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Jul 16th, 2017
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  1. Disclaimer: Most of this stuff was just shit at the bottom of the old pastebin. It made it way too long and convoluted and most of this is easily searchable on either of the Wikis, or is completely outdated, but they're here in case anybody still wants to read them.
  3. - Free Repairs
  4. If your equipment gets broken for whatever reason (Corrosive Spam, Acid Bugs, etc) and you have the DLC/SotFS, you don't need to panic.
  5. Just head into Shulva (Poison area after the Rotten) near the area you raise a bridge of platforms to reach a Bonfire, from the ladder you use to go up and cross said bridge, face right and look slightly down, there's a cave in the opposite wall with a switch to the side that raises a platform so you can cross.
  6. At the end of this cave is a creepy looking tree, turns out he's into BDSM, and there's a Whip nearby just for that, so give him a little tickle, and he'll thank you by repairing all your equipped items by a little bit, it works for everything you have equipped, is totally free and you don't even need the stats to use the whip.
  7. Be careful though, the first two hits will repair items, the third will kill him and you'll have to go back to a bonfire to respawn him (he also follows the regular enemy spawning rules, kill him 12 times and you'll need to Ascetic the area or join CoC to bring him back) so if you have a lot of items to repair you might want to head back to a bonfire so he can rest a little.
  9. - "What's this wierd symbol under my Stamina Bar, looks like an Invasion Orb with a Line through it?"
  10. Finally, a simple one, It's the Human Effigy effect, the SotFS patch made it activate after you kill bosses, you can turn it off at the Bonefire for that area, look for "Disable Human Effigy Effect."
  12. - Mopping up for NG+
  13. This stuff is all optional, but if you don't know what you might have missed this should help a bit.
  14. = Kill all NPCs and purchase their armor from the Merchant Hag Melentia at Majula
  15. = Kill Licia of Lindelt using the Crushed Eye Orb from the Undead Crypt
  16. = Buy all items that are obtainable only in limited quantity:
  17. = Human Effigies
  18. = Bonfire Ascetics
  19. = Brightbugs
  20. = Buy/Farm all upgrade materials that you think you'll need in NG+ (you can get Dragon Boners and Twinklies in Shulva by Asceticing the Tower of Prayer Bonfire, there's a Pumpkin along the way if you're not playing a Scholar version of the game)
  21. = Buy all Boss Weapons, Armor, and Spells while you still can
  22. = Farm all the enemies that drop items that you want, join CoC to prevent Despawn
  23. = Learn all gestures from NPCs
  24. = Kill the Ancient Dragon, Darklurker, and any other optional bosses you may have missed
  25. = Collect all Giant Souls and kill Vendrick:
  26. = Memory of Orro (After the Pursuer, just past the nest warp the the Bastille)
  27. = Memory of Vammar (Near Pate's spwan, to the Right from the exploding barrel area)
  28. = Memory of Jeigh (after the King's Door, where you fight the Giant Lord)
  29. = The two giants located under Black Gulch
  30. = The Ancient Dragon
  31. = Obtain Vendrick's soul and armor in Shrine of Amana (hug the left ledge after the second bonfire, must be human)
  32. >DLCs/Scholar of the Whatever
  33. = Clear and loot each DLC and buy the Boss' Armor sets from the merchant in Iron Keep
  34. = Collect all 3 Crowns, turn in Crowns to Vendrick in the memory for super powers, give up super powers on quest for more power
  35. = Chat up Aldia at his locations (last Primal bonfire you lit/Gutter, Undead Crypt and Dragon Shrine) and at least kill Vendrick to be able to fight Aldia after Nashandra (she has to be alive before you kill vendrick, you can Ascetic if you want to respawn her but you'll have to run the gauntlet again)
  36. = Farm 50 Loyce Souls to Get Alsana's Soul and Buy the Ivory King's Set from Magerold
  38. - "What's With This Delay on KB&M?/Why Are the Keyboard Controls so Shit?"
  39. DaS2 adds a delay on mouseclicks, this is so you can use double clicks for strong attacks/parries, but (obviously there's a but, didn't you expect a butt?) it's generally bad all round, and it doesn't even go away when you set the double click to "off" in the menu, also that sets itself back on when you reload the game.
