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Mar 19th, 2011
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  2. [19/03/2011]
  3. 17:43 [Cruyvvers]: Greetings Bruunwarrior, this is Game Master Cruyvvers, I'm taking care of your petition today, do you have a moment?
  4. 17:43 [Bruunwarrior]: Sure
  5. 17:43 [Cruyvvers]: Hey there I received your petition about your warrior :D
  6. 17:43 [Bruunwarrior]: Yes
  7. 17:44 [Cruyvvers]: It is indeed odd Bruunwarrior, personally I play Arms Warrior as well and I did not notice anything like this. I will have a look to see if there's something wrong, but yeah there should be no talent that gives you a "flat" % of critical chance ^^
  8. 17:44 [Bruunwarrior]: well, i just noticed it while checking out other stats, like 44% seemed way off, but i wasnt able for force the "buff" to occur
  9. 17:45 [Bruunwarrior]: it seemed to come at 3 stacks of slaughter and then having something else proc
  10. 17:45 [Cruyvvers]: Yeah. I suspect that it is either a bug in the character sheet or in what the buff "modifies" of it. However I fear that it is not a real percentage ^^
  11. 17:45 [Bruunwarrior]: like taste for blood
  12. 17:45 [Bruunwarrior]: Nah i believe if it was real, some1 else would have pointed it out long ago
  13. 17:46 [Bruunwarrior]: just wanted to mention it, if it actually did alter other stats than the flat damage increase
  14. 17:46 [Cruyvvers]: Indeed ^^ Also is quite difficult to discern this as a Arms warrior as there are plenty of talent that buff critical chance on specific moves (almost all of them :p )
  15. 17:47 [Cruyvvers]: But yes we will ivnestigate to see if something is causing this odd behaviour of the character sheet
  16. 17:47 [Bruunwarrior]: that's nice =)
  17. 17:47 [Cruyvvers]: Can I do anything else for you? :)
  18. 17:48 [Bruunwarrior]: actually yes =S is there a way to avoid the constant guild invites? I'm currently leveling an alt that isnt in a guild, and every hour or so, some random person invites me to a guild
  19. 17:48 [Cruyvvers]: :/ well not really I think. probably putting people in ignore should work
  20. 17:49 [Cruyvvers]: There is probably an add on out there though that do what you are asking for.
  21. 17:49 [Bruunwarrior]: well, it just seems like such a small thing to go find an addon for, but I might go search
  22. 17:50 [Bruunwarrior]: but thanks for your time =)
  23. 17:50 [Cruyvvers]: Yeah at the moment I do not see any option to auto decline guild invite ;( Sorry
  24. 17:50 [Cruyvvers]: Thank you for your time and patience Bruunwarrior. Thanks for the report and have a nice and pleasant evening from now on /wave
  25. 17:50 [Bruunwarrior]: you too =D
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