Juniper 6

Feb 11th, 2014
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  1. Your eyes flutter open as the light of the sun spills through the window, rousing you from your pleasant slumber. You immediately move to stretch but stop as you feel a weight stopping you. You frown in confusion, not remembering much of the details of your falling to sleep last night. You don’t remember going with anything big and warm, but there’s definitely warmth on your back, and a soft thing covering your body that doesn’t feel like your blanket. It’s a bit hard to feel out what it might be with your body covered in fur, so you crane your neck to look down.
  3. You freeze as you see a blanket of light green feathers draped over your small body. That… that’s not supposed to be there. Why is there a wing draped over you, and why do you feel so… safe? You’re about to move and investigate further before you feel the large thing behind you shift. Your breath catches in your throat as you feel something wrap around your barrel, hugging you even tighter than before. It doesn’t stop there; you hear some shuffling and then a… something on the back of your neck. Are those lips?
  5. You feel a hot breath on the back of your neck that sends a shiver down your spine. There’s definitely somepony in your bed, but why aren’t you panicking about it? Something tells you that you really should be freaking the fuck out right now, but you feel completely calm. You yawn and snuggle back into whoever it is, smiling contentedly.
  7. “G’morning baby…” you hear Orchid mumble behind you.
  9. Your eyes snap back open and you let out a high pitched yelp, scrambling to the other side of the bed. You turn back to see a very confused looking Spring Orchid. Your bed seems to be a lot bigger than you remember it but you’re too focused on other things to notice right now. You just continue to stare at him, not knowing what to make of the situation. You don’t remember going to bed with Orchid! You don’t feel like he’s out of place for some reason but… you don’t have any memory of the events leading up to it!
  11. “Oh sorry June, were you dreaming or something?” he asks, rubbing the sleep out of his eye with a hoof.
  13. “W-what are you doing here?!” you ask, looking around at your room in a panic. Your room’s not as you remember it either, it seems bigger, and there’s a bunch of new furniture and furniture missing all over the place.
  15. “Umm… why wouldn’t I be here? I live here?” he says, looking at you as if you’ve grown an extra head. He lives here? Oh yeah he… he lives here, doesn’t he? Your immediate reaction is to agree but… you’ve got no memory of him living here before.
  17. “I’m your coltfreind, remember? We’ve been together for ages, June.” He says that as if it’s common knowledge. You glance around at your room, noticing that it’s set up a lot like one shared by a couple. You feel yourself calming down as things start to fall into place. He is your coltfriend! Never mind that you don’t remember how you got this way, not everypony remembers their first dates and stuff right? You smile at him, your pose relaxing.
  19. “Oh, yeah, sorry honey. I must have been dreaming.”
  21. He returns your smile, looking at you lovingly. You think about your plans for today. Wasn’t there that party thing for your birthday or whatever this afternoon? Since you’ve finally gotten out of the hospital you… wait…
  23. Orchid’s voice breaks you out of your trance.
  25. “Hey June,” he says slowly, “I’ve got a little problem and it’d be great if you helped me out before breakfast.” You don’t really know what he means, but the way he speaks sends pleasant shivers up your spine.
  27. Then you see it.
  29. He’s sitting back on the bed with a smug look on his face, the sheet now off his midsection and his stallionhood on full display. It looks like the problem he was talking about is his morning wood. You stare at it in shock, something inside you twitching at the sight of it. Does he want you to suck him off? That’s disgusting! Does he seriously expect you to give him a blowjob right now? That’s… well it -does- look really good…
  31. And this is what couples do right? You don’t know why you had a problem with this before. You give Orchid what you hope is a sultry smile and crawl seductively along the bed toward him. Pretty soon you’re face to face with his horse like cock, breathing in his powerful musk through your nose. Holy fuck it’s big. Are you really about to do this? Something in the back of your mind is telling you that you definitely don’t want to do this, but your body is telling you otherwise. You can feel a warmth spreading from between your legs, and the sensation of wetness from your pussy.
  33. You look up at Orchid, and the loving smile he gives you makes your heart flutter. You lean forward slowly, your heart beating faster the closer you get.
  35. Just before your muzzle reaches the tip of his cock, you hear a loud knocking noise coming from seemingly nowhere. Who’s disturbing you and Orchid? Shouldn’t there be some kind of ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door? You try to ignore it but the knocking just gets louder and louder by the second. Suddenly you’re alone in your bed, still under the covers and groaning as you open your eyes. The knocking is still happening, and you notice that it’s coming from behind the door.
  37. “Juniper! Come on, wake up! It’s already 8!” It’s Serene, and by the sound of it she’s fed up with trying to wake you up. Wait, did she say 8? Jesus, you must have slept in. Ok, so dreams are a LOT more lucid in Equestria. You do your best not to think about the contents of that dream, even with the dull warmth in your crotch trying to remind you constantly.
  39. “Yeah, I’m up, ‘Ri.” You call out to her, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes with your fetlock.
  41. “Alright,” she says, “I’m about to go out to get a few things. Feel free to help yourself to some breakfast!”
