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  1. {"description":"» **Who do I ask?**\n\n┊Owner: <@656879727898001478>.\n┊Admins: <@336540350891950081> or <@621866297105317888>.\n┊Anyone with the <@&673631556367155241> role.\n\n\n\n» **What are the requirements?**\n\nYou must have: \n┊A server that doesn't violate Discord ToS. \n┊A community that isn't overly toxic. (Trolling/bullying etc.)\n┊At least 50 members. (Not including bots)\n\n\n\n» **Can we do ping for ping?**\n\n┊Yes. Ping for ping partners are VIP partners.\n\n\n» **Can we do rep for rep?**\n\n┊Yes. Enquire about it.\n\n\n» **What would cause our partnership to end?**\n\n┊Not following ToS.\n┊Deleting our advertisement. \n┊Not advocating for our server in the right way.\n┊Your rep leaving our server. (If rep for rep)","image":{"url":""},"color":9027557}
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