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11B-X-1371 video - possible religious reference

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Oct 19th, 2015
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  1. Hi, I like to keep myself informed of various things, so I stumbled upon this video.
  3. As you know, the spectrogram with the vampire skull has numbers on the left side. Those numbers are:
  5. 120 406 846
  6. 181 777 224
  7. 010 888 929
  8. 999 666 141
  10. 000 000 928
  11. 464 55 371
  12. 067 465 877
  13. 344
  15. - These can be viewed as Hebrew gematria values and converted to text. The resulting text says - in this order - that the strong/perfect messiah is born/has come, that he is in the encampment, is Jewish, in wildernes, isolated, hidden and that he is an apostate of Israel. The latter part of the text speaks of worshipping idols in the house of God or possibly the messiah staying in the house of God in the Edom wilderness among the filth/idol worshippers. People who know more about these things should look into it; I'm just an amateur.
  17. - The video was posted on 4chan on quite the notable date: Victory day, 9th May. You will recall that this year's Victory day was filled with unusual tension, with pressure applied to nations to not send their representatives to Russian military parade. The official reason given was the annexation of Crimea. To well informed people, that day looked like a beginning of the formation of alliances.
  19. - The small face shown in the bottom of the video in one of the frames at 1:15 looks like a dead and/or tortured rhesus monkey. In other frames, it somewhat looks like a skull. In either case, there's a face there. Right now, if some disease that targets rhesus positive people breaks out, the remaining rhesus negative population would be 1 billion or less - allegedly an optimal number for everyone to enjoy prosperity on Earth.
  21. - On the theory that this video is a viral promo - I don't think so. Snuff images encoded in the sound are so realistic and convincing that it would be unprofessional to include them in a mere piece of entertainment. I lived through war, I know suffering, I can feel it in these images. There's a really bad vibe coming out of them. Look at the half-closed eyes of the woman being strangled. Look at the pose of the tortured woman in the shower/bathroom. Look at the blood. Look at the surroundings. Snuff movies exist and can be accessed on the dark web. My intuition tells me that we are looking at the real shit here, real suffering.
  23. As for Dan Brown, he shoots for mass markets, not for select group of freaks and hardcore slasher fans.
  25. The video is extremely sophisticated. Much effort was made to make it ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to pin down the location where it was recorded. I didn't even noticed any birds flying around.
  27. In my opinion, there are two possibilities:
  29. 1. This video is a sick invitation to a snuff party that got leaked by a whistleblower in hope that Anonymous would decode it and do something about it. "RED LISPLIFE (or LIPSLIKE) TENTH" text frome the Morse code might be a codename for the snuff party location (those locations are often called Red rooms). The White House coordinates from the video actually point at the location of the real Red Room in the White House, where presidents hold "small dinner parties".
  31. 2. A religious warning. Hints that this is entirely possible: current world situation, inclusion of the phrase "We are the antivirus", publication on the Victory day and religious symbolism throughout the video. I also think "Floaty" parts and frames are not artistic effect, but reference embracing your spiritual side. I'm not going to elaborate on this, because people who are going to seriously analyze this video have already embraced their spiritual side.
  33. In both of these cases, the authors needed to provide evidence that they are the real deal and that they know who they are targeting - hence the obviously real snuff pictures.
  35. Take care and good luck.
  37. P.S. I'm not going to answer questions, I did my part.
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