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  1. ICE
  2. kinkystar21 has joined the chat
  3. sweetsoulbro: Good evening.
  4. kinkystar21: hey
  5. sweetsoulbro: How are you?
  6. kinkystar21: ok i guesss kinda sad
  7. sweetsoulbro: And why are you sad?
  8. kinkystar21: because i got mi credit card stolen
  9. kinkystar21: now i cant get the credz i wanted
  10. sweetsoulbro: Ouch.
  11. kinkystar21: i kno rite
  12. sweetsoulbro: You should be more worried about creds if that was stolen.
  13. kinkystar21: ikr
  14. kinkystar21: they say my new one come next week
  15. sweetsoulbro: What does IKR mean?
  16. sweetsoulbro: People keep saying this to me.
  17. sweetsoulbro: But I'm lost as a motherfucker.
  18. kinkystar21: and i asked everyone if they could get them but they said no ill pay them back
  19. kinkystar21: it means i kno rite
  20. kinkystar21: lol
  21. sweetsoulbro: That's going to drive me insane..
  22. sweetsoulbro: The lack of Punctuation, capitalizaton, and misspelling..
  23. kinkystar21: lol
  24. kinkystar21: sorry
  25. sweetsoulbro: -_- It's fine..just..please..can you keep it to a minimum?
  26. kinkystar21: yes.
  27. kinkystar21: would you please do me a favor?
  28. sweetsoulbro: Sure.
  29. kinkystar21: can you please send me 10,000 credits please ?
  30. sweetsoulbro: Nope.jpg
  31. kinkystar21: when my credit card come i promise to pay them back
  32. sweetsoulbro: Ha. HAHAHAH.
  33. sweetsoulbro: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  34. sweetsoulbro: Oh, that's rich.
  35. sweetsoulbro: No, I'm not going to do that.
  36. kinkystar21: ok.
  37. sweetsoulbro: Now, would you like to know why?
  38. kinkystar21: why?
  39. sweetsoulbro: I'm glad you asked! First reason is that I've literally known you for four minutes.
  40. kinkystar21: ok
  41. sweetsoulbro: Secondly. This is quite obviously a scam it's not even funny. What do you take me for?
  42. sweetsoulbro: ANd I'm abit insulted you'd try and pull such an obvious scam on me.
  43. kinkystar21: ok
  44. sweetsoulbro: Thirdly, I don't even have 10,000 credits to give you, if I /was/ that dumb.
  45. sweetsoulbro: You know what?
  46. sweetsoulbro: I'll give them to you. I'll pull the money out of my bank account.
  47. sweetsoulbro: But I'm going to need a phone number, address, two proofs of government ID, and naked pictures of you.
  48. sweetsoulbro: Timestamped, of course.
  49. kinkystar21: what?
  50. kinkystar21: omg your crazy!
  51. sweetsoulbro: Am I?
  52. kinkystar21: yes
  53. kinkystar21: i said im going to pay you back
  54. kinkystar21: i will give you my email
  55. sweetsoulbro: Email is too disposable.
  56. sweetsoulbro: I'll need something more concrete.
  57. kinkystar21: my number
  58. sweetsoulbro: And address.
  59. kinkystar21: i dont give my adress out
  60. kinkystar21: that is to personal
  61. sweetsoulbro: Giving money is personal for me.
  62. kinkystar21: ok
  63. sweetsoulbro: I'll get by with timestamped naked pictures, though.
  64. kinkystar21: i dont do those but i'll give you my phone number and adress.
  65. sweetsoulbro: Got to give me some incintive.
  66. sweetsoulbro: Alright, I'm listening.
  67. sweetsoulbro: ANd I will be calling these numbers.
  68. kinkystar21kinkystar21 Whisper: ok.
  69. kinkystar21: 678 256 3158
  70. sweetsoulbro: *Chuckels*
  71. sweetsoulbro: That's a fake number.
  72. sweetsoulbro: Want to know how I know?
  73. kinkystar21: no call it
  74. sweetsoulbro: That number is a Georgia Area code.
  75. sweetsoulbro: And it says you're in Louisanna.
  76. kinkystar21: actually im from louisianna
  77. sweetsoulbro: Nope.
  78. kinkystar21: well ok sir that is fine.
  79. sweetsoulbro: I called it. Says the number doesn't exist.
  80. kinkystar21: dont send them i really need them but if you dont want to then fine.
  81. sweetsoulbro: Oh, I'm more willing to
  82. sweetsoulbro: I'm more than*
  83. sweetsoulbro: But I'm going to need some actual verification.
  84. sweetsoulbro: And seeing as how you gave me a fake number.
  85. sweetsoulbro: That's a strike aginst you.
  86. kinkystar21: that number is not fake
  87. kinkystar21: call it again
  88. kinkystar21: ohh sorry
  89. kinkystar21: its 770
  90. kinkystar21: my bad.
