Samuraimons Meet Inuyasha Fandom

Sep 20th, 2012
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  1. [17:09:43] <Plutonis> Well this is going to be a bitch to fit in a correct timeline, but... Here it goes. Currently some of our protagonists are having a commemoration feast in order to celebrate their victories against both the Satomi and the Chosokabe! With no clear outside enemies in sight, it seems things are going well to our fledgling kingdom! That being said, after most of the people already left after
  2. [17:09:44] <Plutonis> some heavy partying...
  3. [17:22:50] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro merely sips his tea, occasionally eating a cookie, after confirming they're not poisonous.
  4. [17:24:08] <Kokoro> Kokoro "mysteriously" disappeared during the real partying, but she taciturnly returns after most seem to have gone.
  5. [17:25:12] <Plutonis> Ichiro notices a girl dressed in a simple kimono enter the room carrying a tray with Sake cups. While plain-looking, she does have a particularly striking characteristic on her, which appears to be her hair... Which is a really thick ponytail. "Would your lordships care for another one?"
  6. [17:26:46] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro merely takes a tiny sample to check for poison.
  7. [17:27:37] * Hiramasa saunters in after most of the alcohol is gone, Dogan frilling after him. "Ah, heavy hearts made light again in these troubled times - save one, I see?" With a grin, he plops down next to Ichiro. "You seem rather...unmerry, if I may."
  8. [17:27:47] * Norio meanwhile spends the whole time laughing heartily and pretending to drink! Not being able to actually drink is a real pain, it turns out, but at least his 'mans are out having fun.
  9. [17:28:16] <Plutonis> The sake seems normal, although there just SEEMS to be something wrong there... Maybe some of the most perceptive among you could try and notice what it is?
  10. [17:28:32] <Hitomi> She was there for the food and any drink that didn't make her drunk off her ass. Or at all, really. Maybe like a tiny, tiny bit, but aside from that not really. "No thank you." She refuses the offer for more, but seems to be having a 'not terrible' time. Which is good, really.
  11. [17:28:40] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20+2
  12. [17:28:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 1d20+2: 16 [1d20=14]
  13. [17:28:42] <Hiramasa> 1d20+6 I'm perceptive :Dc
  14. [17:28:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Hiramasa, I'm perceptive :Dc: 17 [1d20=11]
  15. [17:28:47] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Perc)
  16. [17:29:13] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro also looks at the woman with AURAVISION
  17. [17:30:00] <Hitomi> 1d20+1 She's not the most perceptive, but for all she knows she could have a lucky day or something.
  18. [17:30:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, She's not the most perceptive, but for all she knows she could have a lucky day or something.: 10 [1d20=9]
  19. [17:30:03] <Hitomi> Nah.
  20. [17:30:55] <Plutonis> The girl's hair is shaking, Hira and Ichiro can see... And something appears to be oozing from it, is it water? Although it looks more slimy than that...
  21. [17:31:02] <Plutonis> "...Excuse me, my lord?"
  22. [17:31:25] * Hiramasa squints for a moment, then smiles again. "Yeeeeeeeees?"
  23. [17:31:31] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "There's something in your hair, ma'am."
  24. [17:31:39] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro gets up.
  25. [17:32:56] <Plutonis> "W-what? There's nothing wrong with that, no! I mean, i have to hurry, sir!" She suddenly drops her tray and tries to run away from the room, only to trip on a lying (talking sword) that someone left in the floor. Ko-tan you need to take care of your father!
  26. [17:33:24] <Norio> "HEY! Watch where you're goin', can't you tell I'm... ... what WAS I doin' again?"
  27. [17:33:45] <Plutonis> She falls facefirst in the floor, shrieking twicewhile doing that.
  28. [17:33:58] * Hiramasa goes to help her up. Always the gentleman~
  29. [17:34:02] <Norio> "... Yeah, that's usually what people sound like when they get cut on accident."
  30. [17:34:10] <Norio> "Or on purpose."
  31. [17:34:53] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro however goes, and while she's down, rummages through her hair. "My appolgies, but I must check this."
  32. [17:35:20] <Plutonis> 1d20
  33. [17:35:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d20: 1 [1d20=1]
  34. [17:35:56] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Also what's her aura like?)
  35. [17:36:02] <Plutonis> Ichiro's hand ALWAYS gets snapped off as her hair suddenly opens a friggin jaw and starts biting the air around him. "Eeeeeeek! I-i'm sorry!"
  36. [17:36:07] <Hiramasa> "If you are going to let your hands stray so, perhaps I should arrange for a private ro-"
  37. [17:36:13] <Hiramasa> "...Well then."
  38. [17:36:30] <Norio> "GWAHAHAHA! This night just keeps getting more and more exciting!"
  39. [17:36:37] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Always or almost? D:)
  40. [17:36:45] <Plutonis> *Almost
  41. [17:37:09] <Hitomi> hold on what that...huh. "That's...I only had a sip, I shouldn't be hallucinating..."
  42. [17:37:59] <Plutonis> "I-i'm sorry, i must go...!" She lifts up and tries to run away again from the party, only to run into the door, slamming her face on it.
  43. [17:38:14] <Hiramasa> "I think you should stop sticking your fingers into other peoples' mouths...Ichiro, was it?"
  44. [17:38:29] * Hiramasa turns to watch the girl go. "Well then, I do hope you had a good time."
  45. [17:38:50] <Norio> "Hey Obi! C'mere and calm this girlie down!" The talking sword calls to the Lickitung who has Wrap now.
  46. [17:39:08] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "This is a matter of security, Hiramasa, was it? This...creature is clearly hostile, although the girl attached to it seems to be merely...clumsy."
  47. [17:39:29] <Hiramasa> "Hostile?"
  48. [17:39:38] <Hiramasa> "Ah, but still, I am a priest, I suppose."
  49. [17:39:44] * Hiramasa gets to his feet. "Very well."
  50. [17:40:25] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "I'm going to have to ask you about the creature in your hair, madame. What is it?"
  51. [17:40:45] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro walks over to her, make sure she's unable to leave the room, but far enough he's out of biting range.
  52. [17:40:50] <Plutonis> "T-that's not a creature, that's a part of me...! Hyan!" Obi's tongue manages to wrap around her, preventing escape, although some hair strands start to flail around. "P-please let me go!"
  53. [17:41:33] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "I see. So what exactly is it?"
  54. [17:41:36] <Norio> "HA! HA! Only when you explain yours- ... oh, I guess you kinda did. Well what ARE you?"
  55. [17:41:43] <Hitomi> "...but yet, it's there. We would at least like some kind of explanation."
  56. [17:42:06] * Hiramasa watches for a bit, then shrugs and goes off to fetch a cup of tea.
  57. [17:43:23] <Plutonis> "Auuu...!" The girl starts sniffling when she realizes the gravity of her current situation. "I-i'm just Kuchiko, a serving maid..."
  58. [17:43:58] <Norio> "And what would a serving maid be doing that'd have her in such a hurry, eh?"
  59. [17:45:21] <Plutonis> "I just need to go back and... And... P-please let me gooo..." She starts crying while her second mouth starts wailing on a weird tone.
  60. [17:46:39] <Norio> "Ehhh. Okay, you can unwrap 'er I guess, unless you're just really in a mood today."
  61. [17:47:37] * Hiramasa comes back with the cup of tea, and holds it within the girl's reach. "I hope you will forgive our caution."
  62. [17:48:36] <Honoo> "You're letting her go?" WHAT ARE YOU DOING. "...Well, if you run, we're not going to just forget you, do know."
  63. [17:48:47] <Norio> (WRONG WINDOW SHOOKIE)
  64. [17:48:55] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Indeed, sit down, we will discuss this like adults."
  65. [17:49:08] <Hitomi> OOPS. It was Hitomi, though. You know this!
  66. [17:49:10] * Hiramasa raises an eyebrow at Ichiro.
  67. [17:49:22] <Plutonis> She falls down on her butt after Obi lets her. "Please don't tell my lady that you saw me like that..." She sniffles.
  68. [17:50:16] <Hiramasa> "Calm down, no one here is looking to get you into trouble."
  69. [17:50:26] <Hiramasa> "This is a time to be happy, not sad, after all."
  70. [17:51:57] <Norio> "AHAHA! He's right! Have a drink, have a good time! It's not like you're an enemy spy or anything ridiculous like that so who cares?"
  71. [17:53:07] <Plutonis> "I'm just a serving girl... I'm not human, but...!"
  72. [17:53:24] <Hiramasa> "My mentor told me that one should always be kind to the spirits."
  73. [17:53:41] <Plutonis> Kuchiko puts her hands on her face. "Uuuuu... Lady Yuki will scold me!"
  74. [17:53:48] <Hitomi> Hitomi is totally mindreading now, if possible. Some stuff just needs to be done. Security issues!
  75. [17:54:19] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "We'll deal with that when the time comes. So what are you then?"
  76. [17:55:00] * Hiramasa continues to hold out the cup of tea. :3c
  77. [17:55:46] <Plutonis> "I'm a youkai..." She looks on the floor miserably.
  78. [17:56:21] <Hiramasa> "And your tea's getting cold."
  79. [17:58:00] <Plutonis> She politely picks the tea and feeds it to her second mouth, which chomps it with cup and everything!
  80. [17:58:21] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "GWAHA! It sure has some attitude!"
  81. [17:58:41] <Hiramasa> "Well, I suppose that works."
  82. [17:58:51] * Hiramasa sits back down.
  83. [17:59:05] <Hitomi> "...hmmmm...OK, without a doubt, youkai or human or whatever the heck you are, you're hungry. You should...probably eat actual food, though."
  84. [17:59:16] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "So, what was it we were talking about before all this, again?"
  85. [17:59:30] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "I see.... And what is a Youkai doing here?"
  86. [18:00:37] <Hitomi> ...There's still actual food around here, right?
  87. [18:00:52] <Hiramasa> probably
  88. [18:01:44] <Hitomi> Because if so, she's directed to it. She's the maid, she serves things. There shall not be any role reversals here, at least not by her hand.
  89. [18:02:45] <Plutonis> "I-i just work here... I left the village and found a job here last mo-" Kuchiko snaps as soon as she realizes she did said something she shouldn't have said.
  90. [18:02:53] <Plutonis> And yes, there are various leftover snacks.
  91. [18:03:08] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro cocks an eyebrow. "Village?"
  92. [18:03:43] <Plutonis> "Nuuuuu!" The poor girl curls up in fetal position. "Stupid stupidstupid!"
  93. [18:04:14] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "I presume you mean there's more of your kind in this village?"
  94. [18:05:04] <Plutonis> "Humans aren't supposed to know about the village at all!" She starts banging her hands on her own head.
