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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. [16:19:32] xernn: i'm still shook that i can't say two cuss words without fear of demotion
  2. [16:20:12] %pablo: you can it's just ME being scared
  3. [16:20:32] %pablo: i dont want like fucking star to take it the wrong way
  4. [16:20:37] %pablo: it's not rlly demotion
  5. [16:20:39] %pablo: it's moreso
  6. [16:20:42] %pablo: i feel like star is gonna be all like
  7. [16:20:50] %pablo: jamie is so hostile!!! if we ever bring u up for driver
  8. [16:21:05] xernn: was it star who brought it up last time then
  9. [16:21:09] xernn: because i can't stand that bitch smh
  10. [16:21:51] %pablo: NEITHER CAN I
  11. [16:22:01] %pablo: and yeah im pretty sure
  12. [16:22:06] %pablo: rage cant stand him either
  13. [16:22:08] %pablo: idt viv can either
  14. [16:22:12] %pablo: he's so fuckin annoying to work with
  15. [16:22:16] %pablo: you'll see if/when ur promoted
  16. [16:23:14] xernn: demote him ugh
  17. [16:23:16] xernn: he's like whimper
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