Oct 22nd, 2015
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  3. Daybreak Games is kicking off its annual Halloween seasonal events and promotions for players across EverQuest®, EverQuest®II, PlanetSide® 2, DC Universe™ Online, H1Z1®, and Landmark™.
  5. With the events kicking off now and stretching to early November, players will have a chance to participate in various in-game Halloween events, contests, and activities as well as the chance to be treated with promotional items, both new and from Halloweens past, to spook up their gameplay experience.
  7. Daybreak’s Halloween activities include:
  9. EverQuest: Oct. 28 – Nov. 11
  10. Marketplace Items: Oct. 1 – Nov. 11
  11. Players can also enjoy this year’s Nights of the Dead celebration with the return of their favorite holiday events! Both tricks and treats are plentiful as festive merchants return to starting cities just in time for the holiday celebrations. Tricks and Treats are plenty for Norrathians with the reappearance of 35 previous Halloween marketplace items and new ones as well!
  13. EverQuest II: Oct. 8 – Nov. 2
  14. Marketplace Items: Oct. 1 – Nov. 2
  15. Nights of the Dead rises again! Frights and freaks are on the prowl in Norrath but the festivities are bountiful! All the previous year’s items and events are back with a vengeance including new Halloween-themed Player Studio Items, costumes, and weapons to make every Norrathian a little more frightening!
  17. PlanetSide 2: Sept. 23 – Nov. 12
  18. Do not beware the pumpkins; shoot them all! In this year’s Nanite of the Living Dead, players can collect pumpkin seeds from shooting pumpkins to purchase Halloween Helmets. All-new menacing season themed weapons can be added to players’ arsenals! So whether they are into slashing or shooting, there is an abundance of tricks and treats for everyone!
  20. DC Universe Online: Oct.1 – Nov. 2
  21. Gotham is a lot darker than it usually is as the Witching Hour returns with some new twists. Players have a chance to earn Spooky Bites everyday during the event. Earn enough and they can pay a visit to Skeet’s Boo-tique to purchase creepy tricks, treats, and items for their base or guild hall.
  23. H1Z1: Oct. 27 – Nov. 12
  24. As if things weren’t scary enough, Halloween approaches and the zombies seem to be catching the Halloween spirit. Survivors can expect to come across zombies with a pumpkin head, which they can kill and loot for special tricks and treats. Battle Royale also offers players a chance to find a rare scarecrow mask from airdrops.
  26. Landmark: Oct. 8 – Oct. 29
  27. Get ready for a Halloween Livestream Party! On October 29, the Landmark developers will host a special livestream to visit “Halloween Island”, the place that was created specifically for Halloween builds to celebrate all things spooky. Players can visit the island, see the builds, and hang out with other players as the event unfolds live. There will be giveaways for players during the event if they find the livestream hosts on Halloween Island.
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