MadPack 2 Beta 11 Changelog

Jan 11th, 2015
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  1. Beta 11 Changelog - ETA: Unknown - -
  2. This file have last been edited: 30 January
  4. New world is REQUIRED
  6. Beta 11 Changelog:
  8. Added Maze Dimension Mod
  9. - Travel to a new dimension when you have beaten all the quest in MadPack 2
  10. - Do you like LuckyBlocks?... Well that dimension loves them :P
  11. - Everyone gets a luckyblock! HYPE
  13. Added BetterAnvil-
  15. Updated Chisel2-
  16. - Tons of new blocks and bug fixes
  17. - Write "Chisel" without "" in NEI to see all the new blocks
  18. - Bug fixes
  20. Updated magicalcrops-4.0.0_BETA_13a
  21. - removes monster spawning from crops
  22. - a new gem for sword, speed gem added
  23. - makes the sword act like a rapier, the faster you click you more you can hit an enemy.
  25. Updated fastcraft-1.16
  26. - faster chunk loading (mostly for servers)
  27. - minor startup time optimization
  28. - version checker notifying about updates
  29. - much faster chunk rendering (caching)
  30. - slightly optimized path finding (ai)
  31. - minor world gen related rendering tweaks
  32. - ColoredLights compatibility
  34. Updated HQM-The Journey (4.2.2)
  35. - Fixed : Rendering issue + involved crashes. Items SHOULD show up properly now.
  36. - Fixed : Quests requiring a reputation to complete properly
  37. - Added : Kill Tasks for reputation.
  39. Updated LycanitesMobsComplete [1.7.10]
  40. - New Shadow Mob Added: Chupacabra
  41. - New Freshwater Mob Added: Strider
  42. - New Item Added: Chupacabra Treat
  43. - New Items Added: Chupacabra Meat and Blood Chili
  44. - New Spawn Type Added: Underground (used by Chupacabra only for now)
  45. - New Effect Implemented: Leeching - This buff will heal you for all the damage you deal, Cooked Chupacabra Meat and Blood Chili grant this buff.
  46. - New Config Section Added: Dungeon Loot Enabled has been added to the main general config, in this section you can turn the dungeon loot generation for different dungeon chest types.
  47. - Improvement: Tamed/Summoned Mobs will no only play their random idle sounds every 30+ seconds instead of the default every 4+ settings, this should stop pets from being annoying!
  48. - Improvement: All flying mobs now have a step height of 1 block, this might help them in some cases where they get stuck if flying too low. Once flight pathfinding is available this wont be as necessary.
  49. - Improvement: Chupacabra can now be tamed!
  50. - Improvement: Zephyr no longer have a random change of creating a lightning strike when spawning, sorry about that headphone users!
  51. - Improvement: By default the Lunar spawn type will no longer ignore dimensions this should stop Epions from spawning in the Nether, I recommend changing this config value or resetting your configs if you use the default.
  52. - Improvement: When a minion, pet, familiar, etc kills a mob, the owner will now always get credit for the kill. This should work for PvP, scoring and hopefully other mods too!
  53. - Improvement: The sizes of all familiars have been reduced slightly to keep them out of the way and make them more recognizable from enemy mobs. I'll be adding a set of collar textures in the future which can be colored and applied to familiars, minions, pets and mounts.
  54. - Improvement: The key binding names in the Controls menu can now be localized.
  55. - Bug Fix: There was a major config issue where setting the dimension white/blacklist mode on a per mob basis was being ignored and the group dimension white/blacklist mode was being wrongly used instead, this is fixed now and should fix some spawning dimension issues that people have been having with the config.
  56. - Bug Fix: Large mobs with a height greater than 3.9 were unable to target anything which is why mobs such as the Trent didn't attack unless hit first most of the time.
  57. - Bug Fix: Fixed a crash caused by activating a disabled event (either by command or by loading a game with the event already active).
  58. - Bug Fix: Fixed a rare crash caused by the land spawn type asking modded blocks if they had a solid top or bottom surface, instead the crash is prevented and mobs are simply prevented from spawning on the block.
  59. - Bug Fix: Players who are feared or picked up by Rocs/Raiko will no longer be immune to falling damage for a while and will no longer by able to actually fly in some cases!
  60. - Bug Fix: The crafting recipe for Blood Chili should now work.
  61. - Bug Fix: Tools from other mods such as Tinkers Construct should now deal
  62. additional damage to mobs that are weak to certain types of tools such
  63. as using a Pickaxe against a Geonach. A big thanks to TheOldOne822!
  64. - Bug Fix: The Khalk should now attack water and ice group mobs.
