Changes to the Spooky2 Family

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  1.  Changes to the Spooky2 Family
  3.     Posted by: Jeff Kaczor » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:44 am
  4.     Forum: Forum Matters
  6. Hi All,
  8. It is with much sadness that we say goodbye to one of our dear friends from the Spooky2 Team.
  10. David Bourke, a pioneer and an innovator, wishing to see Spooky2 grow under a specific vision, has taken it upon himself to try and be the sole director of where Spooky2 heads.
  12. What defines Spooky2 differently from other offerings, is the very fact that it is the collaboration of many individuals -- all giving of their time and what each could contribute best. No one single person was held in esteem above another. If you contributed, your reward was in helping another.
  14. Effective leaders come in many shapes and sizes. In some situations, a leader can dictate direction and everyone follows. You find this style of leadership typical in any corporate setting. Spooky2 is not a corporate setting. Some leaders will guide others to become competent and allow them to grow into leaders of their own. This fosters a much stronger community, where you have no one single point of failure, and many offerings that fit the varied dynamics of humanity.
  16. However, when a group ceases to no longer work together effectively, sometimes the best recourse is to part ways. Rather than destroy to wrestle control, let each head off into the sunset to do good works.
  18. I'm sure you will hear all kinds of rumors and information regarding this situation in the days to come. I hope you will have the discernment to put that information into proper context.
  20. Effective immediately, David Bourke will be starting his own offering to help humanity and we do wish him well in this endeavor.
  22. What does this mean to you?
  24. For one, nothing will change regarding the hardware and the software. David's major contributions were in the user guides and some protocol offerings. Most likely, if you wish to continue to follow David's protocols as he makes changes, you will have to go to him for updates. I'm sure since he will want you all to follow him, that he already has your contact information and will be contacting you directly.
  26. The Spooky2 community that exists on Facebook will not be affected. David, while contributing from time to time, was always against this medium as it offered no method of control, and has no claim to shut it down.
  28. The Spooky2 User Forum will also be unaffected. David started this forum, but contributions from the admins, moderators, and thousands of Spooky users, have made it grow. No single individual should dictate the direction and future of the forum.
  30. Again it is with disbelief that this is the final outcome that must come to past from a situation that has steadily been progressing for nearly a year.
  32. Our humble apologies to you, the Spooky2 family, that you even have to hear about this. It is our goal that you are not affected directly and continue to receive support on the issues you are focused on.
  34. Blessings,
  35. The Spooky2 Family
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