  95. [18:05:05] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "GWAHAHA! This girl sure is timid, isn't she? What's so scary about all of us, anyway?"
  96. [18:05:07] <Hiramasa> "Poor girl..."
  97. [18:05:10] <Hitomi> "....Hmmmmmmm...." She's deep in thought, here.
  98. [18:05:34] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "It's not like we'll DO anything bad! Unless you're pirates, or zombies, it seems."
  99. [18:05:51] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "I see... Where is this village exactly?"
  100. [18:06:03] <Hiramasa> "...I don't think it's any of our concern."
  101. [18:06:13] * Hiramasa again raises an eyebrow at Ichiro.
  102. [18:06:17] <Hitomi> "...I think I can understand her worry. However, this knowledge is in good company with us. If we weren't...well, us, I could picture the panic wave, though."
  103. [18:06:23] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "NONSENSE! We can go to this village and get the people there to come feast with us!"
  104. [18:06:58] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "On the contrary. Knowledge is crucial in war. And War we seem to be in. Even the most seemingly trivial bit of information can turn the tables."
  105. [18:07:27] <Hiramasa> "Exactly, Ichiro. We are in a war, which means we can't afford to be making enemies."
  106. [18:07:31] <Plutonis> "N-no you can't! It is known that Youkai aren't supposed to mingle with humans! Lady Yuki says so, and she's the most ancient Youkai in the village!"
  107. [18:07:39] <Hiramasa> "They know where to find us, if they should so choose."
  108. [18:07:44] <Hitomi> "It'd be something like 'ah, youkai' and there'd be some kind of hunt or something."
  109. [18:08:19] <Hiramasa> "As it is, however - Excuse me, miss, do you have a name?"
  110. [18:08:31] <Plutonis> (She said her name was Kuchiko before)
  111. [18:08:33] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "'Mingle,' huh? Well I sure don't think it'd be fun to fight one, that's for sure."
  112. [18:08:38] <Giant_Talking_Sword> (what a nise)
  113. [18:08:46] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Oh. I agree that we should not be making enemies. However some of our enemies can afford to make enemies..."
  114. [18:08:53] <Hiramasa> (>implying Hiramasa was paying attention until shit got weird)
  115. [18:08:59] <Hiramasa> (harshing my viiibe man)
  116. [18:09:13] <Hitomi> "I can sense the reason for her words, and they're...well, well founded, to be honest."
  117. [18:09:36] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Anyways if your elder says you should not mingle with humans, why are you working here then?"
  118. [18:10:24] <Hitomi> "Mingling too long can make one used to it, which ends up with more and more contact, resulting in a greater chance of discovery, resulting in a nasty burnt down villages and far too much corpses for my liking." Hmmmmm.
  119. [18:10:33] <Plutonis> "I chose to! As long as someone can hide their nature, they can go on human lands and work there... That's how we get money and stuff..."
  120. [18:12:20] <Hiramasa> "Well then. As long as you work hard and harm no one, I don't see why you shouldn't get your pay like any other person."
  121. [18:14:01] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "EXACTLY! So let's quit makin' a big deal about it! Now about those pirates..."
  122. [18:14:06] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "I concur, You do not seem to be a threat, although I'd reccomend you keep your hair from biting anyone..."
  123. [18:14:19] <Plutonis> "You are slipping too much, Kuchiko. It appears following you was a good idea." A harsh voice comes from an unseen corner of the room! It appears three persons have slipped inside... Well, actually not three humans. A four-tailed fox-haired blond man with , a stocky and chubby blue-haired man with a turtle-like face and a woman with cat ears and two tails are pointing at Kuchiko!
  124. [18:14:30] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "However, I would like to know where the village is, lest we accidently discover it."
  125. [18:14:51] * Hiramasa bows. "Would you care for some tea, honored guests?"
  126. [18:14:57] <Hitomi> "Unless she gets discovered, in which case people will throw into a panic once they see that 'demons are among them' and go on some crazy hunt that will just make enemies--ah." More!
  127. [18:15:34] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "You mean 'discovered' like that?"
  128. [18:15:44] * Giant_Talking_Sword wiggles around, clearly amused.
  129. [18:16:13] <Hitomi> "Something like that, yes." HUM.
  130. [18:16:20] <Plutonis> The young foxman appears to be leading the bunch. "You know the rules! Humans are not supposed to know about the village!" Although while he's lecturing her, chubby turtle happily accepts Hiramasa's offer and drinks some tea. "Oh come on, Shino, they look agreeable enough."
  131. [18:16:54] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "Hey hey, hold on!" Roll roll. "What about me, am I a human?"
  132. [18:17:20] <Hiramasa> "You are a most unfortunate circumstance."
  133. [18:17:27] <Hiramasa> "I pray every night for your recovery."
  134. [18:17:42] <Kokororororo> Kokoro breaks her long silence by pondering, "Are we human... Or are we dancer?"
  135. [18:17:56] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "Ohh, it's not BAD! It could be worse than it is!"
  136. [18:18:00] <Hitomi> "...You know, I haven't actually thought about that. I suppose you have the soul of a human, yet the body of something not human. I guess that just makes you half human and half sword, which is no parts youkai at all."
  137. [18:18:04] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "I could've been an arrow!"
  138. [18:18:09] <Hiramasa> "Oh my."
  139. [18:18:30] <Hitomi> "...But we shouldn't ignore our guests. There's still snacks, if you wish to have some."
  140. [18:18:36] <Giant_Talking_Sword> Roll. "Well, you've certainly got a point there, but they said 'humans.' And I'm PROBABLY still not considered all the way human, right?"
  141. [18:18:46] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "But I guess you all are so it's probably moot."
  142. [18:19:01] <Plutonis> "Nya! Shiiino, can we just kill them? I have a furball in my throat..." The white-haired catgirl complains. "Nekode, first things first. We cannot harm another Youkai, it's one of our rules as well."
  143. [18:20:09] <Plutonis> Shino sighs. "Let's just kill the humans and take her for a lecture. Nakapa, you ready?" He turns to turtleman. "Ohhh, i don't feel much like killing today, but..."
  144. [18:21:13] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "GWAHAHAHA! These guys sure are bloodthirsty, aren't they?"
  145. [18:21:32] <Hitomi> "...Making a scene in here would be rather unfortunate for all of you. Though you all seem harmless enough, it would not be a wise idea to start a fight with the daimyo's finest generals here, of all places. It would cause quite the scene whether you won or lost." She seems irritated.
  146. [18:21:32] * Giant_Talking_Sword points straight up. "Hey, why don't you youkai just join us in the feast instead? What's it gonna hurt, eh?"
  147. [18:21:44] <Hiramasa> "Perhaps there was something in which we have been remiss in entertaining our guests. Is that the case - Nakapa-san, was it?"
  148. [18:22:25] <Plutonis> "I concur, they appear to have a good idea, Shino!" Nakapa says while gobbling on some snacks. "Ohhh do you have some cucumbers?"
  149. [18:22:26] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Killing us would not be wise. You must be aware of what would happen if we were found dead, killed by strange beasts...."
  150. [18:22:56] <Hiramasa> "Cucumbers, cucumbers. Ichiro-san, would you terribly mind looking?"
  151. [18:23:00] <Hiramasa> "Do it for me, please?"
  152. [18:23:20] <Hitomi> "Though I doubt such a thing would be the end result anyway."
  153. [18:24:04] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Why would I do this for you? I would do it for our guest."
  154. [18:24:04] <Plutonis> "DO YOU DARE TO CALL US BEASTS?!" Shino unsheates a pair of short katana, looking seriously pissed. Nakapa just sighs as he picks a trident while Nekode pulls up a pair of ninja claws. "Kill them already! The less witnesses the better, not to mention it can be blamed on enemy daimyo!"
  155. [18:24:28] <Hiramasa> "...And that would be why."
  156. [18:24:39] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro sighs.
  157. [18:24:42] <Hiramasa> "Please forgive him, honored guests!"
  158. [18:24:50] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "AHAHA! Then why don't we just take 'em to fight with us instead?"
  159. [18:24:50] * Hiramasa bows deeply.
  160. [18:25:08] <Giant_Talking_Sword> "If they like killing so much, wouldn't they be good allies?"
  161. [18:26:05] <Hiramasa> "There is little I can offer in way of repartations, but if there is anything I can do..." Bow bow bow.
  162. [18:26:58] <Hitomi> "If they weren't dead set on killing all of us based one person dropping a careless word, I'd consider that. But truly, I'm getting tired of the aggression and assumed superiority. If they wish to sentence their species to extermination this badly..." She's getting battle ready, herself.
  163. [18:27:28] <Kokororororo> "Tell me what you think/Of nature's mystic glory/Do you hold respect?"
  164. [18:28:54] * Hiramasa stops bowing but remains with his head down. "I am truly sorry."
  165. [18:29:39] * Giant_Talking_Sword just keeps lazing around, enjoying the feast and not really caring. "Eh, don't worry 'bout it! So what were we doing, again?"
  166. [18:32:11] <Hitomi> "...Is species even the right word, here...probably not." Her guard stays up.
  167. [18:33:06] <Plutonis> (Sorry, was busy statting)
  168. [18:33:18] <Hitomi> Welp.
  169. [18:33:28] <Hiramasa> (well shit)
  170. [18:33:36] <Hiramasa> (I'm blaming all of you ;_;)
  171. [18:34:51] <Plutonis> "The time for words is done. Let us go!" Shiro and the others summon out a Ninetails, an Espeon and a Golduck as they ready themselves for battle! (Dex/Speeds)
  172. [18:35:57] <Hiramasa> (dex 10 speed 112 Dogan)
  173. [18:36:39] <Plutonis> (>112)
  174. [18:36:46] <Giant_Talking_Sword> (okay my bad)
  175. [18:36:48] * Giant_Talking_Sword is now known as Nodachi
  176. [18:36:57] * Hitomi sighs, and sends out a Lapras. "Fine then. If you wish to act as beasts then we will call you and treat you as such." (Dex = 12, Speed = 4)
  177. [18:37:02] <Hiramasa> (whoops typo)
  178. [18:37:03] <Hiramasa> (12)
  179. [18:37:25] <Hiramasa> (I am so tempted to UNLEASH THE KRAKEN but I think that would be a bad idea)
  180. [18:37:28] <Nodachi> "Well, if you say so! Futon, let's rough 'em up until they calm down and decide to have fun!" (Dex 12, spd 21 futon)
  181. [18:37:35] <Plutonis> "We are not beasts..." Kuchiko meekly whimpers. "B-but please don't hurt them... The two of you!" She says at Hitomi and Shiro.
  182. [18:37:37] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Dex 17, Genbu, SPD 10)
  183. [18:38:09] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro sends out his Wartortle, Genbu.
