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  1. Hello Sharon,
  3. I am also aware about the on-going search for a new Country Manager for Japan.
  5. Our team have already prepared a shortlist of 3 active candidates which you might be interested in. If FocusCore is selected to assist with the search, then we will of course put more of our team on it and be able to produce more candidates for you. For your information, we have already placed 3 Country Managers in the logistics industry in Japan.
  8. Candidate #1
  9. Senior Manager at Medical Device Company with background in a 3PL company
  10. Current Salary: 22M
  11. Reason for job search: Feels he has hit a wall and cannot progress any further in current company, and wants an executive leadership position
  12. Key Skills and Achievements:
  13. -Key leader in Senior Management in SCM, leading 30 in the SCM department
  14. -Successfully completed building AutoStore in the distribution center, acted as project manager which enable us to increase warehouse capacity of 35% and increased operational efficiency of 20 -first project of its kind completed in Medical Device and Pharma industry in Japan
  15. -Achieved JPY 37M of distribution cost, having a collaborative VIP initiative with 3PL.
  18. Candidate #2
  19. Osaka Branch Manager
  20. Current Salary: 15M
  21. Reason for job search: After an acquisition, his role will be made redundant
  22. Key Skills and Achievements:
  23. -Currently, Osaka Branch Manager, responsible for 20 staff and has full responsibilities.  Reports to the Japan Country Head
  24. -Previously was North-East Asia Sales Director with UTi
  25. -Registered Customs Clearance licenses
  26. -Advanced English
  29. Candidate #3
  30. Senior Executive with proven track record in logistics & SCM
  31. Current Salary: 34M
  32. Reason for job search: Simon was based in Japan for over 12+ years.
  33. Has permanent resident status in Japan.  Recently was promoted to Head of Western Europe but his heart is in Japan
  34. Key Skills and Achievements:
  35. - Well established senior executive in Japan
  36. - Turned around the business in Japan
  37. - Improved sales revenue by 37% between 2017 and 2019
  38. - Improved operating profit by 22% through tight (but mutually beneficial) sub-contractor cost optimization and product mix improvement
  39. - Improved service quality to customers. Inbound transit time reduced by 1 day through opening own Airport operation and reduce customs inspection levels
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