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rhowaldt May 17th, 2012 21 Never
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  1. it is said
  2. some might say
  3. many people think
  4. it is commonly believed
  5. my mother once told me
  6. i strongly believe
  7. i might dream
  8. i heard somebody say
  9. my dad read in a newspaper somewhere
  10. it was overheard
  11. it is whispered
  12. gossip told me
  13. a friend of my sister told his uncle
  14. a mouse came by and told me
  15. upon translation of certain foreign languages, it was understood
  16. it is understood
  17. it is no metaphor when i say
  18. Philip Newborough once told me
  19. i read in a book somewhere
  20. all over the world it is heard
  21. my brother claimed
  22. yesterday somebody told me
  23. it was written
  24. certain people proclaim
  25. i have come to understand
  26. my neighbour's cat is said to believe
  27. a little birdy told me
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