  184. [18:38:10] * UboaServ sets mode: +q Plutonis
  185. [18:38:24] <Nodachi> "HA! Let's just call it a friendly duel then!
  186. [18:38:26] <Nodachi> "
  187. [18:38:31] <Hiramasa> "Don't worry, Miss Kuchiko. I have no intention of harming anyone."
  188. [18:39:13] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "So, if you're not beasts, prove it! You're not doing a good job of it yet, except for you, Kuchiko."
  189. [18:40:22] <Nodachi> "I think that Nakapa did an alright job too! Not a bad-looking weapon you got there, either..."
  190. [18:40:47] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Nekode - Ichiro - Nodachi - Shiro -Kokoro - Hitomi - Hiramasa - Nakappa || Futon - Espeon - Ninetails - Golduck - Dogan - Genbu - Hitomi's pokemon'
  191. [18:41:13] <Hitomi> "I suppose I won't hurt them too much. Hopefully." Crackle. Also, the Lapras is Masami.
  192. [18:41:32] <~Plutonis> "Oh you think so? This is a fine trident, traditional from the Kap-" Nakappa is interrupted by Shiro. "Shut up! No socializing!"
  193. [18:41:41] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Nekode - Ichiro - Nodachi - Shiro -Kokoro - Hitomi - Hiramasa - Nakappa || Futon - Espeon - Ninetails - Golduck - Dogan - Genbu - Masami'
  194. [18:43:56] <Kokororororo> Out goes Boing. Slow.
  195. [18:44:11] <Nodachi> "Alright, alright! Let's prove ourselves or whatever silly tradition this is, THEN we can talk."
  196. [18:44:19] <~Plutonis> "Nyaaa! You have been a baaad girl, Kuchiko! Lady Yuki will scold you a lot when we bring you back to the village you know!" Nekode giggles on a playful tone as she points a finger at Kokoro, blasting an energy wave of... Something???
  197. [18:44:22] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Psychick
  198. [18:44:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Psychick: 1 [1d20=1]
  199. [18:44:27] <Nodachi> "Ko-tan, get in that stance I showed you!"
  200. [18:44:39] <~Plutonis> It sizzles out though. "N-nyaa?" (Ichiro's turn)
  201. [18:44:46] <Hitomi> "That was the plan, actually." One might even call it taming the beasts.
  202. [18:45:00] <Kokororororo> "You have shown me many, and yet I see use for few."
  203. [18:45:47] <Nodachi> "Exactly! Use the good one!"
  204. [18:46:09] <~Plutonis> (Omeega?)
  205. [18:46:15] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro attempts to slap Shiro with the back end of his Yari.
  206. [18:46:16] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20
  207. [18:46:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 1d20: 12 [1d20=12]
  208. [18:47:13] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (AC4)
  209. [18:47:43] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 2d10+10
  210. [18:47:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 2d10+10: 21 [2d10=7,4]
  211. [18:48:33] <~Plutonis> It looks like the foxguy is wearing leather armor under his kimono! "Dagh!" (Nodachi!)
  212. [18:48:41] * Nodachi uses whatever stance for a few seconds to FOCUS ENERGY, and then goes ahead and pulls Kokoro's arms for a slash at Shiro too!
  213. [18:48:45] <Nodachi> 1d20+1 AC2
  214. [18:48:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, AC2: 16 [1d20=15]
  215. [18:48:51] <Nodachi> SO CLOSE
  216. [18:49:02] <Nodachi> 2d8+6+5+3+2
  217. [18:49:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, 2d8+6+5+3+2: 26 [2d8=2,8]
  218. [18:49:56] <Kokororororo> "Ah. That one." She looks unimpressed.
  219. [18:50:32] <~Plutonis> The sleeve of his left arm is torn off! Shiro's body however starts heating up... And so does the room, with all the tea and such starting to evaporate. (Activating Drought.)
  220. [18:50:58] * Hiramasa watches the tea go ;_;
  221. [18:51:12] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Hey, I was drinking that!"
  222. [18:51:35] <Nodachi> "That's not how you're supposed to have fun!"
  223. [18:51:40] <~Plutonis> He then opens his mouth and lets out a torrent of fire out at Hiramasa and Dogan!
  224. [18:51:45] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Flamethrower
  225. [18:51:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Flamethrower: 11 [1d20=11]
  226. [18:52:06] <Hiramasa> hits both
  227. [18:52:19] <~Plutonis> 4d12+17+15
  228. [18:52:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 4d12+17+15: 54 [4d12=5,3,12,2]
  229. [18:52:34] <~Plutonis> (x1.5 due to heat... 81 damage)
  230. [18:53:13] <Hitomi> "....Heheh. You wish to use the sun to your advantage, eh?" Her body is ready.
  231. [18:53:29] <Hiramasa> (....welp)
  232. [18:53:34] <~Plutonis> "THIS IS THE POWER OF THE KITSUNEBI CLAN!" he says while vomiting a searing flame at Hira. (Kokoro and Hitomi!)
  233. [18:53:36] <Hiramasa> (guess what time it is, gentemen)
  234. [18:53:54] <Nodachi> (it'll break the country if you do that)
  235. [18:54:16] <Hiramasa> (actually important question - does anyone have any abilities to modify DSTs yet)
  236. [18:54:18] <Kokororororo> 1d20 wobb will block for Hira
  237. [18:54:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Kokororororo, wobb will block for Hira: 3 [1d20=3]
  238. [18:54:23] <Kokororororo> Or not!
  239. [18:54:24] <Hiramasa> (it's sort of relevant right now)
  240. [18:54:27] <Kokororororo> Kokoro holds.
  241. [18:54:46] <~Plutonis> (Hitomi and Hiramasa then)
  242. [18:54:48] <Nodachi> (Ko-tan didn't take FTT?)
  243. [18:54:49] <Hitomi> Hitomi has probability control!
  244. [18:54:52] <Nodachi> (why.gif)
  245. [18:55:18] <Hiramasa> 1d100 here goes nothing
  246. [18:55:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Hiramasa, here goes nothing: 27 [1d100=27]
  247. [18:55:20] <Hiramasa> oh
  248. [18:55:21] <Hiramasa> well
  249. [18:55:22] <Hiramasa> okay then
  250. [18:55:34] <~Plutonis> (T-that was a DST?)
  251. [18:55:40] <Hiramasa> (yes it was)
  252. [18:55:43] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (D:)
  253. [18:55:52] <Hiramasa> ([19:54] <Hiramasa> hira's fine but shuppet has 4 in hp and 3 in special defense)
  254. [18:56:03] <Nodachi> (ow)
  255. [18:56:21] <Hiramasa> (yeah shuppet is kind of terrible but he is one of my favorites so :3c)
  256. [18:57:43] * Hiramasa runs to grab his poor singed Shuppet ;___;
  257. [19:00:39] * Hiramasa then collapses ;_;
  258. [19:00:52] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Hiramasa!"
  259. [19:00:59] * Hiramasa does this in as dramatic and fabulous a manner as possible ofc, what kind of guy do you think he is
  260. [19:01:21] <Nodachi> "It's all part of the duel! Don't worry, they wouldn't REALLY kill us."
  261. [19:01:26] <Nodachi> "... Probably."
  262. [19:03:39] <Hitomi> "It doesn't matter too much to me." She readies her fire throwing funtimes, and BLASTS SOME SHIT. That being both the Espeon and her owner.
  263. [19:03:48] <Hitomi> 1d20 FLAMETHROWER
  264. [19:03:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, FLAMETHROWER: 7 [1d20=7]
  265. [19:04:41] <Hitomi> 4d12+16+16 Burn baby burn
  266. [19:04:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Burn baby burn: 46 [4d12=3,3,1,7]
  267. [19:04:54] <Hitomi> Of course the roll is shitty. But there's SUN POWER behind it!
  268. [19:06:16] <~Plutonis> "Unyaaa!" "Peeooon!" Both of the notkitties are pretty singed by this attack! "Oooog, you'll pay for that!"
  269. [19:07:12] <Hitomi> "You'll be the only one paying here. You'll be responsible for anything damaged in this little brawl we're having."
  270. [19:08:07] <Nodachi> "Hmm, didn't they just say they needed to work to earn money though? So would they even be ABLE to pay, you think?"
  271. [19:08:30] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "We can make them work it off though."
  272. [19:08:35] <Hitomi> "Perhaps over time. With interest."
  273. [19:08:44] <~Plutonis> "Uhuhu, yes, we are making quite a mess, no?" Nakappa shifts to Ichiro's side and tries to kick him in the balls. "Sorry about that!"
  274. [19:08:52] <Nodachi> "Hey, good thinking!"
  275. [19:08:56] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Kicking Ken'ichi style!
  276. [19:08:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Kicking Ken'ichi style!: 12 [1d20=12]
  277. [19:09:14] * Nodachi directs swordeyes to what kind of kick that is. "... On both your parts! That's pretty damned effective!"
  278. [19:09:25] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (AC?)
  279. [19:09:34] <~Plutonis> (6)
  280. [19:09:38] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Hits)
  281. [19:09:55] <~Plutonis> 5d12+20+10 pushes Ichiro
  282. [19:09:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, pushes Ichiro: 64 [5d12=10,8,2,8,6]
  283. [19:09:57] <~Plutonis> 1d6
  284. [19:09:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 1d6: 3 [1d6=3]
  285. [19:10:19] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro CROSS-COUNTER
  286. [19:10:36] <~Plutonis> He bonks the Yojimbo so hard on his balls that he's almost thrown in a wall! "Really sorry...! Kappa are supposed to be friends of hum-"
  287. [19:10:54] * Nodachi swordsnickers during this.
  288. [19:10:59] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> Nakappa takes 116 damage as he ALSO gets kicked in the balls.
  289. [19:11:07] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro also cannot act next turn.
  290. [19:11:30] <Nodachi> MOUSETIME?
  291. [19:11:31] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Enough! [Counter])
  292. [19:11:47] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Oooof!"
  293. [19:11:53] <~Plutonis> The Kappa grabs his unmentionables! "Aaargh! You are quite good for a human!"
  294. [19:11:55] <~Plutonis> (Yes)
  295. [19:12:02] <Nodachi> Futon scurries over and shoots some adorable stars at... hmm, the Ninetales!
  296. [19:12:06] <Nodachi> 1d20 swift critcheck
  297. [19:12:07] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro also grabs his unmentionables.
  298. [19:12:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, swift critcheck: 15 [1d20=15]
  299. [19:12:25] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro however does at least wear some crotch armor.
