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  1. **__WHAT IS POWER?__**
  2. Power is an online radio station which is 24/7. We provide daily music and amazing tunes from old to new.
  4. At Power, we're accepting of everyone, from anywhere, all across the world. We work together and we strive for the best. We provide daily entertainment to your ears through music, to anyone around the world.
  6. **We're looking for**:
  7. 🗲 Radio DJs
  8. 🗲 News Reporters
  9. 🗲 Head DJs
  10. 🗲 Moderators
  11. 🗲 Managers
  13. It is thanks to you, the audience, that Power can be what it is today. Whether you're a listener, and a reader, a DJ or a Reporter, we are grateful to everyone that has, and are sticking by us on our journey.
  15. We hope to see you there, and watch us grow into the thriving community we try to be.
  17. **Link:**
  18. **Discord:**
  19. [ @everyone ]
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