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Aug 23rd, 2019
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  1. Support me and give me motivation :
  2. for make new mods for ps3 / cods for exemple new modmenu for mw2 or other stuff .
  3. for school or personnal stuff like buy new pc or other stuff and make me can do more stuff
  5. Why i need support ? :
  6. Beceause i just want peoples support me and give me motivation for continue and make more stuff than what i do now.This is also why i have take a break for 2 years i just stoped ps3 modding cause peoples don't supported my works and don't know hom much time that take to make these stuff or how hard it is . they insult me and my works just beceause i don't do it stable or other stuff
  7. soo please if you love my works and want me to continue what i do now .
  8. Support me and give me motivation.
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