  300. [19:12:30] <Nodachi> 4d10+8+4+3 aw well, technician anyway
  301. [19:12:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, aw well, technician anyway: 35 [4d10=3,8,1,8]
  302. [19:13:53] <~Plutonis> The Ninetails isn't that bothered though. Meanwhile, Nekode's Espeon starts to bask in the heat, recovering from the injuries caused by the Flamethrower! (Morning Sun)
  303. [19:15:48] <~Plutonis> Ninetails meanwhile tries to melt the poor Mincinno from existance alongside Dogan!
  304. [19:15:55] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Heatwave
  305. [19:15:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Heatwave: 13 [1d20=13]
  306. [19:16:05] <Nodachi> yeaaaaah that hits
  307. [19:16:34] <~Plutonis> 4d12+17+13+6 multiplied by SUNLIGHT
  308. [19:16:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, multiplied by SUNLIGHT: 74 [4d12=12,11,7,8]
  309. [19:16:42] <Hitomi> Should I be spamming probability control yet?
  310. [19:16:52] <Nodachi> NOPE! She's in there!
  311. [19:17:06] <Nodachi> She falls forward and covers herself! ENDURE!
  312. [19:17:52] <~Plutonis> The Golduck then tries to punch Boing hard!
  313. [19:17:57] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Dynamicpunch
  314. [19:17:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Dynamicpunch: 1 [1d20=1]
  315. [19:18:15] <~Plutonis> Aaaaaaaaaaand it goes REALLY wide. (Back to players)
  316. [19:19:11] <Nodachi> (what about the lapras you silly)
  317. [19:19:37] <~Plutonis> (It's the last one?)
  318. [19:19:44] <~Plutonis> (oh, omega, your turtle survived?)
  319. [19:19:53] <~Plutonis> (and Boing as well :V)
  320. [19:20:38] <~Plutonis> (The heatwave was at Mincinno and Omega's turtle, not Anise's ghost, derp.)
  321. [19:20:44] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> ooh
  322. [19:21:13] * Plutonis changes topic to '??? - Nekode - Ichiro - Nodachi - Shiro -Kokoro - Hitomi - Nakappa || ??? - Futon - Espeon - Ninetails - Golduck - Genbu - Masami - Boing'
  323. [19:21:27] <Nodachi> (Oh, I thought that was just clever phrasing because you were implying that Dogan was 'melted' by being DST'd by the flamethrower)
  324. [19:21:31] <Nodachi> (I get it now)
  325. [19:21:41] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> Genbu Uses Protect and gives no fucks.
  326. [19:21:56] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> wait no
  327. [19:21:57] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> nonono
  328. [19:22:01] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> That doesnt ko him
  329. [19:22:02] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> one sec
  330. [19:22:20] <~Plutonis> (That would just be mean to Anise
  331. [19:22:29] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> MIRROR COAT
  332. [19:22:34] <Kakita_Satsuki> (if you kill my ghost while I'm not here I won't be your friend any more ;_;)
  333. [19:22:37] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 59 damage
  334. [19:22:38] <Nodachi> (no I don't mean literally, I mean... clever flavor fluff)
  335. [19:23:42] <~Plutonis> The Ninetales is sent flying by the MIRRORED ATTACK!
  336. [19:23:50] * Plutonis changes topic to '??? - Nekode - Ichiro - Nodachi - Shiro -Kokoro - Hitomi - Nakappa || ??? - Futon - Espeon - Golduck - Genbu - Masami - Boing'
  337. [19:25:50] <Hitomi> Masami gives her order to shake things up with A SHOW OF ANCIENTPOWER. She aims for Shiro and someone else! Like...shit, Nekode again! Jerks to cats. If she can get more targets with a Ranged(8) two meter wide column, she'll do that too!
  338. [19:25:52] <Hitomi> 1d20
  339. [19:25:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, 1d20: 8 [1d20=8]
  340. [19:26:20] <~Plutonis> (Nekode and Espeon can be hit yes)
  341. [19:26:26] <Hitomi> Mutter mutter. Whatever, it's the damage that counts.
  342. [19:26:51] <Hitomi> 2d10+8+13 Nevermind that it's barely any! :(
  343. [19:26:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Nevermind that it's barely any! :(: 26 [2d10=4,1]
  344. [19:26:55] <Hitomi> Oh come on.
  345. [19:27:09] <~Plutonis> It really is barely any.
  346. [19:30:34] <Hitomi> :(
  347. [19:36:56] <Nodachi> 1d20 ENCORE ON GOLDUCK FROM WAY OVER THERE
  348. [19:36:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, ENCORE ON GOLDUCK FROM WAY OVER THERE: 19 [1d20=19]
  349. [19:36:59] <Nodachi> 1d4+2 FOR THIS LONG
  350. [19:37:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, FOR THIS LONG: 6 [1d4=4]
  351. [19:37:08] <Nodachi> WELL THAT DUCK SURE ISN'T GONNA DO SHIT EVER
  352. [19:37:44] <~Plutonis> The Golduck covers himself with a magic coat!
  353. [19:37:57] <Nodachi> (Is that actually how that works?)
  354. [19:38:46] <~Plutonis> Welp, it looks like Boing is having that problem himself! Meanwhile, a door opens.
  355. [19:39:53] <~Plutonis> Nekode again tries to send a magical beam from her fingers. "Nyan-nyan Ninpo! Beeam!"
  356. [19:40:02] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Signal Beam at Hitomi!
  357. [19:40:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Signal Beam at Hitomi!: 5 [1d20=5]
  358. [19:40:18] <~Plutonis> (AC 5)
  359. [19:40:59] <Hitomi> Is it really 5? Signal Beam is usually 2.
  360. [19:41:12] <~Plutonis> 2d12+16+20 oh it is.
  361. [19:41:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, oh it is.: 55 [2d12=12,7]
  362. [19:41:31] <~Plutonis> (Ichiro and Nodachi)
  363. [19:41:59] <~Plutonis> (Or atsuko considering his dex)
  364. [19:42:06] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro is too busy clutching his balls to act.
  365. [19:42:08] <Hitomi> Impact! Hitomi has taken 70 damage thus far.
  366. [19:42:39] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Oh. Will that KO you, Hitomi?)
  367. [19:42:47] <Nodachi> "Alright! Good job! NOW!" After some weird stabbing the ground, the mouse goes back into the ball! And a CANDLE comes out! (Irori SPD 2!)
  368. [19:42:52] <Hitomi> No, but it'll bring her pretty close!
  369. [19:42:56] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (k)
  370. [19:43:08] <Nodachi> 1d20+1 and then another slash at Shiro!
  371. [19:43:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, and then another slash at Shiro!: 4 [1d20=3]
  372. [19:43:14] <Hitomi> At least, one more direct attack should do it. Especially if she attacks again.
  373. [19:43:21] <Nodachi> that's ac2
  374. [19:43:57] * Atsuko strolls in idly through the door as he gently pushes it open, not really focusing all that much on his surroundings moreso than he is a piece of paper he's writing on. A stream of colorful lights and a shrill cry is quick to pull him out from his writing as his focus is drawn towards the fighting. The look on his face is, for all of a second, complete
  375. [19:44:14] <Hitomi> For all of a second, his look is complete. Cut-offs are fun.
  376. [19:44:20] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> ^
  377. [19:44:21] <~Plutonis> "N-nya! Another human!"
  378. [19:44:57] <Nodachi> "GWAHAHA! That sure is a familiar face!"
  379. [19:44:57] <Atsuko> and utter confusion before his face snaps back to a more or less 'normal', if not listless, face. Then a pause. "... Dare I ask what I've just walked in on?"
  380. [19:45:33] <Nodachi> "Well, we were having a feast and then these youkai got all riled up..."
  381. [19:45:34] <~Plutonis> "Damn it, do we have to get rid of this one yet?" Shiro grumbles while Nakapa scolds him: "We are not on a very good situation, you know. I don't even know if we were authorized to fight them now that i remember!"
  382. [19:45:50] <Hitomi> "Ah, good timing. Help us out. A bunch of beasts got offended by someone calling them beasts, so they decided to act like beasts. Thus, I call them as such."
  383. [19:45:52] <Nodachi> So does that 4 hit?
  384. [19:45:54] <~Plutonis> (Also hits)
  385. [19:45:58] <Nodachi> (~)
  386. [19:46:10] <Nodachi> 2d8+6+5+3+2 slash
  387. [19:46:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, slash: 22 [2d8=1,5]
  388. [19:46:21] <Nodachi> ... More like scrape.
  389. [19:46:25] <~Plutonis> "WHORE! WE ARE YOUKAI, NOT BEASTS!" So loud this foxman is.
  390. [19:46:50] <Hitomi> "I'll change my word when you stop acting like them."
  391. [19:47:13] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Indeed."
  392. [19:47:34] <Nodachi> "Hey now, calm down a bit, youngster! If 'beast' is so bad how's 'whore' not any worse?"
  393. [19:47:41] <Nodachi> "Good form by the way."
  394. [19:47:48] <~Plutonis> "Shiro, please stop! Nakapa is right, you aren't supposed to start fights!" Kuchiko yelps from behind a table she's huddled herself.
  395. [19:48:44] <Atsuko> Atsuko's eyes quickly dart around the room, taking in the situation. His gaze turns towards the Drifloon resting upon his shoulder, but its ever blissful smiliness remains unchanged. AnddamnitTreewhyyousaythat? "It would do you equally well to treat others with respect if you'd wish to avoid being referred to in a demeaning manner yourselves."
  396. [19:49:44] <~Plutonis> Apparently the fox jerk doesn't give much fucks though. "ALL OF YOU, SILENCE! It's not a matter of witnesses, it's about how humans should start to fear us again!" He sends out a fiery tornado at Atsuko!
  397. [19:49:47] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Fire Spin
  398. [19:49:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Fire Spin: 10 [1d20=10]
  399. [19:50:08] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> FOR THE TEAM'D
  400. [19:50:14] <~Plutonis> 1d12+15 (x1.5)
  401. [19:50:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, (x1.5): 19 [1d12=4]
  402. [19:50:24] <~Plutonis> 1d4 trapp'd
  403. [19:50:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, trapp'd: 1 [1d4=1]
  404. [19:50:47] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "You do NOT hurt my Daimyo!"
  405. [19:50:53] <Nodachi> By the way Kokoro sword dances, just to have that in here.
  406. [19:51:01] <~Plutonis> (I heard that)
  407. [19:51:12] <Nodachi> (Just having it for logs' sakes!)
  408. [19:51:32] <~Plutonis> (Hitomi and Atsuko's turn i guess)
  409. [19:52:13] <Hitomi> "If you get your fear, you won't like it. And you won't be getting it from any of us either way." Hitomi is at 42/112. Waiting for Atsuko!
