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  1. Reply from Founder of Dead Rock Grave,
  3. 1st image is magnum. Magnum caused several problems over the follwing reasons: wanted more and more power which I would not give him. Paid money for servers that where in his own idea not mine nor in a community vote. Often having an argument for everything and left after taking money claiming to need it for site upkeep which was not done. I planned to repay money he spent on the community (which he did volluntarily without being told of repayment beforehand) when I recieved enough, but after the insident with taking my money and leaving Im not going to reward it.
  5. Second picture is Mr Nick speakin with Dermersus. I don't know where dermersus got his information but only 2 of my admins have ever donated after already being apart of the staff. several other donators who have given up to 50$+ have not recieved any sort of staff position.
  7. 3rd picture is again MR Nick with stratt. We did not know this person nor his true intensions of finding information about our plans to expand. The fact that he came from IG and seemed persistent to get information on what we where doing made him very evident that he was most likely a spy. (obviously our hunches where correct).
  9. The people in my community are a close circle at the moment and I have no intentions of creating such a "fake goal" and decieving the people that trust me to lead them. Almost every cent I can gather goes to the benifit of the community instead of something silly like a ping pong table. I am friends with Gustavgr yes and I'm very familiar with his "shitty dark rp edits" from which you not only stole the idea from, but I also know how advanced it is compared to 1942. So im not sure what that makes your gamemode... However I don't know why your assuming we are involved with them. The community we are taking on as our own is under wraps and frankly non of your business. I don't believe that this thread was in "good intentions" towards DR due to the nature and tone of the post itself and the "evidence" put forward. If we get scammed we get scammed. However chat logs and everything has been recorded and evidence showing that such transactions have occurred so if we do get "scammed" we have plenty of evidence to dispute a payment if necessary. I also trust the owner of FC and I don't believe he would run off with our money.
  11. Also continuing to hide posts and ban users for posting information on the subject makes me disbelieve said intentions of this thread.
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