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  1. Ability to change the composition of blood slightly and silently within' sight. Can force a positive on blood tests, if the mutant sees the blood being drawn. (|None|)
  3. Ability to silently transmit a mark into the bloodstream of a target if the mutant touches their wounds/vicinity around their wounds. Can be placed in food. Makes 'mutant tests' against the target return the results they would for a mutant regardless of if they are or not. Don't eat that snickers. Lasts 72 hours. (|Wounded| |Touch|)
  5. Ability to lessen oxygen in the targets blood with persistant touch, causing confusion and fatigue after a few seconds. Touch must be held to continue effects. Cannot incapacitate or kill on its own. (|Wounded| |Persistent Touch|)
  7. Ability to provide oxygen to the targets blood with persistant touch, keeping them alive when their lungs are gone, and able to operate when breathing is impaired. Touch must be held to continue effects. (|Wounded| |Persistent Touch|)
  9. Ability to burst enclosed but transparent bloodbags by sight, coating those near with the blood inside. (|None|)
  11. Ability to draw blood out of a target corpse, draining it forcibly in 10m/5m/2m/1m/30s/10s/2s.If an empty bloodbag is present, the blood can be transferred into it by holding it in the same hand. (|Persistent Touch|)
  13. Ability to create a sharp, hardened blood formation out of a targets wounds. Stops bleeding from that wound, but is very overt. Can be moulded into all sorts of shapes, such as blades. Touch is only required for the first level. (|Casualties||Mass Casualties|)
  15. Ability to accelerate bleeding from all wounds on a target with touch/touch/touch/sight. Persists for 0s/60s/until treated/until treated. 3x and 6x faster bleedout apply at |Warcrimes| and |Genocide| level.  (|None||Wounded||Casualties||Mass Casualties|)
  17. Ability to make all blood in the current area release a pungent smell of iron - basically just making it smell worse. The more blood, the worse it gets. At higher levels, will be the only thing anyone can smell in the area.
  19. Ability to conjure 1/1/2/3/6 small clouds with thousands of small razor sharp fragments of hardened blood. Lasts for 3s/10s/30s/1m/4m  seconds These levitate amongst the air and move to command. If you see this you should really put some goggles on and start firing in bursts. Starting from |Mass Casualties| these clouds can be sacrificed to stop bullets to a 1:1 ratio. (|Casualties||Mass Casualties||Bloodbath||Warcrimes||Genocide|)
  21. Ability to identify people if they've seen them without a disguise previously, and been within' two meters of them while they were wounded. tl;dr the mutant can identify you by your blood the same a person would your face or voice. Plays into detection via blood.
  23. Ability to passively ignore moderate/major/debilitating/all pain. (|None||Wounded||Casualties||Mass Casualties|)
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