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20 Questions About.....Nice Ice.

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  2. Formerly known as Mettaur Man, Nice is sorta kinda a little bit new around the Prototype, and is overall is someone you'd wanna sit down and have a glass of [insert your favorite non-alcoholic drink here] with, but, has already acquired a tiiiiiny bit of a reputation for [like me] being an opinionated fella.
  4. He was also VERY requested for me to do an interview with, and since he's already in the Top 25, We might as well see just how Nice Ice is.
  7. Community Q's:
  9. Q1. "Why the name Nice Ice?" [TheDoc]
  10. Nice: "Because Ice Man is a nice guy, and I just wanted something to rhyme with Ice, cause you all know I'm not nice by now."
  12. Q2. "Why do you like megaman" [TheDoc]
  13. Nice: "Why does it appeal to me? It all starts in the X collection for the gamecube. The various mavericks and weapons, dashing, the charge shot, the amount of enemy's, and for the classic, the weapons and the jumping and shooting we all do! And of course spamming metal blade and other OP weapons. It just plain appeals man, the concept, the design, the enemys, the personalitys, I LOVE IT DAMMIT."
  15. Q3. "Whats your favorite Megaman Game?" [TheDoc]
  16. Nice: "I Will just put in each series here.... For classic its MM8, because screw you, I liked there being no e-tanks, and the more challenging gameplay...and the shoot em up bits, and those sliding bits, and that somewhat annoying puzzle maze. For the X a lot of you would expect X4 but no, its X3, while I do dislike not being able to play as zero, I just love the weapons more then X4 for odd reasons, same with the armor, and the mavericks and the ride armor, I Just love it okay. For battle network...I'm not sure, like, I played them all yet I have no favorites. I Dunno, I would probably put in MMBN5 for there being the choice of being with proto or colonel and the dual souls, and the cust menu, and whatever else was there. And for starforce, its starforce 3, Why I dunno why this is my favorite, its probably because its the only one I beat ever, though I did dislike the idea of Luna, A real life person in the game made of flesh like everyone else, being split apart, if it actually happened she would be a bunch of flesh and blood and intestines."
  18. Q4. "What do you think of Ice Man" [TheDoc]
  19. Nice: "A Cute little cinnamon roll who has dual personalitys, also a awesome eskimo climbing mount everest. I Wanna kiss him so much."
  21. Q5. "Ice Man's neat and all, but be honest; Cut Man's a gazillion times better, right?" [MegaBossMan]
  22. Nice: "I Will cut you, with my ice slasher, and this popsicle. I Guess cut man is cool, pun making weirdo, though he is a giant hazard to any beings of flesh around him. Not to mention he is a idiot and he gets WRECKED EASILY. Plus Ice Man can do some kind of floaty thing while he shoots ice slashers in mid air....like really what is ice man doing there. Then again ice man is pretty cold to the touch and his ice cream has frozen somebody's tongue off..."
  24. Q6. "How did you get introduced to the megaman franchise?" [MegaBossMan]
  25. Nice: "With the gamecube version of both megaman collections....and x7. Don't forget X7. X7 Was crap and megaboy needs to play that crap and see how it was and how MMX9 will be if they take that approach again. Or capcom will bathe in money and make no more megaman, that too."
  27. Q7. "What creation from this community, from roleplays to comics to fanfics or whatever, do you happen to enjoy?" [MegaBossMan]
  28. Nice: "Roleplays. Mostly roleplays. The roleplay games are what keep me going. I Made mega-lo-mania and now I am looking for people to help me manage it. Like really please spots are open to help me. Someone please help. And I was extremely shot down when the four emblems thing and lab defense were shot down. Please can someone just have the time to devote the time to one. Adrian's mansion is wonderful by the way. And I love the 20 questions which is what I am doing right now."
  30. Q8. "So, why is your name on Steam "ColdHearted"?" [ThatOneEnderMan]
  31. Nice: "Because ColdHearted is truly what I am. I am a cold hearted little jerk of a eskimo man. Who plays video games and chills."
  33. Q9. "Speaking of Canada...How is it there?" [ThatOneEnderMan]
  34. Nice: "Its pretty great. Sun is bright, its cold just how I like it, there are no terrible halloween clown murders...just sunny and snowy. Pretty great out here."
  36. Q10. "Despite being Canadian...Um...Why are you pretty much the opposite of the "Super nice 'Eying'" person?" [ThatOneEnderMan]
  37. Nice: "I Was a antisocial person and people in school are total arse's to me. I only have one friend I actually talk to, also anxiety, I was a shut in. Is that enough to explain that? Also I think saying hey in that way is just strange to me."
