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  1. Compliment ,
  3. I am Mr. Abel Gunneys, an officer in charge of auditing and account section with a bank here in Ghana. It is my pleasure to seek for your business assistance.
  5. in 2010, one mr Stephen mcintosh who has the same surname as yours and who has your country in his file as his place of orgin, made a fixed deposit values at $7,150,000.00 with our bank . unfortunately, while on a business trip, he died in deadly earthquake that occurred on march 11, 2011 in sendai japan that killed many people. He was in Japan in a business trip and that was how he met his end.
  7. I hereby write in regards to this effects to have you stand as the rightful beneficiary to late Mr Stephen so that the funds will be claimed by you. Contact me in this email address( me your email address for easy communication.
  9. regards
  10. Abel Gunneys.
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