  410. [19:54:17] <Atsuko> The fiery tornado that bursts out from the foxmandude catches Atsuko off guard... And he's even more taken aback when Mitsuwa jumps out to intercept it! "Thank you kindly, Mitsuwa, but you need not put yourself in such great peril for my sake! Now, if you'll excuse me..." Atsuko whistles, and shortly after a Nuzleaf with a golden leaf bursts out from behind
  411. [19:54:34] <Hitomi> From behind!
  412. [19:54:38] <Hitomi> ...And then more cut-off.
  413. [19:54:39] <Atsuko> him, wielding Tendou. "Perhaps we'll have to instill some respect!"
  414. [19:55:12] <Atsuko> (12 DEX, Jirou 20 it's sun right?)
  415. [19:56:29] <Atsuko> "Hitomi, the stage is yours!" He pulls back his bow, and fires! A gust of wind rushes over her, instilling her with a burst of vigor! Leader's Guidance! An extra At-Will Action!
  416. [19:56:56] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Nekode - Ichiro - Nodachi - Atsuko - Shiro -Kokoro - Hitomi - Nakappa || ??? - Jirou - Espeon - Golduck - Genbu - Masami - Boing - Candle'
  417. [19:58:20] <Hitomi> "Alright, then! I'm probably gonna be in a lot of pain, but here goes nothing!" She crackles. And then crackles some more.
  418. [19:59:14] <Hitomi> Charge! Going to the Kappa for a DISCHARGE. "Apologies, you seem to be the second most well mannered here, the first being the one that isn't fighting. But, you're a combatant, so..."
  419. [19:59:19] <Hitomi> 1d20 ZAP
  420. [19:59:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, ZAP: 5 [1d20=5]
  421. [19:59:39] <Hitomi> That connects, right? Or does someone have to use Probability Control too?
  422. [19:59:51] <Hitomi> AC is 2.
  423. [19:59:59] <~Plutonis> (Hits BARELY)
  424. [20:00:18] <Hitomi> Lovely.
  425. [20:00:48] <Hitomi> 6d10+24+16 Bzzzt.
  426. [20:00:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Hitomi, Bzzzt.: 80 [6d10=6,7,4,10,6,7]
  427. [20:01:45] <~Plutonis> Both the Golduck and Nakappa are electrocuted! "I-i thought humans were suppozzzzzzzzzzzed to be nizzzzzzzzzzeeee!" He yells before falling down, beat.
  428. [20:01:58] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Nekode - Ichiro - Nodachi - Atsuko - Shiro -Kokoro - Hitomi - Nakappa || Jirou - Espeon - Golduck - Genbu - Masami - Boing - Candle'
  429. [20:02:09] <Nodachi> "Only sometimes!"
  430. [20:02:31] <Hitomi> "Yeah, only sometimes."
  431. [20:02:48] <Kokoro> "Rarely."
  432. [20:03:18] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Nekode - Ichiro - Nodachi - Atsuko - Shiro -Kokoro - Hitomi - || Jirou - Espeon - Genbu - Masami - Boing - Candle'
  433. [20:03:59] <Atsuko> "Generally, when you assault people, they tend to be compelled to strike back! Like so... Jirou, if you would?" The Nuzleaf... okay, hold on, are any of these Youkai girls?
  434. [20:04:04] <~Plutonis> "WHY YOU! I SHALL HAVE YOU ALL BURNED FOR THIS!" Shiro's hair and tails start to crackle with sheer fire! "N-nyaa! Please calm down a bit, Shiro! Or else you'll grow another tail!"
  435. [20:04:18] <Nodachi> (Nekode is... I think)
  436. [20:04:30] <~Plutonis> (Catgirl. And the Espeon is female as well)
  437. [20:04:47] <Hitomi> "Now that those two are out of play..."
  438. [20:05:56] <Atsuko> GOT IT. The Nuzleaf looks around, and a pair of something catches his eyes. Jirou looses an excited "NUUUUZ~" and charges forth, hands in grabby grabby motion. Atsuko sighs. "Jirou, now is NOT the time for that!" The Nuzleaf sighs and sadfaces, but it doesn't stop him...
  439. [20:06:05] <Atsuko> 1d20 from trying to get a quick hit-and-run on the Espeon! U-Turn!
  440. [20:06:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, from trying to get a quick hit-and-run on the Espeon! U-Turn!: 6 [1d20=6]
  441. [20:06:43] <Atsuko> 3d8+26 Jirou is a terrible, terrible Pokemon.
  442. [20:06:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Jirou is a terrible, terrible Pokemon.: 40 [3d8=7,4,3]
  443. [20:08:28] <Atsuko> He runs out of the room after tormenting the poor Espeon with a stupid grin on his face. Atsuko sighs as the Nuzleaf makes his departure, then releases his Castform (Speed 7), which BURSTS INTO FLAMES upon entry! Forecast - Sun!
  444. [20:08:47] <~Plutonis> The Espeon yelps and is knocked back, although she appears to still be up!
  445. [20:09:19] <~Plutonis> It then shoots a psychic blast at Castform >:I
  446. [20:09:24] <~Plutonis> 1d20 Psychic!
  447. [20:09:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, Psychic!: 16 [1d20=16]
  448. [20:09:58] <~Plutonis> 4d12+17+24
  449. [20:09:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, 4d12+17+24: 63 [4d12=2,10,8,2]
  450. [20:10:43] <Atsuko> WHELP, easy in, easy out. The poor Castform's thrown back into a wall... Where she stays, completely bowled over.
  451. [20:11:00] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Nekode - Ichiro - Nodachi - Atsuko - Shiro -Kokoro - Hitomi - || Espeon - Genbu - Masami - Boing - Candle'
  452. [20:11:19] <~Plutonis> (Turtle! Lapras! Encored... Candle!)
  453. [20:11:33] <Nodachi> (Irori SHOULD be skipped due to being sent out this turn I think)
  454. [20:12:15] <~Plutonis> (I don't think it works that way)
  455. [20:12:40] <Nodachi> (Really? I thought it did if it was after a non-KO sendout)
  456. [20:12:50] <Nodachi> (WELL THEN HEY SHUKU could you hold Masami until end-of-turn then?)
  457. [20:13:03] <Hitomi> That was the plan! It's just rain anyway.
  458. [20:13:05] <~Plutonis> (You used your turn switching so yeah)
  459. [20:13:32] <Nodachi> Hmm, would Flame Burst be able to get both Nekode and Espeon?
  460. [20:14:07] <~Plutonis> Sure
  461. [20:14:13] <Nodachi> 1d20 K THEN
  462. [20:14:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, K THEN: 20 [1d20=20]
  463. [20:14:17] <Nodachi> GG
  464. [20:14:24] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (hahaha oh wow)
  465. [20:14:41] <~Plutonis> (OH BOY)
  466. [20:14:42] <Nodachi> 6d8+20+12+4 *2 because sunny
  467. [20:14:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, *2 because sunny: 75 [6d8=5,8,5,8,7,6]
  468. [20:16:13] <Nodachi> Oh, it's just 1/16th on one of them, right
  469. [20:16:29] <~Plutonis> (So you at Nekode and then Espeon?)
  470. [20:16:31] <Nodachi> Leeet's say the nekomata herself takes the big hit
  471. [20:16:51] <Nodachi> Maybe the weather makes the other one 1/8th?
  472. [20:16:57] <Nodachi> EITHER WAY, BOOM
  473. [20:16:59] <~Plutonis> Both are KO'd then. "Unyaaaa! I just want to go hooome!" Shiro now realizes he's sort of boned.
  474. [20:17:10] <Nodachi> That is one smug-ass candle grin.
  475. [20:17:54] <Hitomi> The rain starts pouring. Hitomi shares this grin for other reasons, even though she's likely to be knocked down by a small breeze at this point.
  476. [20:18:25] <Hitomi> Masami, on the other hand, hasn't been a target of anything yet, despite being the defensive mon. Oh well, at least it did something.
  477. [20:18:26] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Ichiro - Nodachi - Atsuko - Shiro -Kokoro - Hitomi - || Genbu - Masami - Boing - Candle'
  478. [20:18:41] <~Plutonis> (Okay, time for you guys to beat the shit out of this fox bishie)
  479. [20:20:01] <Nodachi> (I'll let Ichiro do the honors if he wants)
  480. [20:20:43] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (My turn?)
  481. [20:21:05] <Nodachi> (technically both of ours, but go for it)
  482. [20:21:15] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20 waterpulse on Shiro (Genbu)
  483. [20:21:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, waterpulse on Shiro (Genbu): 18 [1d20=18]
  484. [20:21:20] <Hitomi> We've got 3 turns in a row here. It's also Botherer's turn. Fun times!
  485. [20:21:43] <Nodachi> (no it's ichiro's turn, not genbu's)
  486. [20:21:56] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (But Genbu hasnt gone yet.)
  487. [20:22:15] <Nodachi> (Oh huh, I thought he did last turn)
  488. [20:22:16] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Oh. I derped.)
  489. [20:22:26] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (He hasnt gone, but he's first in init now? O_o)
  490. [20:22:41] <Hitomi> Well, he WAS first in Poke-Init.
  491. [20:22:59] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Ah. I missed it. Oh well.)
  492. [20:23:00] <~Plutonis> (In any case, trainer turns... and roll damage on pulse)
  493. [20:23:31] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 2d8+8+10 +Confuse
  494. [20:23:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, +Confuse: 21 [2d8=1,2]
  495. [20:23:51] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> then 1d20 ichiro back of the spear
  496. [20:23:56] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20
  497. [20:23:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  498. [20:24:01] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (AC4)
  499. [20:24:20] <~Plutonis> He's reeling and confused, but still healthy it seems... Ichiro's attack misses though. Sword and Shota!
  500. [20:24:29] <Nodachi> 2#1d20+1 TWO SWORD STRIKES!
  501. [20:24:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, TWO SWORD STRIKES!: 11 [1d20=10], 2 [1d20=1]
  502. [20:24:36] <Nodachi> come on
  503. [20:24:37] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro is too busy being on fire to attack accurately
  504. [20:24:44] <Hitomi> That's unacceptable. Roll again.
  505. [20:24:49] <Hitomi> Probability Control!
  506. [20:24:55] <Nodachi> 1d20+1 A-Arigatou, Hitomi-chan
  507. [20:24:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, A-Arigatou, Hitomi-chan: 12 [1d20=11]
  508. [20:25:06] <Nodachi> "GWAHAHA! TAKE THIS!"
  509. [20:25:14] <Nodachi> 2#2d8+6+5+3+2
  510. [20:25:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Nodachi, 2#2d8+6+5+3+2: 24 [2d8=6,2], 24 [2d8=4,4]
  511. [20:25:34] <Atsuko> Hey, Mitsuwa! Have a pseudo-Probability Control! Leader's Guidance! Why not try that again? ... Or some other At-Will frequency action?
