[XI]: Quadira Khouri.

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  1. `NAME`: Quadira Khouri
  2. `ALIAS`: Kiki
  3. `AGE`: 10
  4. `GENDER`: Female
  5. `AFFILIATION`: Student.
  6. `BIRTH PLACE`: Tikrit, Iraq
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. `POWERS`:
  10. +-+[Technokinesis]+-+
  11. User can create, shape and manipulate technology and technological constructs, computers, robots, hardware and other devices that can be termed as "technology." Manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows mental interface with computer data. User can control the flow/manipulate of regular machinery, and assemble or disengage their programming at will and operate most simple technology at distance. A variation of Electricity Manipulation, they control specific electrons and instructs them which items to engage or disengage and may be able to use the electric impulses to gently control smaller metal parts. Kiki in particular is able to actually communicate with them like she would a normal person to allow certain commands to occur.
  12. The user can scan anything and analyze the data and information that is gathered, including not just technological and digital subjects, but also subjects that are biological, chemical, etc.
  13. ------------------
  14. [Can’t control purely mechanical objects which possess no electronic or ferrous components.
  15. Usually requires close proximity to the object being manipulated.
  16. May be weakened by users who can nullify technological powers.
  17. May not manipulate the technological device if it's broken, damaged or too old.
  18. Cannot manipulate/disengage intricate machinery. Currently, the most she could be able to disengage/manipulate include phones, computers, tablets, fridges etc. Currently, nothing such as a robot, as most she could do with that is chat with them or other pieces of intricate machinery.
  19. Computers have feelings, and she's quite empathetic.
  20. Can be overrun by emotions.
  21. Sometimes may get out of control.
  22. Not yet being very fluent in English, English codes may take a bit longer to understand.]
  24. +-+[Technological Possession]+-+
  25. User can transcend the physical form and exist within technology (such as computers and robots). If one should possess this ability, they may be able to switch robotic avatars at will or be immortal so long as there is a technological host to control. However, Kiki is able to control devices without necessarily having to live in them.
  26. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. [Can’t control purely mechanical objects which possess no electronic or ferrous components.
  28. Left powerless away from modern society.
  29. Maybe the user can only transfer his/her mind leaving his/her body behind.
  30. Cannot possess more complicated machinery such as robots, AI's, smart computers etc.
  31. Only can possess the machinery listed in the limitations for 'Technokinesis.'
  32. Human form is very vulnerable if existing within a device as she has no control over it.]
  34. +-+[Data Blast]+-+
  35. User can release data over a specific target area causing great damage and/or delivering great shock waves of pure force. Currently, the user can deliver a blast of 20 tons. However, the user is also able to use the data to form a shield, which can also endure blasts of up to 20 tons.
  36. ----------------------------------------
  37. [Generally unrefined and in-discriminating.
  38. Longer blasts used in rapid succession will tire user out quickly.
  39. Being previously weakened will lower the amount user could put out in energy.
  40. Relies a bit on one's mana.]
  42. {Sub-Powers}
  44. +-+[Physical Restoration]+-+
  45. The user can repair and return any broken or damaged non-living object to its optimal state no matter how long it has been broken or how damaged it was. This ability extends to even repairing any wounds that the user has suffered.
  46. [Currently, can only repair simply devices as listed above in limits for 'Technokinesis.'
  47. Can only be used on non-living objects.
  48. Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user and their power's natural limits.
  49. Larger or more complicated objects may take longer and/or more power to repair.
  50. May have a limit to how many/big objects can be repaired.
  51. May have a limit to how extensive damage can be repaired.
  52. Severity of wound.]
  54. `SKILLS`:
  55. + Skilled Dancer
  56. + Fluent in Arabic
  57. + Extensive Knowledge in Biology
  60. - Pure Gold
  61. - Physical Trauma
  62. - Still quite young
  63. - Pure Golden Beryllium
  64. - Doesn't know how to swim
  65. - Adamantium dipped in her own blood, and lodged in tailbone
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