  43. Getting out of bed is still a little bit awkward, but you’re getting the hang of your hooves. For the last few mornings you’ve woken up feeling really disconnected from your body, but this morning you feel completely fine. You don’t know if that should be a relief or not.
  45. You quickly make your bed and walk out into the kitchen. You really couldn’t be bothered to make anything, so you decide to pour yourself a bowl of those oats Serene always has in the mornings. When in Rome right?
  47. The oats are actually really nice. They’re strawberry flavored, so not as bland as you expected. It’s a bit weird to be eating them dry, but your new teeth make them easy to grind up.
  49. After finishing breakfast you make your way to the living room and lay back on the couch, crossing your front hooves to obscure the view of your crotch nubs. What the hell are you gonna do today? It’s a bit weird to be over and done with the whole adapting thing, and having life just… go on, as if nothing happened. Maybe Orchid was right, maybe things won’t be that different… I mean, what can’t you do now that you’re a pony that you could do before? You idly levitate a cushion in circles, thinking of what you’re going to do with yourself.
  51. What do you usually do on your days off? Well you usually hang out with Orchid…
  53. Fuck.
  55. You groan and shove your face in the pillow. Why does this shit have to be so fucking convoluted? Ugh, fuck it.
  57. You weren’t going to do anything else. You get up and make your way to the door, levitating your saddlebags onto your back. God damn it magic is fucking awesome. You’ll probably cut down on half the time it usually takes you to do shit. If you use too much it makes your head throb, but that’s happening less as you make your ‘magic muscle’ stronger and stuff.
  59. You tuck the house key away in the outside pocket of your bags and start walking toward Orchid’s place. Shortly after you start, you realise that this is the first time you’ve been outside by yourself, and it’s a really weird feeling. The cobblestone streets of Canterlot are just as busy as they usually are and you’re not getting all those second glances and fearful expressions you usually get from most of the ponies you walk past. Now you’re just a normal everyday unicorn mare. You definitely don’t miss it.
  61. You know the way to Orchid’s place like the back of your… uhh… hoof, and the trip is a little faster with your new quadrupedal stance. Your nerves are getting worse as you get closer to his place, so you try to distract yourself with other things.
  63. After a little while you’re not sure that was such a good idea. More than once you catch the glance of a stallion or two in your direction. It doesn’t take a detective to figure out where they’re looking, and you unconsciously curl your tail downward defensively. The slight sway in your hips is becoming painfully apparent the more self-conscious you get. You can just feel their eyes on you, even though they’re probably not paying you any more attention than they would any other mare.
  65. Luckily you’re not too far from Orchid’s place, and you manage to keep yourself from having a mini panic attack long enough to reach his door. Steeling yourself, you reach up your hoof and knock, ignoring the urge to run and hide in the closest corner you can find.
  67. You hear hoofsteps on the other side of the door, and soon enough you’re face to face with the stallion that’s been causing you so much internal turmoil over the last few days, and you couldn’t be happier to see him. He looks a bit surprised to see you here.
  69. “Oh, hey June. What are you doing here?” He asks, rubbing his eye. He must have just woken up too.
  71. God fucking damn it he’s hot. You know what it feels like to be attracted to someone, and that’s no doubt what this is. It’s exactly the way you used to feel toward chicks back on earth, but… different. Way more intense. Just seeing him standing there sends shivers down your spine.
  73. “Hello? Anypony home?” Orchid asks, a small smirk on his face.
  75. You suddenly realise you’ve just been standing there staring at him, and you scramble to give a response.
  77. “Oh! Uhh… yeah I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for how I’ve acted. I’ve been…” you grimace, “for lack of a better word, a bitch.”
  79. Orchid just shrugs, “it’s fine, I understand. I can’t even imagine how all this feels, so I don’t blame you for flying off the handle. I was a little bit forward.” He holds the same casual tone that he always does. You really didn’t expect this ordeal to be so relaxed.
  81. You’re extremely relieved to know that he’s not upset.
  83. “Can we just keep going how we always have?” You ask, lifting a hoof, “as friends?” It fucking hurts to say that, but you think it’s probably for the best. He’s your best friend for Christ’s sake!
  85. He lifts his hoof and shakes yours, “as friends.”
  87. You feel as if an enormous weight has been lifted from your back. There’s still a strange feeling of longing, but you’re feeling much better now than you were before.
  89. “So I just made coffee. You wanna come in?” he asks, smiling at you.
  91. “Y… uhh yeah! That’d be great!” You have to stop yourself from sounding too eager.
  93. The rest of the afternoon goes on peacefully. You’re able to quell your feelings for long enough to have some normal conversations. You talk about hoofball and work and other stupid things. It passes the time easily, and you’re glad to know that he’s not really treating you any differently than usual.
  95. The coffee is less than great but Orchid’s presence more than makes up for it. You really don’t know what’s so appealing about him. Watching your sexual preference change is a really weird thing. You clearly remember being attracted to human females, but now you don’t get that at all. You just find Orchid extremely attractive. He’s got this masculine energy that you just can’t put your fin… hoof on. The strength to him makes him just… ugh, desirable. It’s really fucking weird.