  512. [20:26:06] <~Plutonis> "It's time... For you all to burn! DIE HUMANS!!!"
  513. [20:26:08] <Hitomi> It's just another turn!
  514. [20:26:12] <~Plutonis> 1d20 confucheck
  515. [20:26:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, confucheck: 10 [1d20=10]
  516. [20:26:15] <Atsuko> Atsuko pulls back his empty drawstring and looses the energizing winds once more on Ichiro!
  517. [20:26:32] <Hitomi> There's still more actions to be taken, Pluto~
  518. [20:26:37] <~Plutonis> Shiro tries to breath another fire breath but ends up choking instead.
  519. [20:26:41] <~Plutonis> (Well go on then)
  520. [20:26:45] <Nodachi> WHAT A TONISU-CHAN KAWAII DESU UGUU =^-^=
  521. [20:26:52] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20 Back end of the spear
  522. [20:26:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, Back end of the spear: 4 [1d20=4]
  523. [20:26:56] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> ffffuuuuu
  524. [20:27:47] <Nodachi> (that is so moe, try for a shiny)
  525. [20:27:50] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20 triple?
  526. [20:27:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, triple?: 5 [1d20=5]
  527. [20:27:58] <Hitomi> DICEMAID!
  528. [20:28:10] <Atsuko> This just in: DiceMaid is a throbbing, pulsating cunt!
  529. [20:28:20] <Hitomi> Yeah, shit out of luck. Don't want to get Murphy Points, even though we never use them.
  530. [20:28:47] <~Plutonis> (thanks for remembering me of them)
  531. [20:28:59] <Nodachi> (you gooves should use 3 wishes anyway)
  532. [20:29:10] <Hitomi> But are you keeping track!
  533. [20:29:32] <~Plutonis> 1d20 rerolling shiro's confucheck then
  534. [20:29:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Plutonis, rerolling shiro's confucheck then: 7 [1d20=7]
  535. [20:29:51] <~Plutonis> (She's in your favor. Hitomi and Kokoro)
  536. [20:30:26] <Hitomi> Heeeeee. I didn't actually use it though, but I guess that's a previous charge cleared. Kokoro, do the honors so Hitomi doesn't collapse of exhaustion or something.
  537. [20:30:29] * Atsuko runs a finger down his neck after firing the shot. Not because he's narcissistic, but to get his little floony's attention. "Reppu, your turn!" (Speed 10 for 'floon after they go)
  538. [20:33:39] <Kokoro> Kokoro doesn't do attacky things herself, silly! She's holding holding holding.
  539. [20:34:15] <Hitomi> Fiiiiiine. Sadly Hitomi simply doesn't have the energy to use on someone that's about to get beat up by pokemon. She passes!
  540. [20:34:43] <Hitomi> She could eat, but this is good food and she'll save it for when she needs it.
  541. [20:35:06] <~Plutonis> (Genbu then)
  542. [20:35:13] <~Plutonis> (wait, no, Floon)
  543. [20:35:23] * Plutonis changes topic to 'Ichiro - Nodachi - Atsuko - Shiro -Kokoro - Hitomi - || Reppu - Genbu - Masami - Boing - Candle'
  544. [20:37:56] <Atsuko> Reppu sticks out one of his little heart shaped feeler thingies, and catches a raindrop from the rainstorm that's going on in the room... Then another, and another, until he's got himself a little ball. He spins it around, causing it to expand as it draws in more raindrops, until a ball the size of its... balloon head... is formed! Reppu lets out a "FLOOOOO~"
  545. [20:38:03] <Atsuko> before playfully tossing the ball over, and then...
  546. [20:38:13] <Atsuko> 1d20 The Weather Ball Pops!
  547. [20:38:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, The Weather Ball Pops!: 17 [1d20=17]
  548. [20:38:33] <Atsuko> 4d12+16+13 Water
  549. [20:38:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Atsuko, Water: 47 [4d12=2,3,10,3]
  550. [20:38:54] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> 1d20 watergun
  551. [20:38:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Mitsuwa_Ichiro, watergun: 2 [1d20=2]
  552. [20:38:59] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> (Nope.avi)
  553. [20:40:01] <Hitomi> Let's wait for the results before throwing a Water Pulse on it!
  554. [20:40:03] <~Plutonis> The ball explodes, completely dousing and knocking Shiro out! Kuchiko lets out a yelp from behind her chair. "Yeeep!"
  555. [20:40:14] <~Plutonis> "I-i'm so sorry!"
  556. [20:40:17] <Nodachi> "Ha! That was a good duel!"
  557. [20:40:34] <Nodachi> "Irori, go over there and help the kappa up, would you?"
  558. [20:41:05] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "You have terrible taste in friends, Kuchiko."
  559. [20:42:28] <Hitomi> "Aaaaand that's that. You aren't the one that needs to apologize, that shall be them whenever they wake up." Her voice is strained, that's what happens when MAGIC and being smacked by a signal beam that never helps. "...And I probably ruined some of the leftovers, too." She sighs, before deciding to eat a few things that aren't ruined by the sprinkle. ...Except the cucumbers.
  560. [20:42:33] <~Plutonis> "They aren't exactly my friends... Well, Neko is but..." The poor girl just looks down, even her second mouth :(ing at the situation.
  561. [20:44:03] <Nodachi> "WELL! We sure showed 'em what we could do, huh?" The sword BURSTS into laughter. "But the thing I'M worried about is the weapons you guys use... or don't, in some cases. Looks like this old man's gotta get to work making some better ones, huh!"
  562. [20:44:37] <Nodachi> "Ah well, all's well that ends well! Maybe his lordship can have a talk with 'em when they come to."
  563. [20:46:32] <Hitomi> Munch munch munch. "I'm not sure...if letting a ton of people know about what happened here is...a good idea, so...well, letting them sit might not be the best long do you suppose they'll be out?" Munch munch munch. This shit is tiring, you know.
  564. [20:46:38] <~Plutonis> Which won't take much considering those guys' inhuman stamina! Better to restrain them before it happens!
  565. [20:46:54] <Nodachi> "Hey Obi, ya busy?"
  566. [20:48:47] <Hitomi> "...also, there's the whole 'they attacked us and likely will again or at least just cause more trouble' bit, so someone needs to make sure they don't simply run around. I'm...getting my energy back, so could someone else restrain them for the time being?" Munch munch munch.
  567. [20:49:53] <~Plutonis> "Just don't hurt them more... I'm sure Mister Nakapa and Miss Nekode will come to their senses."
  568. [20:50:00] * Nodachi does indeed have the Lickitung do it, even though ropes would probably do the job better.
  569. [20:50:08] <Kokoro> "...Oh. There was a fight here. Or so I suspect."
  570. [20:50:21] <~Plutonis> "...I don't know about Shiro though. He's really hot-headed." Kuchiko sighs.
  571. [20:50:39] <Nodachi> "HAHAHA I get it! 'Cause he used fire moves! That's clever!"
  572. [20:52:01] <Hitomi> "...Anyone have fireproof rope, or something?"
  573. [20:52:55] <Nodachi> "... Hmm, yeah, that angle's kinda weird. I guess it won't hol- hey, don't have TOO much fun over there!" Shing. "... Aaw who am I kiddin', it's a party!"
  574. [20:53:59] <~Plutonis> The catgirl and the Kappa start to come to their senses meanwhile... "Nya..." "Hrmm..."
  575. [20:54:55] * Nodachi nudges some sake toward the kappa.
  576. [20:54:59] <Nodachi> ... They DO have sake, right?
  577. [20:55:01] <Nodachi> They better have sake.
  578. [20:55:16] <Hitomi> The maid was offering around sake, so there's PROBABLY sake.
  579. [20:55:31] <~Plutonis> (Evaporated)
  580. [20:55:41] <~Plutonis> (Due to drought :B)
  581. [20:55:51] <Atsuko> If it was a party, Atsuko's father was probably involved in coordinating it. So yeah, there should totally be-Oh, for fuck's sake!
  582. [20:56:02] <Nodachi> THEN HE MAKES KO-TAN GO GET SOME M- oh wait the maid can go get some more yeah
  583. [20:56:20] <Nodachi> Ha ha. Fuck's sake. Because we're talking about sake. That's clever.
  584. [20:57:17] <Hitomi> If that's the case, the rain might have traces of it. Or have just been sake. What a rainstorm.
  585. [20:57:38] <Hitomi> There's still food though, dammit. Munch munch munch.
  586. [20:58:25] <~Plutonis> Let's assume the rain dance was the sake vapors then.
  587. [20:58:31] <Nodachi> excellent
  588. [20:59:36] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> lol
  589. [21:00:46] <DavidChaos> I'm sorry...I probably look like a total flop, with having personal issues for the past three weeks...
  590. [21:00:49] <~Plutonis> Nakapa drinks the gross watered down Sake that is served. "Hrrrm. Don't you actually have some cucumbers?"
  591. [21:00:55] <~Plutonis> (Not here.)
  592. [21:01:35] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "We don't have any here. Also why the hell did you kick me in the crotch?! Not cool!"
  593. [21:02:19] <~Plutonis> "You did repay that, young human, hohoho!" Nekode meanwhile looks really depressed about being beaten. "Unya... They are going to make Biwas out of me, won't they?" While Shiro is still KO'd.
  594. [21:03:49] <Nodachi> "HEY, I know! Maybe those no-good pirates'll have some cucumbers for the taking once we take 'em over! That sounds like something you'd probably eat on the sea."
  595. [21:03:57] <Nodachi> "Maybe. I mean, I wasn't on the sea once when I had a body."
  596. [21:03:59] * Nodachi sniff.
  597. [21:04:42] <Hitomi> Munch munch munch--ok that's enough. If Shiro isn't subdued yet, she'll mutter something and go get something not flammable to tie Shiro up with so he doesn't blow everything up.
  598. [21:04:51] * Atsuko only has the faintest sign of concern on his face as he listens on, wringing out his now wet hair in the meantime. "Whatever Biwas are, I don't believe we have the intent to make them out of you... Or anything else of the sort, I don't think..."
  599. [21:05:01] <Hitomi> A tongue doesn't count. Shiro is spicy as hell.
  600. [21:05:17] <Nodachi> Yeah, Obi ain't touchin' that.
  601. [21:05:24] <~Plutonis> (It's a musical instrument)
  602. [21:05:29] <~Plutonis> (japanese guitar)
  603. [21:06:04] <Atsuko> (... Well, this is embarassing.)