  40. Keyboard keys don't have this delay, so the obvious solution is using an external program to assign mousebuttons to keyboard keys, AHK is pretty simple, and someone spoonfed me a bunch of stuff for it so I don't have to do any real work.
  41. >Time for More Link Spam
  42. Keyboard: http://a.pomf.se/lexcit.png
  43. Mouse: http://a.pomf.se/hytwvg.jpg
  44. AHK Script: http://pastebin.com/PJJnjqnF
  46. In game configuration:
  47. http://a.pomf.se/ivcjaj.jpg
  48. http://a.pomf.se/evrlug.jpg
  49. http://a.pomf.se/tiwzzq.jpg
  50. http://a.pomf.se/txicfa.jpg
  51. http://a.pomf.se/czlfry.jpg
  52. http://a.pomf.se/qpewbo.jpg
  53. http://a.pomf.se/gqbugc.jpg
  55. Bear in mind this is just meant as a base, you can (and probably should) adapt it any way you like to better fit your preferences, or it'll work as is if you don't know how to edit the scripts/don't care enough to bother.
  57. - What SL range is the "meta"? And where do I stop my SM gain?
  58. >"Meta" Level
  59. It's generally accepted (at least in /dsg/) that 150 is a pretty terrible meta, it heavily favors minmaxed nopoise light weapon users and leaves heavier characters out to dry, depending on the build and your playstyle you should really pick the level range for yourself, here's a quick breakdown:
  60. 150 is alright for low investment, usually min stats to use a single weapon, light gear strongly recommended, you can make more complex builds but RoBFlynned Dex Weapons are king.
  61. 175 is comfy for heavier investment like Hybrids and Poise-y UGS builds, you can make a shitty 40/40 fairly easily and still have room for a bit of equip burden, decent stamina and HP, it's a nice relaxed level, you have a few points to throw around but you can't be too silly.
  62. 200 is Relaxed as fuck, you can make pretty much anything you want, use any Spear or Halberd with decent Dark scaling and a few Att slots? Sure. This is the Level range for build that need a LOT of investment, for example Hexers or "weapon master" builds, for a regular build it's very relaxed, this is where the "build" argument starts to fall apart though, many people will argue you can do too much, there's no sacrifice, but that's up to you to decide.
  63. Over 200 is where the big boys play, it's not a place for the faint of heart, but if you can keep up with it I hear it's pretty fun.
  64. >Soul Memory
  65. This varies from build to build and player to player, you can stop as soon as you have everything you need, save up a few thousand for consumables, go all the way to the top of the tier you're in or beyond. You might find if you stop too early many opponents are underleveled/underequipped, or that the meta is complete shit, if this is the case then theres' nothing stopping you gonig into the next tier and forgetting those nerds.
  67. - Wellager
  68. I'm putting him here because he's "special" He can't be killed, isn't effected by Ascetics, and he sells both the Pre-order items, and some Covenant based Rewards.
  69. If you want your hands on the Pre-order items (the Bound Wooden Shield, Transgressor's Staff etc) then you need to beat the Mirror Knight. (or is it Looking Ass Knight? I can never remember) Anyway, he sells those items once you beat the big mirror dude.
  70. If you're after the Covenant Rewards the easy way (see below for the other way to get them) you need to play through the game twice, (you need to be in legit NG++ and reach him, burning pumpkins won't cut it) then and only then will he sell the Chaos Fireball, Wrath of the Gods and Bountiful Sunlight for Spells, and the Crescent Sickle, Curved Twinblade and Spirit Tree Shield for Equipment.
  72. - Coventant Info
  73. >Bell Keepers
  74. The mad bastard's Covenant.
  75. These guys hang out at the Belfries (where else, right?)
  76. Join this one if you're after multi-way Free-for-Alls between the Host, up to 2 Grey Spirits, Invading Red or Blue players, a possible summon on the Host's side and the Enemies in the level. (in the Belfry areas you can only summon one white Phantom or Shade, to leave an extra spot for invaders)
  77. The Host's goal is to ring the bell and make it to the exit Fog, any Invading players are trying to stop that at all costs, expect no mercy.