  65. - Bug Fix: The Frostweaver should now attack fire group mobs.
  66. - Bug Fix: Yales should now breed their fur colors correctly (such as red + yellow = orange or white + white = white).
  67. - Bug Fix: The Pure Lava Bucket is now registered as a fluid container, this should fixed a compatibility issue with other mods where it could not be emptied from fluid storage tanks, etc.
  68. - Bug Fix: Fixed the melee attack range of Geists and Skylus.
  69. - Bug Fix: The Crop Spawn Type (Spriggan Spawner) should now spawn mobs from breaking vines.
  70. - Balancing: The attack damage, rate and leeching amount of the Chupacabra have all been lowered!
  71. - Balancing: Lowered the maximum spawn height used by the underground spawner (which spawns Chupacabra) was 0-64, is now 0-56.
  72. - Balancing: Tweaked some more mob bounding boxes.
  73. - Balancing: Chupacabras will no longer spread fire when burning.
  75. Updated TConstruct-1.7.10-1.8.2a
  76. - IMC for bow and arrow materials
  77. - UBC support (thanks Glassmaker!)
  78. - Full localization
  79. - Necrotic modifier only heals when hitting stuff that is alive
  80. - Up to 2 Thaumometers can now be added to the goggles. 1 makes nodes visible, 2 turns them into goggles of revealing. (Not documented in the books)
  81. - Slab pattern chests now also keep their inventory
  82. - Complete rework of projectiles and ranged weapons
  83. - New Weaponry book containing all the info for the new stuff (probably not complete, but should contain everything you need to know)
  84. - New stuff is missing textures for Netherrack, Ardite, Flint etc
  85. - Tons of damage
  86. - Shooting your friends never was this fun
  87. - Standard Tinker Weapons can be used with Battlegear again
  88. - Fix moss on javelins sometimes removing ammo
  89. - Fix Daggers returning arrows
  90. - Fix stone-crossbow-bodies giving extra modifier
  91. - Smeltery module shoudl now be deactivatable
  92. - Prevent some crashes with outdated mods
  93. - Toggling the belt after death doesn't crash anymore. Still causes inventory desyncs.
  94. - Some compatibility fixes for Iguana Tinker Tweaks
  95. - No more player resizing. This time for real.
  96. - Fix some cross-mod behaviours with Blue Slimes/King Slime
  97. - Small cross-mod fix that changes stone-harvest tool when chisel is present
  98. - Fix slimy grass being harvestable without silktouch
  99. - Render colored liquids correctly in the smelteries and tanks
  100. - Fix liquid blue slime not being recognized as liquid
  101. - Describe the Flux Modifier changes from last patch in the books
  102. - NEK integration
  103. - Fix some other mods not recognizing tinker tools as the proper tools (pick/axe/...)
  104. - Fix a crash that could occur when draining a castning basin or table
  105. - Several other fixes you probably wont even notice ;)
  106. - Fix Smite/Antispider not giving any bonus damage!
  107. - Fix items taken from drying racks or casting table/basins or oreberries sometimes not showing up in the inventory
  108. - Fix some tools messing up boss-health rendering
  109. - Some graphical/text fixes
  110. - Fix crashes when trying to craft bows/crossbows with materials that don't support it
  111. - Some fixes when TinkerSmeltery is disabled
  112. - Some more crash fixes and preventions
  114. Updated Jonbams streaming pack (Resourcepack)
  115. - Fixed rename derp in lycanites
  116. - Changed moon phase textures
  117. - EnderIO SAG mill renamed to SWAG mill
  118. - Renamed autonomous activator
  119. - Slightly tweaked watering can texture
  120. - Added mazemod texture
  121. - Most likely other stuff JarnoVH have forgot to mention
  123. Updated trollore-1.7.10_1.6.
  124. - Fix naming issue
  126. New setup/design of the Quest
  127. Added a Battletower quest
  128. Made balance changes to paxel
  129. Made balance changes to Bronze armor
  130. Moved dragon quest to be the last one, and changed the reward to the maze portal
  131. Removed Jonbams Xmas streaming pack
  132. Removed Witchery
  133. Removed QuarryPlus
  134. Removed the Asmodi from the Wither (But added something new)
  135. Disabled recipe for the teleporter to get to the Maze dimension (Only way is to get it from quest reward)
  136. Decreased the amount of tin and copper in the world.
  137. Geist can no longer become infernal
  138. Added Pinkys to the Anether Mission
  139. Removed Lord Of Torment Quest
  140. Removed Leonard Quest
  141. Removed Magicalcrops Infusion stones quest
  142. Added 5 new quest
  143. More text done by the amazing
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