  91. kinkystar21: 770 256 3158
  92. sweetsoulbro: Answer the phone.
  93. kinkystar21: sir.
  94. sweetsoulbro: Mail order?
  95. kinkystar21: you are wasting my time
  96. sweetsoulbro: Am I?
  97. sweetsoulbro: I called the number twice.
  98. kinkystar21: if you arent gonna send it just say it.
  99. sweetsoulbro: But I am!
  100. sweetsoulbro: I just need verification!
  101. kinkystar21: heres my adress
  102. sweetsoulbro: I need a number, first.
  103. kinkystar21: 506rustic ridge circle
  104. kinkystar21: lawrenceville swannee
  105. kinkystar21: ga
  106. kinkystar21: are you happy
  107. sweetsoulbro: ...
  108. sweetsoulbro: You've got to be kidding me.
  109. sweetsoulbro: Jenny? Is this you?
  110. sweetsoulbro: Jenny?
  111. kinkystar21: does it say that on my adress
  112. kinkystar21: huh?!
  113. sweetsoulbro: No, I know the person who lives there.
  114. sweetsoulbro: So far, you've given me an address of one of my closest friends, which was just bad luck for you, and a fake number.
  115. sweetsoulbro: Well, a real number, but one that isn't being answered.
  116. kinkystar21: ok.
  117. kinkystar21: you know what
  118. kinkystar21: ?
  119. sweetsoulbro: All I want is some verification.
  120. kinkystar21: do you want me to leave?
  121. sweetsoulbro: Is that too much to ask?
  122. sweetsoulbro: No! I don't.
  123. sweetsoulbro: I want the truth!
  124. kinkystar21: well would you please send them?
  125. sweetsoulbro: I would, if I get your number(One that you'll answer), and your real address.
  126. kinkystar21: you can only have my number
  127. sweetsoulbro: And why not your address?
  128. kinkystar21: because i dont trust giving that out
  129. kinkystar21: .
  130. sweetsoulbro: So you give me a fake address in hopes I won't check? But sure, let me have your number.
  131. kinkystar21: i will answer.
  132. sweetsoulbro: ANd of all the places, you give me Jenny's address.
  133. kinkystar21: do you know jenny pirkle?
  134. sweetsoulbro: Wrong Jenny.
  135. sweetsoulbro: But your number.
  136. kinkystar21: ?
  137. sweetsoulbro: Pirkle isn't her last name.
  138. kinkystar21: holdon please.
  139. sweetsoulbro: Holding!
  140. kinkystar21: 4702166576
  141. kinkystar21: now call
  142. kinkystar21: call!
  143. sweetsoulbro: Give me one second
  144. kinkystar21: ok.
  145. sweetsoulbro: Apple
  146. sweetsoulbro: candystarbrightness!
  147. sweetsoulbro: Winderfulshotgunblower
  148. kinkystar21: so you lied?
  149. sweetsoulbro: Nope.
  150. kinkystar21: its fine.
  151. kinkystar21: dont worry about it i will get some one else to get them.
  152. kinkystar21: since you lied.
  153. sweetsoulbro: If you're so sure I lied, then I'll just put my card awy then.
  154. kinkystar21: ok.
  155. kinkystar21: please get them
  156. sweetsoulbro: No, i'm lying.
  157. kinkystar21: im begging!
  158. sweetsoulbro: You condemed me to a liar.
  159. kinkystar21: are you?
  160. sweetsoulbro: Why would I grant credits to someone who had no faith in me.
  161. sweetsoulbro: Particuarly after all that?
  162. kinkystar21: because you put me through all of those questions
  163. sweetsoulbro: And?
  164. sweetsoulbro: And as I was setting up things to buy, you called me a liar.
  165. sweetsoulbro: I'm insulted.
  166. sweetsoulbro: And hurt.
  167. kinkystar21: im sorry.
  168. sweetsoulbro: Are you really?
  169. kinkystar21: yes.
  170. sweetsoulbro: Well, how can truly know that?
  171. sweetsoulbro: Do you have a camera?
  172. kinkystar21: yes.
  173. kinkystar21: but it is broke.
  174. sweetsoulbro: Take three clothed timestamped pictures
  175. sweetsoulbro: Ah
  176. sweetsoulbro: Oh well.
  177. sweetsoulbro: Guess there's no way for me to get my faith back in you since your camera's broken.
  178. kinkystar21: do do you want pics off my camera?
  179. kinkystar21: computer*
  180. sweetsoulbro: No, I want a timestamped picture of you.
  181. sweetsoulbro: Timestamping is when you write the date and time of what it currently is, when you take the picture.
  182. kinkystar21: i know that.
  183. sweetsoulbro: Ah, alright.
  184. Whispering to
  185. Stop whisper
  186. Send
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