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New Experiment For BRT

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May 20th, 2019
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  1. Idea: We remove figures entirely, remove their passive boosts, and instead we make it possible for everyone to app for certain things. Like you can app for the ability to open a garganta (if you wanna go down evil alignment path) or you can app for the ability to make kidouless shinigami (which is also cool.)
  3. As for missing a Captain Commander? Make him an NPC. Laws are Simple: Don't trust anyone with powers that isn't a Shinigami/Gotei member. Purify all hollows within the living realm. Do not share your powers with humans or other species. Do not kill other members of the Gotei or betray the laws of the Gotei. Obey higher ranking members.
  5. Captain rank and such would also be appable once you hit a certain BL.
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