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  1. Vastly different business model of Thankyou and competitors:
  2. An aspect of dynamic configurations of startups and turnarounds (Mintzberg); where entrepreneurship is found and strategy can be developed
  3. Thankyou: delegates profits made from sales of water bottles and baby care products to act as charitable donations to worldwide charity organizations (Value Capture)
  4. Thankyou: Track your Impact is another value capturing that not only enhances the relationship between the consumer and the product but also detaches itself from the competition in this aspect
  5. complex set of values, beliefs, assumptions, and symbols that define the way in which a firm conducts its business (Barney); the charitable culture of Thankyou acts in a way that provides a  competitive advantage while simultaneously capturing value
  6. Espouses ((wjinberg and mol))’s notion of innovation whereby market selectors (supermarkets) deem Thankyou to be capturing value and thus will stock its products on their shelves
  7. Socio-political strategy employed enables it to counter any troubles by partnering with big suppliers e.g. woolies & coles
  8. Thankyou should be able to utilize their difference (TyI – an institutional innovation) to sway the decision-making powers of selection systems
  9.     - if the value created by water bottle industry can be changed to reflect what could be done for the environment as a result of purchasing water bottles, the differing notions of value held by dominant selectors may change alongside that (as according to wjinberg and gemser’s theory) 
  10.     - while not necessarily a peripheral player – Thankyou has the incentive, not necessarily the ability to influence current dominant selectors  eventually lead to commercial success
  13.     - link to Mt Franklin pink lids only occurring in October – raise awareness of Breast Cancer (however not all the money from sales goes to breast cancer donation)
  15. Consumers can track not only their own impact but the impact of the company itself and other projects that other consumers have contributed to
  16. - Instills a sense of trust and belief that consumers are doing good and perhaps offset the social stigma that comes with purchasing plastic water bottles in general
  18. If supermarkets are stocking more Thankyou Branded water, then it increases the likelihood of consumers purchasing that particular brand  more profit  more donations to charity  organizational growth and expansion  influencing similar types of business operations in competitors  possibility of Thankyou acting as a forefront in this new type of social enterprise industry (snowball effect) – Kingston 2001 (Competitive Imitation – for the good of sustainability and resolving the over-raching social issues)
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