  604. [21:06:40] <Hitomi> (I THOUGHT YOU WENT TO SEE THE WORLD, ATSUKO)
  605. [21:07:04] <Hitomi> (You're embarrassing your sister. D:)
  606. [21:07:18] <Atsuko> (I didn't know what Biwas were! And I already made a note that Atsuko is forgetful as shit about things! Why do you think i have "Random Knowledge"?)
  607. [21:07:23] <Nodachi> (And your underlings, THESE PEOPLE ARE SUPPOSED TO GIVE THEIR LIVES FOR YOU)
  608. [21:07:52] <~Plutonis> (Also timewise that's supposed to be after the pirates are beaten, tree)
  609. [21:08:07] <Nodachi> (oh huh, didn't know that)
  610. [21:08:21] <~Plutonis> (It's on the first line :<)
  611. [21:09:02] <Nodachi> (Well yeah, victory against the chosokabe fleet, I'm talking about taking over their WHOLE ISLAND though)
  612. [21:09:56] <~Plutonis> "Yeah, well, could you at least untie us? With mister 'killemall' out there defeated, i think it's a better time to talk about things." "Nya, i agree!"
  613. [21:10:06] <~Plutonis> *out cold
  614. [21:10:45] <Nodachi> "'Kay, Obi, that's enough, go find the geishas or something! Thanks for the help though."
  615. [21:14:43] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Indeed, fetch me some tea too, will you?"
  616. [21:16:58] <~Plutonis> "That's nice, indeed." Nakapa dusts off himself while Kuchiko heads off to take some tea. "So... Sorry about that, Shiro is a bit adamant on proving himself and growing a new tail or something. Damn kid will get himself killed." Nekode purrs and puts her head on Ichiro's lap. "Nyaaa~"
  617. [21:18:57] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "Awhhha?!"
  618. [21:19:08] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro sets her head off his lap.
  619. [21:19:09] <Nodachi> "Well, in war, that's the kind of attitude you WANT to have!" The sword scrapes against a wall in an attempt to dry off or something. "But we're definitely not at war, so his is pretty misplaced. STILL! When I forged and sold swords hotheads like him would come in every day; and as long as they could actually pay for 'em it was all I could do to just give 'em weapons and HOPE they didn't get themselves killed, y'know?"
  620. [21:20:06] <~Plutonis> The poor catgirl hisses at him and goes for Atsuko's lap instead.
  621. [21:20:17] <~Plutonis> It's as awkward as it sounds.
  622. [21:20:23] <Nodachi> Crotch armor is a terrible pillow anyway.
  623. [21:20:28] <Hitomi> "Ah, I suppose that would explain the aggression. It'd be a rather bad idea to have this happen again, though. I just hope that beating was enough to get it through his skull that he can't prove anything dead, and would likely prove himself better by just keeping it down a bit until he's on a real battlefield."
  624. [21:22:18] <~Plutonis> "We are not even supposed to be at war with anyone. Our village has too few people to threaten the humans, that's why we keep secrecy about things. That and well, our ancestors' customs who were not very liked by the humans." Nakapa sips some more sake. "He's talking about how they ate humans, nya~" Nekode says from Atsuko's lap. "Scratch my ears please~?"
  625. [21:22:39] <Atsuko> Atsuko's completely bowled over by the catgirl, and made use of as the pillow. Reppu releases and clings onto the catgirl, thinking it just a chain hug! "Yes, I... Err... Would hope that in the future he could restrain his temper until it's appropriate to explode on someone..."
  626. [21:23:07] * Atsuko just looks down at the catgirl, and then to the rest of the people around him. Best not to provoke anyone further, accident or not, so... Uhh... Scratch scratch?
  627. [21:23:16] <Nodachi> "Oh, well there's no need to worry about that one, I'm pretty sure humans taste awful! GWAAAAHAHAHAHA! ... Well, at least I do, but I'm a pretty strange case, I guess."
  628. [21:23:56] <~Plutonis> "I am sure Lady Yuki will give him a harsh lecture. Speaking of which..." He turns to Kuchiko, who squeals after noticing what's going on. "M-mister Nakapa, please!"
  629. [21:24:46] <Nodachi> "So what's this village of yours like, anyway? If you're not all like him, surely we could work out some trade deals or something? Looks like you have some pretty NICE weapons."
  630. [21:27:02] <~Plutonis> The Kappa sighs while looking to the other two conscious Youkai. "Well, i believe taking you guys to it might help set things up. Meet up with the Lady and all. You really should keep him restrained though." He points at Shiro.
  631. [21:27:25] <~Plutonis> Nekode makes paw motions at the air, pleased at the ear scratch. "Nyaa~nya~nya~"
  632. [21:28:24] <Hitomi> "Took care of it." She pretty much tied him up as well as possible with the least flamable/most suited to tying things up' thing she could possibly manage.
  633. [21:29:07] <~Plutonis> (Wet rope?)
  634. [21:29:30] <Nodachi> (tongue is pretty wet too you know!)
  635. [21:30:26] <~Plutonis> (you said he was spicy)
  636. [21:30:48] <Nodachi> (oh we didn't USE the tongue- it's just totally wet)
  637. [21:31:03] <Hitomi> A firefox is definitely spicy. Or just hot. Wet rope can actually do, since she can keep it wet.
  638. [21:34:10] <Hitomi> Despite not having any rain waker abilities except the base, she can still do the whole water thing!
  639. [21:34:35] <Nodachi> Wizards, no sense of etc
  640. [21:35:46] <Atsuko> "I believe arranging to meet with the Lady would be an excellent idea!" What, I derped and didn't think that was directed towards me! And cats like belly rubs, right? ... Well, the cats I know do, so Atsuko just switches to those!
  641. [21:36:05] <Nodachi> (Pervert.)
  642. [21:36:15] <~Plutonis> (She's with her exposed belly also. pervert)
  643. [21:36:39] <~Plutonis> She does paw at the air more cutely though. Everyone just looks at that a bit weirded out though.
  644. [21:37:53] <Hitomi> "...I see you've made a new friend, Atsuko."
  645. [21:37:54] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro waits patently for his tea.
  646. [21:38:43] <~Plutonis> Kuchiko serves a new round by then! "Oh..." She points at the knocked out Hiramasa. "What about him?"
  647. [21:38:48] <Nodachi> "I LIKE the sound of that! Just looking at 'em inspires me to go forge some more! ... Well, it's kinda tough to do without hands, but I think I'll manage."
  648. [21:39:06] <Nodachi> "Him? Ehh, he'll be fine, seems like he passes out or sneaks off every time we get in a fight anyway."
  649. [21:39:17] <Hitomi> "He'll get better. I think he just fainted from shock or something." Shrug.
  650. [21:40:51] * Atsuko 's not a Youkai! He doesn't know Youkai customs! He's just obliviously petting away until the staaares are caught by him... At which point Atsuko slows down. "Am I doing something wrong? This isn't something your customs frown upon, is it?" What did he do wrong now?
  651. [21:41:12] <~Plutonis> "Oh you mean those?" Nakapa picks up Shiro's twin tachi and hands it to Kokoro or whoever is holding the talking sword. "You can have them, will show that one how to start fights, huh? Haha!"
  652. [21:41:58] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro sips his tea and merely listens.
  653. [21:42:03] <Nodachi> "Aha! THAT'S the spirit! Let me have a look at how it's crafted here..."
  654. [21:42:17] <~Plutonis> "N-nothing wrong..." Kuchiko says while HEAVILY blushing. Nakapa himself is having this huge knowing grin at Atsuko. "Heehehehe, nothing wrong, my boy."
  655. [21:42:49] <Hitomi> "Take good care of her." She looks very amused.
  656. [21:43:42] <Kokoro> Kokoro accepts said object without reacting very much.
  657. [21:43:49] <~Plutonis> The two swords themselves appear to be well-made! Of course, Nodachi recognizes he made much better ones during his life, but those two appear to be filled with the 火 sign on it. Are they 'runes'?
  658. [21:44:25] * Atsuko lets out a small sigh of relief. "That's a relief... I was worried I had done something wrong for a moment." And then he goes back to belly rubbing~
  659. [21:48:06] <Nodachi> ISN'T THAT THE LANGUAGE EVERYBODY SPEAKS? Is it not obvious that says 'fire?'
  660. [21:48:10] <~Plutonis> "Mrrrowww~" She paws at the air and hugs Atsuko.
  661. [21:48:17] <~Plutonis> (Yes. It is.)
  662. [21:49:00] <Nodachi> "HAHAHA! That's our daimyo, for sure!"
  663. [21:53:15] <Atsuko> Atsuko's taken by surprise when the catgirl youkai springs on him once again for the hug... Oh God what did he even do now? This is embarassing! This is not how a daimyo's supposed to appear before his retainers! Or before his guests, even! He's totally blushing with a legitimately nervous expression on his face now.
  664. [21:53:45] * Nodachi is just cackling at it.
  665. [21:55:04] <Kokoro> "Inappropriate
  666. [21:55:04] <Kokoro> That the “leader” should fall for
  667. [21:55:04] <Kokoro> A cross-bred kitten"
  668. [21:55:10] <~Plutonis> "Nyaaa~! Hey Nakapa, can i stay here with him?" She asks while smothering the poor Daimyo on her chest. "Oh, you want him as a pet? I can't deny you anything, but you should ask the Lady about that, shawhawhaw!" He slaps his own knee while saying that.
  669. [21:56:43] <Hitomi> "...I really should be upset right now. But...look, if anyone is being anyone's pet, it's you, not Atsuko. None of this silly stuff in public, alright?"
  670. [21:58:30] * Atsuko 's eyes jolt wide at the mention of 'being her pet'... "I beg your pardon?"
  671. [22:00:07] <Nodachi> "Well, a daimyo's a daimyo! He can keep a pet if he wants, can't he? GWAHA! ... And these swords really aren't too shabby, though whoever made 'em might have a thing or two to learn. What's with the writing, though? Just to look snazzy?"
  672. [22:00:46] <Kakita_Satsuki> "Oh, how wonderful that you're improving human-yokai relations, Koketsuna-sama," Hiramasa murmurs as he sits up again, brushing himself off and making his way over to sit next to Nakapa. "Did anyone ever get you those cucumbers?"
  673. [22:00:49] <~Plutonis> Nakapa just laughs at Atsuko's question. It's obvious he's REALLY enjoying that. Nekode herself just hisses at Hitomi.
  674. [22:03:34] <Kakita_Satsuki> "Oh, and if you don't keep mentioning a Lady." Hiramasa is careful to pronounce it with a capital letter. "Would you mind telling me about her?"
  675. [22:04:36] <Hitomi> Hitomi gives the Neko one of those scary stares, but then returns to listening to the conversation.