  78. Rewards for defeating a Grey invader or A Host as a Grey include any 1 of the following:
  79. Titanite Chunk (~95% chance)
  80. Titanite Slab (~1% chance)
  81. Twinkling Titanite (~1% chance)
  82. Petrified Dragon Bone (~1% chance)
  83. Additionally killing a Host as a Grey gains you a rank in the Covenant.
  84. Rewards are as follows:
  85. 0 Kills - Bell Keeper's Seal - Wear this to invade as a Grey Spirit, it will prefer the belfry you're closest to, Luna for the Bastille, Sol for Iron Keep
  86. 10 Kills - 10 Rusted Coins - Not a great reward considering you can farm them from the Belfry Midg- People of Reduced Stature, but nice nonetheless
  87. 30 Kills - Hidden Weapon (Sorcery) - This is the only place you can get this, making it necessary if you want to get the all the Achievements
  88. 100 Kills - Bell Keeper Set - Not the Best looking, or most useful, it's mostly just to show off you got the rank, or to look silly
  90. >Blue Sentinels
  91. The Protector's Covenant.
  92. Join this one if you want to Protect helpless hosts from Red invaders, or to hunt down and punish sinners.
  93. This one's a bit weird, since it has 3 different PvP options:
  94. Wear the Guardian Seal to Cockblock invaders and Gank alongside the host, you can only harm the invading spirit though, nothing else, killing the invader nets you a point towards rank.
  95. Use Cracked Blue Eye Orbs to invade players with the "Sinner" or "Wretch" status, players with the "Wretch" status can pull you across the map, to whichever location they're in, Sinners will only be available if you're in the same area, kills net you a point towards rank.
  96. Spend a Token of Fidelity (a reward for White sign Co-Op or for defeating a Red invader as a summoned Blue) to fight in the arena against other Sentinels, wins will net you a CBEO and another point towards rank.
  97. Rewards are as follows:
  98. 0 Kills - Guardian's Seal - Wear this to be summoned to the world of Way of Blue members in need, it's pretty rare even at low SM though, good luck.
  99. 50 Kills - Spirit Tree Shield + a special Aura when you're a Blue Phantom - The Shield isn't much, Spell Parry, fairly low Resistances, it's only really useful for Fashion, The Aura though, this is your Badge of Honour, show it proudly.
  100. 150 Kills - Wrath of the Gods (Miracle) + Aura rank up - WoG is pretty strong, it's a big AOE with Lightning damage, and to the inexperienced player it looks like a heal, very good - If the last Aura was a Badge of Honour this one is a Royal Commendation, your Purple Heart.
  101. 500 Kills - Bountiful Sunlight (Miracle) + Targray's Set - Bountiful Sunlight is a large AOE regen, it's good to cast before you and a few buddies take on a tough boss, it heals as much as a fully upgraded Estus over ~2 minutes - Targray's Set isn't the best, It's better than the Bell keeper gear, but I'm not too sure about the Fashion on this one, still worth a look and I've seen it used in some interesting ways.
  103. >Brotherhood of Blood
  104. The Serial Killer's Covenant.
  105. Blood is your business, you kill for pleasure, invade and hunt Hosts, Murder other "Brothers" in the Arena, or place a Red Sign to kill willing Hosts and slaughter others for a crowd.
  106. Watch out for those pesky Blues though, they're out to spoil your fun, you get +2 points towards rank if you can show them who's boss.
  107. You mainly gain Ranks from fighting in the Arena, every win nets you a point, every loss takes one away.
  108. Rewards are as follows:
  109. 0 Kills - Crest of Blood + Access to the Blood Arena - The Crest isn't anything Special, +50 Bleed to your weapons, good for bleed builds but it's not why you're here - The Arena is the Main PvP spot for a lot of players, Kneel in front of a statue and be wary of tough battle ahead.
  110. 50 Kills - Curved Twinblade + Aura added when you're a Red Phantom - Curved Twinblade is pretty useless, low damage, bleed, and it's a twinblade, use it if you want, but again, it's probably not why you're here - Aura rank up, speaks for itself doesn't it? You're prettier now, think of it as being bathed in the blood of your kills, show it proudly, you earned it... Right?
  111. 150 Kills - Crescent Sicle + Aura Rank up - Oh boy, another nearly useless weapon, a Reaper with Magic Damage! Great, I'll just add this to the pile of complete junk I've been handed for being good at killing shall I? - Aura again, prettier once more, not sure where the white came from, crystallized salt maybe.