  97. Despite your intentions otherwise, you’ve more than once found yourself fantasizing about him. You’d run your hooves down his muscular barrel, shivering as he kissed you deeply, you’d finally reach his ha-
  99. “-ello anypony in there? You alright June?” Orchid asks with one eyebrow raised.
  101. You realise you’ve been caught staring again, and your face heats up significantly.
  103. “Y-yeah! Yeah I’m fine, when’s that party start anyway? And who’s place is it at?” You’re not doing a good job at covering up your embarrassment, but you want to change the subject.
  105. “Oh, well it’s at Silver’s place at 14,” he glances at the clock, “speaking of time, It’s about 10. You wanna go get some lunch?”
  107. “I’d love to,” You say with a smile.
  109. Lunch isn’t all that bad. Orchid gets a pile of hay fries, while you decide on a simple garden salad (Which you no longer have to pull the flowers out of). You’d be lying if you said it wasn’t about watching your weight, but it tastes almost as good as the fries anyway, so there’s that excuse. You’re not trying to look good for anyone. Not at all.
  111. Eventually it’s time for you to part ways, and he tells you he’ll see you at the party. You give a quick goodbye and make your way home. Getting things sorted with Orchid has improved your mood significantly. On the way home you notice a familiar stallion walking out of a store. It’s Fine Silk, the tailor. Your expression brightens, and you make your way over to him.
  113. “Hiya Silk. How are you?” You say, giving him a smile. He turns to you, looking a little confused. He just stares at you for a moment, before tilting his head.
  115. “I’m sorry, miss, do I know you?” he says, still looking confused. Oh, yeah. Not everyone knows about the whole change thing do they?
  117. “It’s me, Juniper!”
  119. “I’m sorry m’lady, I don’t believe I know a ‘Juniper’.”
  121. Your eyes widen in realisation.
  123. “No! uhh… y’know, big hairless biped guy! Wore clothes all the time? I got turned into a pony by some ambient magic thing.” You explain.
  125. He’s quiet for a moment, before he connects the dots.
  127. “Oh my goodness! Anon?!” he asks, “I never would have guessed! And a mare too? I remember learning something about that ambient magic thing in school, but I heard it was really rare!”
  129. “Yeah… a mare. Wasn’t my choice, but I’m stuck with it now. I’m sorry, but all those clothes you made for me will go pretty much unused from now on…”
  131. He gives you a look of understanding, “Oh no matter Darling. I enjoyed creating garments for your unique shape. Oh and I’ve had one or two minotaur clients since then, so the experience was quite useful,” He says with a smile. “Oh, what was that you called yourself before? Juniper? I think it’s a wonderful name, and you turned out to be quite the fetching mare, I must say!”
  133. The compliment has you blushing furiously, despite your attempts to shrug it off.
  135. “Th… thanks…” You murmur.
  137. “It’s my pleasure,” he says jovially, “Now, It’s been great catching up my dear, but I have some errands to run. Be sure to drop by the boutique any time you need some garments for formal events and such!”
  139. “Umm… yeah! Yeah, seeya later Silk.” Honestly his compliment caught you off guard. You expected some stallions would do it, but aside from Orchid, no one else has said anything like that to you. It leaves both pleasant, and sickening feelings in your chest.
  141. You finally reach home, and you’re even more mindful of the gaze of other ponies of the opposite gender. You should have expected this would happen, considering how often you looked at girls back on earth, but having it happen to you is a whole different story. You chat with Serene for a little while, discussing your making up with Orchid. She asks if you told him about your feelings, but you tell her you’re not ready for that yet. You’re still trying to hang on to any scrap of masculinity you can find.
  143. Time passes pretty damn slowly, but eventually the time comes around for you to make your way to Silver’s place. You dropped by the liquor store to pick up some of your favourite cider on the way, not that there’ll be a lack of drinks anyway, knowing Silver like you do.
  145. “Identification please miss,” the clerk says in a bored tone. Wait, are you really that small? You had no problem buying booze before! Ugh. It can’t be helped you guess. You show him the required things, and walk out with the bottles in your saddlebags. Serene’s waiting outside, and she fails to hide a smile at your obviously annoyed expression.
  147. “M’not short…” you grumble, causing her to giggle.
  149. ---
  151. The party is pretty fun. There’s a cliché ‘happy birthday bla bla bla’ singsong, accompanied by a cake with the number 15 sitting on the top, but after that it’s drinking and party games, which you couldn’t be happier to partake in.
  153. Silver’s house is pretty damn big. His Mom was an artist. She passed on some of her creativity, and Silver become a famous author, bringing in a hell of a lot of money. In a world with a pretty decent economy, and no TV, authors do pretty well for themselves. You’ve met his mom once or twice. She seemed extremely fascinated with you while you were human, even more so than most other ponies, but she was nice enough all around.
  155. It doesn’t take long for the alcohol to catch up to your smaller liver, and you’re left a little more than ‘pleasantly buzzed’, much to the amusement of your friends.
  157. You talk, you share jokes, and you laugh. You’re actually having a really good time despite all the shit you’ve been through in the past few days. You don’t really remember all that much about that night, but you DO remember something about talking to Orchid and telling him how fucking hot he is.
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