberation roll: 1d8, or spend 100 CP to choose.
  29. 1. San Francisco, CA. Chinatown has been liberated by the Dorsey Heavy Assault Tank and the whole west coast is in range of the antiterrorist electromagnetic cannon on Alcatraz.
  30. 2. Grand Canyon, AZ. Heavy Assault Helicopter Castina dominates the canyons, while Special Armor operatives Shack, Paul, and Randy prowl the plateaus in optical camo.
  31. 3. Houston, TX. The military base and space center are under total control thanks to the Super Heavy Assault Helifortress Olijawon!
  32. 4. Miami, FL. Brigadier General Robert Forrester, President Wilson's former military commander, maintains a vigilant watch over the beach from his mighty command cruiser.
  33. 5. Manhattan, NY. The titanic multi-legged mecha Casparaitis and Brooklyn Bridge-spanning tank Warner are the new symbols of liberty and freedom in the Big Apple!
  34. 6. Washington, DC. That bastion of democracy, the White House, has been fortified against the despicable evils being planned by the traitor Michael Wilson.
  35. 7. Last Vegas, NV. And if Michael Wilson succeeds - if our great nation is about to slide into a thousand years of darkness - the Ultimate Weapon will destroy America. Death before dishonor!
  36. 8. Free pick! Choose any of the above, or some other place entirely, as long as it's somewhere within the continental United States of America, the greatest nation on Earth.
  38. ---
  40. Perks: discount grants 50%.
  42. The President Spirit (free): the Metal Wolf Chaos soundtrack. You know the drill - plays on demand, turns on and off at your leisure.
  44. Revolution X 100 CP (free Jumper): for whatever reason your enemies have a thing for imprisoning your favorite bands (or other artists, if you'd prefer). Rescuing them is a good way to get autographs and impromptu guitar riffs. But if you leave them alone, they will be dead, and it'll be all your fault. BE SAD.
  46. If It Were Destroyed 200 CP (discount Jumper): a very specific form of charisma. You're innately gifted at convincing people to not care about property damage, even to their personal belongings or cultural heritage. Sure, you spend ten years building that convention center, but that explosion was hella cool!
  48. Enchanted Arms 600 CP (discount Jumper): either Michael Wilson or Richard Hawk (choose one) becomes a viable option in your favorite summoning system, e.g. if you ran through FF7 you receive Metal Wolf Materia. They'll drop in from above, howl the name of your nemesis at the top of his lungs (whether or not they're present), alpha strike, then leave. Yes, this works in this Jump.
  50. Moral Weathervane 100 CP (free Barbas): no one takes it personally when you switch sides. Whether you're a traitor to your country or a mouthpiece of the government, everyone takes your heel-turns in stride.
  52. Expense Account 100 CP (discount Barbas): a card on which you can charge taxi rides, chartered flights, train tickets, hotel rooms and meals. Always good in any Jump and doesn't run out, but only works on coach-class accommodations and only covers one guest. For 200 CP this upgrades to business-class accommodations, chartered cars, and four guests. For 300 CP this upgrades to first-class accommodations, limo rides, penthouse suites, and a dozen guests.
  54. Government Policy Promotion Department 300 CP (discount Barbas): any Jump's primo news network constantly issues press releases with sexy editing that spins anything you do in the best possible light. Good for swaying public opinion over time, or at least sending the message that you can do whatever you like.
  56. Graydar 100 CP (free Richard): you can tell at a glance who hasn't been drinking the kool-aid. You might have to butter them up, hire them, bribe them or threaten them into submission, but you'll always know who CAN be bought - and cheaply, too.
  58. Fight House 300 CP (discount Richard): upgrade the monument of your choice into a stationary boss fight with armor plating, turrets, artillery, sandbags, minefields, trenches, and reinforced exteriors. One monument per Jump; it's already in place when the Jump starts and therefore must be declared up front. That shit don't come in flat-packs.
  60. Instant Coup 600 CP (discount Richard): troops, helicopters, tanks, choppers, security checkpoints, poorly-defended radar towers. Consists of defectors from whatever constitutes the military in a given Jump. Loyal to your justice, will overpower any force without a named character, will always lose to any named character. Good for securing people and places not protected by plot armor.