  112. 500 Kills - Great Chaos Fireball (Pyromancy) + Nahr Alma Hood and Robes - This is why you're here right? What's that, you're not a Pyromancer? Huh, shame, this is pretty good. Back to killing I guess - Robes with Spider legs and a Hood which doesn't match anything, these will cause you to absorb more souls from your kills and they don't get in the way of your killing so it doesn't matter, nothing matters, everything is meaningless except killing... MORE BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD
  114. >Rat King
  115. The Dungeon Master's Covenant.
  116. They call the Rat Burrows home, prove your might to their King and he might allow you to serve him.
  117. Join this one to call in unwilling adventurers to face your house of traps, kills get you Lockstones, Lockstones open more traps, It's a cycle of death that only ends when you say so.
  118. Kills net you a point towards rank, a Lockstone and a Smooth and Silky Stone, Adventurers receive the same rewards, as a sign of trust from the Rat King.
  119. Rewards are as follows:
  120. 0 Kills - Crest of the Rat - +50 Poison to your weapons, can make you very dangerous if you're using poisons
  121. 10 Kills - 10 Small Smooth and Silky Stones - Not much use, you could trade them to the Crows, but you already get the larger type for kills, now you get more
  122. 20 Kills - 10 Smooth and Silky Stones - Again, more stones for your amusement or Trading
  123. 35 Kills - Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring - A Ring that silences your Footsteps, maybe useful for a Rat, but Humans are too large for its effect to be noticeable
  125. >Dragon Remnants
  126. The Duelist's Covenant.
  127. Join this one if you're after a Clean, 1v1 fight with a host, no other phantoms, both sides can heal, it's about as fair as it can be.
  128. Every fight you win from either side will earn you a Dragon Scale, hand these in to Magerold of Lanafir in the Iron King's Keep to gain ranks.
  129. Upon being summoned you will spawn where the sign was placed, and Estus will be enabled, of course your personal honour comes in here but most would appreciate if you didn't heal until your Opponent does, as some feel healing takes away from the fight.
  130. Rewards are as follows:
  131. 0 Scales - Dragon Eye + Ancient Dragon Seal - The Dragon Eye is how you connect with others to fight, it has a wide range for summoning, Hosts can't see the sign if they have phantoms already in the world, and they can't summon any more once they do - The Seal make your Estus heal more per swig, as much as each upgrade and can take it over the normal maximum
  132. 10 Scales - Dragon Head Stone - Using this item equips the Black Dragon Helm, using the Stone with the Head equipped causes you to spit gouts of flame out of your Mouth at the cost of stamina, the Helm cannot be removed but will disappear from your inventory upon death
  133. 20 Scales - Dragon Torso Stone - Using this will Equip the Whole Black Dragon Set, Using the Stone will cause you to roar, knocking opponents back and giving you a small boost to Stamina Regeneration, You can also use the Head Stone to Breate fire in this form, As with the Helm the Armour cannot be removed but will vanish upon death
  134. 30 Scales - Black Dragon Greatsword - The BDGS is a powerful Greatsword with no Scaling and low Stat requirements, all of its damage comes from the base damage, making it an excellent candidate for Raw Infusion
  136. >Way of Blue
  137. The Coward's Covenant.
  138. Join this one if you're afraid of the dangers out there, or to pit Red and Blue against each other, for Rank and Glory.
  139. When invaded Blue Sentinels will attempt to come to your aid, to fight off the invader, successfully defending yourself against an invading Spirit will gain you a point towards Rank.
  140. Rewards are as follows:
  141. 0 Kills - Blue Seal - Increases HP by 3%, a great option for early in your adventure, it means you can take bigger hits and fall further without dying, very simple, but very effective
  142. 1 Kill - Bloodbite Ring - By facing against those who seek your blood, you gain the strength to resist being bled in future, the ring will bolster your defences against bleed by 150 Points
  143. 5 Kills - Hush (Sorcery) - A spell to help avoid detection, but at this point do you need it? Muffles Footsteps, but like the Ring it isn't very effective
  144. 10 Kills - Blue Tearstone Ring - "Reacts when the wearer is in danger, temporarily increasing its wearer's defense." Now that sounds more like it, a Ring to protect you when you can't protect yourself, it won't stop you being killed, but it gives you a fighting chance when others would have given up
  146. >Company of Champions
  147. The Masochist's Covenant.
  148. Join this one if you want more challenge, you'll be facing it alone, and everything will hit harder, take less damage, but don't fret, the Rewards will help you greatly.