  39. Q11. I still remember how your original MMRPG name was "MettaurMan". Why'd you change from that? :P
  40. Nice: "Well. The picket man was my favorite ENEMY. Ice Man was my favorite ROBOT MASTER. I Just wanted a step up, though I will still use Mettaur Man in roleplays and such."
  42. Q12. What are the WORST games from each series that you've played, IYO?
  43. Nice: "Well then. Here we go now. For the classic megaman, Megaman 2, the weapons were boring to me and metal blade ruined it, also to many spikes, though I still love crash man, he was my sprite for my old account. And now we move on to MMBN... Its MMBN 4, I just never liked the pacing of the game, it just bored me, also the dark weapons rekt the "first boss", I just found the pacing to be slow, and I overall prefer the others. Megaman legends has two games....so its MML1, the controls felt more weird then the second game, I was confused easily for some reason, and the bosses get on my nerves, also it kinda scared me for some reason, eep. Megaman X series, its MMX and its awesome, except for X7, cause its X7, its bosses include a union, the weapons are YAWNNNNN, and axl ruined it with auto targeting, I still love Axl in X8 and as a character though. Megaman Starforce? MMS2, it felt like the weird one of the bunch, but I still like it. ZX advent is cool, I disliked it being less maze like though. Megaman Zero 3 is my least favorite, just...I can't describe why, I just feel hindered by it without being able to level up my weapons, and to powerful with the cyber elf dimension place, and with my wall jump and weapons at the beginning, I DON'T KNOW WHYYY."
  45. Q13. How'd you find the MMRPG Prototype?
  46. Nice: "One day I discovered Megaman RPG's on Newgrounds, including the AMAZING Megaman X RPG chapter 0-1, because now its cancelled cause the owner went to war and never went back, and while looking up more megaman rpg's, I discovered this, and this is my new account where I already knew of it and played it, and that was my old account back then."
  48. Q14. If it were up to you, the next 20 Q's subject would be.....?
  49. Nice: "SSJ2. Wanna hear about this other stupid studios guy."
  51. Q15. What MM games have you played [yes, all of them].
  52. Nice: "Most of them. Excluding the stupid Megaman X-over, that racing game spin-off, and Megaman Strategy. And of course MMBN 4.5, and MMBN star operation or whatever it was called. Also those megaman strategy game things for the ds and crap."
  54. Q16. Besides the MM universe, what other VG's do you play, nowadays?
  55. Nice: "Mario RPGs, Fallout games including 1 and 2, skyrim, Shellshock Live, Terraria, and rpg maker games that actually have original graphics and designs and such. Also dragon quest."
  57. Q17. How do you feel about the recent Prototype update concerning Star Force mechanics?
  58. Nice: "I Don't care. One itty bit. I Never was one for grinding starforce ...though I might when the full game comes out."
  60. Q18. There's not the much about you in your profile. Tell us 5 things we DON'T know about you, pleaseandthankyou?
  61. Nice: "Fine.
  62. 1. I May or may not have a crush on one of the MMRPG prototypers, yes, that might mean you mikey.
  63. 2. I Need multiple people to keep a project up, like mega-lo-mania (PLEASE SOMEONE BECOME A MOD OR SOMETHING FOR IT.) because it's just hard alone, PLZ HELP.
  64. 3. I Am a game-a-holic, I have a PS1 PS2 and a ps4 this christmas, a gamecube, wii, wii u (trash), and a N64, Nintendo 3ds, and gameboy advance, and the xbox one (kinda trash)
  65. 4. I Want to burn everyone's hopes and dreams about the xbox one, because I regret getting it, HARDLY ANY SPACE ON IT DAMMIT.
  66. 5. Pillows are my best friend, I love sleep."
  68. Q19. There's not the much about you in your profile. Tell us 5 MORE things we DON'T know about you, pleaseandthankyou?
  69. Nice: "Omg even more srsly.
  70. 6. I Am going to start watching the walking dead.
  71. 7. The megaman classic collection and MMX collection were my first games.
  72. 8. I Hate legacy collection, having seen that fangames and others can do better, and also that CLASSIC COLLECTION HAS MORE CONTENT, but that's just my opinion.
  73. 9. I Played maplestory a lot back then, I mean A LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Try it you people who are reading this.
  74. 10. I Played a different MMO back then, I had a group of friends on it, I ended up forgetting everything I made on it, and I really miss that experience and I wanna relive it."
  76. Q20. How nice are you? Really? :P
  77. Nice: "Not really, I am cold hearted after all, though I still would share my food with you I guess. And play video games with you, and share video games with you, and other crap."
  80. .....so underneath all that Ice, he IS Nice. Now, you know. Special thanks to Nice Ice for his assistance in providing this very good interview.
  81. Additional thanks go out to MegaBossMan, ThatOneEnderMan and TheDoc for their really good suggestions, as well.
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