  62. Insurance Fraud 100 CP (free Michael): you can blow stuff up with zero fear of harming anyone. This includes shooting handcuffs off wrists, raking jail cells with heavy machinegun fire to blow out the walls, blowing up power plants without endangering the workers, etc. Yes, you can disable it on demand, you psycho.
  64. Golden Age 200 CP (discount Michael): anytime you help a STEM researcher in trouble, they'll have a research report relevant to your interests, either on hand or somewhere you can easily access. If there's a project you've been working on they might as well have been on your payroll for months.
  66. How Do You Like Me Now 600 CP (discount Michael): alpha strike, salvo, death from above - whatever you call it, you're good at it. Your devastating super-attack with like ten minutes of cooldown just got devastating-er.
  68. ---
  70. Gifts: discounts grant 50%.
  72. Scale Weapons: weapons that scale to your needs, whether they be giant siege cannons in your mecha hands, conventional firearms in your bare hands, or tiny airsoft guns in your stupid baby hands. They don't magically change size but their design adapts irrationally well at any scale. You receive each loadout at human-scale, any scale needed for extra vehicles you pick up in this Jump, and the blueprints needed to make more.
  74. Standard Light 100 CP (free Richard, free Michael): handgun, shotgun, machine gun, assault rifle, flamethrower.
  76. Standard Heavy 100 CP (discount Richard): rocket launcher, grenade launcher, sniper rifle, railgun, micromissile pod.
  78. Advanced Light 200 CP (discount Michael): burst prefix, flame prefix, chaff prefix, long-ranged prefix, explosive prefix, armor-piercing prefix, deployable turret prefix.
  80. Advanced Heavy 200 CP (discount Jumper): homing prefix, harpoon prefix, minelayer prefix, flak prefix, MIRV prefix, shock prefix, junk launcher prefix, portable prefix.
  82. Desk Pop-arazzi 200 CP (discount Barbas): nothing up front, but you start this Jump with an in-depth analysis of where the weapons and their blueprints live, including some hitherto unknown designs such as shark launchers and bubble blasters. They're scattered about - have fun chasing them down.
  84. Cavalry: technicals that follow you around. Cavalry has no plot armor but, if destroyed, another one shows up after a few minutes. None of them can stand up to a real mecha or act as a one-man army. Comes with a personable operator, who is competent and loyal but not otherwise remarkable, and will happily turn over the keys on request.
  86. M-1 Abrams 200 CP (discount Jumper): the pride of the United States military. I never thought they would join the fight! Can you really put a price on having your own tank?
  88. Black Hawk helicopter 200 CP (discount Jumper): also the pride of the United States Military. Hellfire missiles are the gift that keeps on giving.
  90. Chopper Backup 100 CP (discount Barbas): a noncombatant helicopter follows you around at all times, either to stream your activities on Twitch or keep you posted on traffic conditions. Paper-fragile.
  92. Valet Parking 100 CP (discount Barbas): your very own limousine. Follows you around, but surely you'd rather it give you a lift? Mundane but super comfortable.
  94. Power Armor 200 CP (discount Richard): ten feet tall, glowing red eyes, segmented armor and a free scale assault rifle. Grants enhanced strength and jet-assisted jump maneuvers.
  96. Flame of Justice 600 CP (discount Richard): a personal mobile ops suit. Comes with free standard Heavy weapons, shoulder pods, force fields, space-rated, jet-assisted mobility and extending arms, alpha strike mode, and a concealed advanced railgun in the chest.
  98. Air Force One 200 CP (discount Michael): your own 747. Has a command room, sleeps you and your retinue, and always gets priority landing clearance. It probably has defensive countermeasures including but not limited to: flares, chaff, a bulletproof hull, rocket-powered escape capsule, JATOs, and rear deck skydiving access. Defensive measures scale to counteract the conventional arms of any Jump you're in, and the 747 becomes a zeppelin or airship if needed.
  100. Metal Wolf 600 CP (discount Michael): a personal mobile ops suit. Comes with free standard Light and advanced Light weapons, shoulder pods capable of housing your full armory and swapping out on demand, a force field, is rated for space, jet-assisted mobility and extending arms, and an alpha strike mode.
  102. Boss Rush: no discounts for these. It's the order they show up in the game and should give you an idea of how tough they are; 400 CP lightweights, 600 CP bruisers, 800 CP giants, and the 1000 CP final boss. 800 CP is when the game genuinely gets hard unless you've been grinding gear.