  149. You can't summon any help, and Enemies will have increased defences and damage, also while you're in the Covenant regular enemies won't despawn after 12 kills, useful for farming items, Killing invading Spirits and certain strong opponents will net you Awestones, turn these in to the monolith in Majula to rank up.
  150. Rewards are as follows:
  151. 0 Awestones - Champion's Tablet - Allows you to see the top ranked members of the covenant, and how much they have offered, to give you a goal to strive for
  152. 10 Awestones - Great Magic Weapon (Sorcery) - A spell to buff your Weapon, allows you to more closely match what the world throws at you, doesn't the word "Great" feel good? A hint of what your endeavors could become
  153. 25 Awestones - First Dragon Ring - A ring to boost your Physical abilities, boosts your Health, Stamina and Equipment Burden, not as strong as later versions but still effective, You're beginning to stand out, to define yourself, even the Dragons would respect you
  154. 50 Awestones -Vanquisher's Seal - Turns your bare Fists into Weapons, finally you hit as hard as the world hits you, continue forth, brave Vanquisher
  156. >Pilgrims of Dark
  157. The Self-Seeker's Covenant.
  158. There are mysterious platforms scattered around the world, perhaps someone can teach you how to use them if you prove yourself to him?
  159. Join this one if you want to overcome the darkness and learn to wield it to your benefit.
  160. You'll be bringing light to the darkness, exploring caves filled with strong opponents, conquering the darkness and opening the way forward.
  161. You'll gain Ranks as you complete these challenges, but be aware; you're not alone, other spirits can enter the chasm with you to help, or to hinder your progress, but don't let them fool you, there are no friends here and everything must be laid to rest before you can proceed.
  162. Rewards are as follows:
  163. Find all 3 Chasm Entrances - Abyss Seal Ring - This ring empowers your Hexes, but you haven't mastered the Dark yet, it wall take a part of you in trade, be careful it doesn't consume you
  164. Clear + Light your first Chasm - Resonant Soul (Hex) - A powerful blast of Dark, takes a small number of souls to cause more damage, many casts, the way to the Dark is opening for you
  165. Clear + Light all 3 Chasms - Great Resonant Soul (Hex) - A stronger blast of Dark, consumes more souls for much more damage, best saved for particularly tough enemies, used correctly you'll find nothing can stand in your way
  166. Defeat the Darklurker - Climax (Hex) + Xanthous Set - The ultimate Dark attack, this Hex will destroy all but the most resilient foe, consumes all your souls for Massive damage, but who needs souls, when you hold such power? - A ragged set of yellow Robes, similar to those in an ancient tale, where did they come from? Who is this "Xanthous King" and why does his Crown cover his eyes? Perhaps in the end, he was just as mad as you are now
  167. In addition once you have conquered the dark your covenant is sealed, you may return at any time, perhaps there is something you missed? Or will you seek out fledgling explorers to prevent them ending up the same as you?
  169. >Heirs of the Sun
  170. The Fanser- Co-Operator's Covenant.
  171. Join this one if you want to lay down a Gold Sign (remember those?) to help those looking for a friend, help them overcome the obstacles in their path and you'll be rewarded with Sun Medals (eh, you remember those don't you?) which can be offered to the Statue for Ranks (hey it's just like that other thing)
  172. Rewards are as follows:
  173. 0 Medals - Sun Seal - This will boost the power of your offensive Miracles by a small amount
  174. 10 Medals - Sunlight Parma - A light Shield with mediocre defences, if you want to show your devotion then this is the shield for you, although you'll probably get more than a few funny looks
  175. 20 Medals - Sun Sword - A simple, strong blade for your efforts, doesn't seem to be especially powerful, but in the hands of a master even the simplest of tools will shine
  176. 30 Medals - Sunlight Spear - Sun.Light.Spear. If that doesn't speak for itself then I don't know what to add, it's the best lightning shooty there is, what do you want from me? Go shoot fucking sunlight at stuff
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