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  1. # Minecraft Username:
  2. #### Apply for Staff Team Application: Bellabee14
  3. Enter the answers to the question(s) below.
  4. 1. Minecraft Username:
  5. Bellabee14
  6. 2. Discord ID:
  7. Bellabee14 #4396
  8. 3. Tell us about your Minecraft experience/journey (How long you’ve been playing, your interests, etc):
  9. I have been playing for many years haha but just got into servers probably 4ish years ago now and have been loving it ever since. I have experience with being a helper/mod/admin on multiple types of servers including ones with mod packs and plugins I am also familiar with commands and mcmmo! I'm a big fan of building and playing in survival and hanging out and chatting with people in the community!
  10. 4. What are some things you’d like to see in the server?:
  11. I am very excited about the plugins and organization of the server so far! I love the spawn area and can't wait for expansions with loot crates and donor ranks! (cannot wait to donate) additionally it would be cool to see some basic animal spawners at spawn for people to get started with food and such also maybe an enchant area also for people getting started with things. other than that i'm just really excited to watch the server grow and can't wait to be apart of it all!
  12. 5. What is something current you think we should change about Shifting Spires?
  13. so far i would just like to see it continue to expand and have higher membership and more involvement from all members but i know all of that will come with time
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