  104. Dorsey Heavy Assault Tank 400 CP
  105. Heavy Assault Helicopter Castina 400 CP
  106. Optical Camo Special Armor 600 CP
  107. Super Heavy Assault Helifortress Olijawon 600 CP
  108. Brigadier General Command Cruiser 600 CP
  109. Super Heavy Mecha Casparaitis 800 CP
  110. Super Heavy Tank Warner 800 CP
  111. Ultimate Weapon 1000 CP
  113. ---
  115. Companions (no discounts)
  117. If you pick up Metal Wolf or Flame of Justice, for 200 CP more you can pick up Michael Wilson or Richard Hawk as a companion, respectively. Assuming they survive the Jump they're both gifted politicians, war veterans, capable of overthrowing and/or restoring democracy, and superb mecha pilots. Both are overconfident blowhards and won't take well to playing second fiddle, so, y'know, have fun with that.
  119. If you pick up Valet Parking, for 200 CP more you can pick up Jody Crawford as a companion. Assuming she survives the Jump (and she likely will, she's a behind-the-scenes character until her inevitable kidnapping) she's got on-the-job experience as a secretary and personal assistant to heads of state and acting as overwatch for military maneuvers. She's also a bit of a sociopath; she's relentlessly talkative and cheerful, even in the face of genocide.
  121. Buying any Cavalry above gives you the option of importing a Companion for the operator role at no additional cost. They gain the appropriate identity and expertise in operating/maintaining their vehicle. For 100 CP apiece you can elevate their skills to top-tier levels, putting them head and shoulders above anyone else operating a similar vehicle.
  123. ---
  125. Drawbacks: maximum 600 CP. Unless you want more. I'm a pastebin, not your confessor.
  127. The President Spirit Within (+0): now the soundtrack can't be turned off. The playlist giveth, and the playlist taketh away.
  129. Because I'm- (+100): how do you know if someone's the President of the United States? Don't worry, they'll tell you. You have a pathological need to dramatically identify yourself as a part of every conversation, even to someone you've known for years.
  131. Metal Wolf Adventures (+100): you are now 8 years old. You stumbled onto whatever toys you've got out of sheer dumb luck; this is now a plucky kid's coming-of-age story, and no one will take you seriously for the rest of the Jump. Go home, kid!
  133. No English Port (+100): while everyone speaks english, all signs and instructions are in moon runes. Not Japanese, because you might know how to read that; moon runes, which you don't know how to read and I don't care what Perks you brought in from other Jumps. Get used to trial-and-error.
  135. B.O.B. (+200): anytime you enter a combat zone, some asshole has set up a Doomsday clock. Whether it's time bombs, slow-release canisters of poison gas, a giant electromagnetic cannon being charged or a ICBM missile counting down to launch, you need to do something about it or innocents will die. Even if you survive and kick the boss's ass people will still be sad at you.
  137. The True MWC Starts Here (+200): no companions, no Warehouse, no gifts or perks you didn't acquire locally. Good luck!
  139. Astroturf (+200): the resistance is all enemy spies. All of them. There are no loyalists and you're on your own. If you go Team Richard, then your coup was a huge failure and you're universally known as public enemy number one.
  141. Crossfire (+300): how did you do that? Michael Wilson and Richard Hawk have set aside their differences solely for the purposes of destroying YOU. The coup d'etat, the resistance, and the military forces of the United States of America are now united and aimed like a gun at your head. Believe in your own justice!
  143. Ninja Blade (+300): Michael Wilson isn't just the President of the United States of America anymore, he's the head of GUIDE, Global United Infestation Detection and Elimination. Alpha-worm infestation is spreading across the world. Team Michael has ninjas, but Team Richard has Ourobouros. Good luck with that.
  145. Merry Christmas (+300): You failed to stop the superweapon. This is now The Road. Most mecha have broken down or run out of juice, including anything you bought. Same goes for weapons and ammunition. You can have one handgun and 1d8 bullets.
  147. No Fate But What We Make (+600): the combo for True MWC Starts Here and Merry Christmas. Take both and you get a 100 CP bonus, but... it won't be a good time.
  149. ---
  151. Endings
  153. The password is ______
  155. We Love Richard Hawk - stay forever.
  157. No More Metal Wolf - keep going.
  159. Overflowing Love and Benevolence - go home.
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