  676. [22:05:32] <~Plutonis> "Ah, Lady Yuki?" Kuchiko meeps meekly. "S-she's the leader of all Youkai in Ransei." "Not everyone." Interrupts Nakapa. "There are the feral ones... Like the Oni. They have even started to rumble a bit more lately."
  677. [22:06:15] <Kakita_Satsuki> "If you don't mind my asking, do you think it has to do with the, ah, discord in the realm of humans?"
  678. [22:06:27] * Kakita_Satsuki siiiips tea.
  679. [22:08:07] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro sips his tea as well.
  680. [22:08:10] <~Plutonis> "Nya... I don't know, actually. There have always been those who like to attack and eat hyumans~" Nekode snuggles a bit more at the poor Atsuko. "They are really dangerous though. Youkai who fought their whole life and worship that Orochi monster."
  681. [22:08:51] <Kakita_Satsuki> "Orochi...orochi."
  682. [22:09:15] <Atsuko> Yeah, while this may be Jirou's fantasy to have his face pressed between a pair of boobies, if it's Atsuko's as well it's not anything he's gonna publicly concede to! He tries carefully to remove his face from the Neko... But legitimately freaked out now, he kinda panics and just pushes her boobs out of his face. "My apologies, but I don't think becoming
  683. [22:09:16] <Atsuko> another's pet is quite what I'm seeking at this moment..." Once (or if) his face is free of boobs, he turns to the conversation. "This Shiro fellow over in the corner wouldn't happen to be one of those feral Pokemon, would he? ... Or becoming one, rather?" Questions, even if they're bad questions, are important to ask.
  684. [22:09:38] <Atsuko> -Pokemon +Youkai**
  685. [22:09:46] * Kakita_Satsuki winces.
  686. [22:10:28] <~Plutonis> Orochi... A most terrifying fairytale of old. The eight-headed dragon who ravaged Ransei and devoured all kind of life before the god Susanoo sealed him under a chain of mountains. Supposedly there are some maidens who still guard the creature's seal though.
  687. [22:10:44] <Kakita_Satsuki> (yeah I'd probably know about that because prophet)
  688. [22:11:15] <Kakita_Satsuki> "These are troubling things you speak of, Nakapa-san."
  689. [22:11:18] <~Plutonis> (Yes, that's exposition for the others too. it is a known fairytale)
  690. [22:11:52] <Hitomi> "...I suppose we'll have to keep that in mind, if our luck gets any worse than it already has." She mumbles something about zombies.
  691. [22:12:49] <~Plutonis> "Hohoho, is it?" He munches on a cucumber. "Orochi is dead and buried. Lady Yuki does well to take us away from such legends. She is the one who forbid the Youkai from eating humans 300 years ago, you know. The oldest and most powerful Youkai in Ransei, unless you count on that dead snake, hohoho!"
  692. [22:14:04] <~Plutonis> Nekode just SNUGGLES Atsuko a bit more, nibbling on his ear. "He's so cuuute~. But no, Shiro doesn't eat humans i think, nya. He likes to beat them up though, such a bully~" Nibble nibble.
  693. [22:14:20] <~Plutonis> Her two tails start waving at Hitomi's face while saying that.
  694. [22:15:52] <Hitomi> A tail is gently yanked with telekinesis promptly. "Yeah, all the more reason to keep it in mind. Last thing I want running around is a zombie dragon."
  695. [22:16:44] <Hitomi> Little does she know, all of her Murphy's Points are probably fueling its resurrection. Hee.
  696. [22:17:31] <Kakita_Satsuki> "Tell me, does she know of the time before humans were as they are now?"
  697. [22:18:52] <~Plutonis> "There was war as well, wasn't it? She has no enmity for humans, just wants a respectable distance." Nakapa shrugs.
  698. [22:20:40] <Kakita_Satsuki> "That's not exactly what I meant..."
  699. [22:20:42] <Atsuko> An "Aaack!" escapes Atsuko's lips as his ear starts getting gnawed on. "The compliment is... Appreciated... And it seems that this Lady Yuki is quite intent on improving the relations between humans and youkai... A woman of such noble intent is more than welcome to visit our lands whenever she'd... Oh..." Well, that's saddening to hear.
  700. [22:21:04] <Nodachi> "Well!" The sword finishes up some scraping and such. "We don't want to be dragging anyone unwilling into our war or anything. But that sure doesn't mean we can't trade, anyway! I bet our cultures both have lots of things to learn from each other."
  701. [22:21:05] <Kakita_Satsuki> "....But forgive me, perhaps I am speaking of things unsuitable for such a pleasant occasion."
  702. [22:23:01] <Kakita_Satsuki> "Speaking of."
  703. [22:23:09] <Kakita_Satsuki> "Koketsuna-sama."
  704. [22:23:12] <~Plutonis> "Oh, i said i'm taking you to the village, did i not?" Nakapa guffaws as water starts to drench the surroundings. "We were just..." "RRRrrrrAAAAAARGH!" suddenly Shiro starts flipping out as he wakes up.
  705. [22:23:17] <Kakita_Satsuki> "I do believe it would be only-"
  706. [22:23:46] * Kakita_Satsuki hesitates for only a moment, and then goes on smoothly, "I do believe it would be only proper to prepare a gift to take with us."
  707. [22:24:12] * Hitomi makes sure those ropes are nice and not likely to catch on fire. Something better to do than watch her brother get seduced, yay.
  708. [22:24:30] <~Plutonis> "NAKAPA, NEKODE! HOW DARE YOU PROPOSE TO BRING HUMANS TO...!" He's blasted by a strong jet of water from Nakapa's water disk for his troubles. "What a troublesome child."
  709. [22:24:52] <Nodachi> "Aha! A GIFT! Well, I could probably forge something with enough time..."
  710. [22:25:38] <~Plutonis> Nekode continues do cuddle poor Atsuko though, whispering on his ear. "Nyaaa~ If your sister say i can be your pet... I can be your pet, you know. M-A-S-T-E-R <3"
  711. [22:26:09] <Kakita_Satsuki> "Ah, Shiro was it? Would you like some tea? Some fried tofu? We can probably get some."
  712. [22:27:03] <~Plutonis> "T-tofu?" Damn! It appears Hiramasa's knowledge of a Kitsunebi's greatest weakness has proven valuable!
  713. [22:27:51] <~Plutonis> And yes, the ropes are wet as hell, although the catgirl is getting too close for confort on Atsuko!
  714. [22:28:12] <Hitomi> And then they can go get married after relations are improved enough to have the world not break into a riot. The marriage will be the final seal for positive relations. As long as he's wearing the pants, it should be OK.
  715. [22:28:23] <Hitomi> Hitomi has a sly grin on her face. Who knows why?
  716. [22:29:35] <Kakita_Satsuki> 1d20+6 derp herp
  717. [22:29:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Kakita_Satsuki, derp herp: 12 [1d20=6]
  718. [22:30:17] <~Plutonis> No fried tofu, only mapo.
  719. [22:30:42] <Kakita_Satsuki> good enough
  720. [22:30:47] * Kakita_Satsuki serves it up anyway!
  721. [22:31:26] <~Plutonis> "Kyon! That's not fried tof-hrrmgh!" He swallows it in mid of protesting.
  722. [22:31:45] <Kakita_Satsuki> "I did the very best I could. Please forgive me."
  723. [22:32:01] * Atsuko soscaredallhecandoisleaningawayfromcatgirlinmildhorror.avi
  724. [22:32:52] <~Plutonis> "Also do you want a suggestion on what to do, Sir Sword?" Nakapa says with a jolly smile. "Lady Yuki would appreciate a hairpin or anything such. She's too strong to need a weapon."
  725. [22:32:53] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro whispers something in Atsuko's ear.
  726. [22:32:58] <Hitomi> Hitomi gets a cup, and magically produces water inside. She then sips. Siiiiiiiiip.
  727. [22:34:11] <Nodachi> "Ha! I sure do have plenty of materials lying around, I guess I can see what I could do."
  728. [22:34:58] * Kakita_Satsuki settles down again when he's pretty sure Shiro's too busy eating to throw a temper tantrum.
  729. [22:35:30] <~Plutonis> "Stupid human!" Shiro pouts at Hiramasa. "You steal my sword and give me bad tofu! I should have you all seared!"
  730. [22:35:32] * Mitsuwa_Ichiro sits back down, and sips his tea.
  731. [22:37:02] <Hitomi> "Should, huh." She refills. This is far too handy.
  732. [22:37:08] <Atsuko> "I'm... Hoping such a thing won't be necessary," Atsuko meeps out from beneath the woman.
  733. [22:37:24] <Kakita_Satsuki> "Again, my deepest apologies - I am but a humble priest, and I am unused to preparing meals for such exacting guests. Perhaps in my next life, I shall become more accomplished."
  734. [22:37:54] <Mitsuwa_Ichiro> "If you attempt to harm the Daimyo once more, I will not be so merciful."
  735. [22:38:25] <Nodachi> "Maybe Ko-tan should learn to cook, then. HA HA! She'll probably never find a husband if she doesn't!"
  736. [22:38:55] <~Plutonis> Nakapa gets up and grabs the tied Shiro. "Now, i believe you won't mind taking him back home. I believe the girls will stay here to guide you guys whenever you want to go to the Village, Ka pa pa pa!" He gives a wry smile at Nekode during the last line. Well, at least Kuchiko can stay as well, no?
  737. [22:39:31] <~Plutonis> "D-darn it, let me go Nakapa! And you lot... Even if i'm alone, i'll burn the flesh out of you!" Shiro curses at Ichiro and Hiramasa.
  738. [22:41:11] <~Plutonis> And with that, Nakapa leaves on a more unexplaniable way as him and Shiro came in, leaving only the amorous catgirl hugging Atsuko and the shy Futakuchi-onna trying to clean up the remains of the battle. "Oh dear! Oh dear!"
  739. [22:41:20] * Atsuko does give a small nod to Mitsuwa, not exactly in accord with the whole 'not being so merciful thing;' but Mitsuwa should totally get it.
  740. [22:42:02] <Hitomi> ... "Place does need some cleaning, huh." She cleans, herself. Might as well. Being a psychic helps.
  741. [22:42:16] * Kakita_Satsuki slumps, absently petting Dogan. "What an interesting celebration."
  742. [22:43:28] <Hitomi> "I suppose it was a better party than...pretty much any other party I've been to, by far." Shrug. Clean!
  743. [22:44:32] <~Plutonis> And thus, our crazy little party ends, with crazy new people to meet and crazy new stuff won. However, will our crazy little fighters manage to arrive on the village? And will they (well, technically they already did) win against the Satomi Necromancers? Well, we'll see it next time!
  744. [22:44:36] <~Plutonis> [/session]
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