Global SF.Tours IV Grand Finals Rules

Jul 10th, 2020
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  1. SF.Tours Grand Finals Rules
  4. ✖BladeMail
  5. ✖Dagon
  6. ✖Euls Scepter of Divinity
  7. ✖Armlet of Mordiggian
  8. ✖Infused Raindrops
  11. ☛ Two players from each respective section will be Selected for GRAND FINALS.
  12. ☛ Grand Finals will be best of 3 with top 8 players.
  13. ☛ Each player will have rights to choose the hostbot for 1 Single Game
  14. ☛ If incase game goes to third round Events.Staff will choose the hostbot.
  15. ☛ Multi Accounting will Lead to Permanent BAN
  16. ☛ Sharing Account is Prohibited as well. IP will be traced if necessary.
  17. ☛ Neutral Farming is Prohibited (-noneutrals command must be used by blue/sentinel player to avoid conflicts)
  18. ☛ Remake after first blood or 1 tower is absolutely not ALLOWED!
  19. ☛ An exception can be made if the player want to make first Blood as Disconnects . Other than that Remake can be made only for once for each player.
  20. ☛ Finals will be best of 5
  21. ☛ Be Mannered
  22. ☛ The first player to get 3kills or 2towers will be declared as the winner for Grand Finals
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