The Day /a/ cried when SadPanda died 2014 Transparency

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  1. Panda Porn Preservation Project
  2.      "Through Dick, Unity"     
  3.                                 Purged ExHentai Galleries as of 12:09 AM Saturday, July 26, 2014 (GMT):
  4.                                                                 ~80,000                                
  5.                                                                                                         Discuss at #faggu on Rizon
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  7.                                         ~
  8.                                 ~Q&A with Jacob on IRC is included near the bottom. Scroll down to read it.~
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  10. To put in simple terms, up until now there were almost no eromanga that got translated into English (or other languages).
  11. Fakku recently acquired rights to translations from a Japanese eromanga publisher, Wanimagazine.
  12. Wanimagazine has targetted the biggest English eromanga community, E-hentai (called "sadpanda" by /a/), with takedown notices and are forcing them to delete  fan-translated eromanga from artists that Wanimagazine publishers for, and possibly even eromanga to which they do not have rights to.
  13. This is the same issue as with all other "pirated" Japanese media. Works are never translated, fans take up the mantle and translate it themselves, creating a market, then the owner of the Japanese media licenses it and tries to crack down on the previously freely (if niche) available content.
  14. Along with this frustration, large portions of the Community that contributes to and reads eromanga on E-hentai are furious that 'Sadpanda' is even being told to delete eromanga with questionable copyright claims, or face having to be involved in legal action.
  16. What pisses /a/ off is that Fakku also started as a site that 'illegally' hosted fan translated eromanga and only recently decided to become 'legal', buying the rights to some of those translations.
  17. Now they are basically using their allies in Japan to get a competitive advantage in the English-speaking community by also targeting series they "might like to buy" even though they do not own the rights to them.
  19. With current information, we don't know if the cause of this problem is only Wanimagazine or if Fakku themselves are involved. Fakku has stated that they are not involved with the conflict but they have no evidence against it aside from their word.
  20. This pastebin is meant to be as transparent as possible detailing both sides of the story so you, the /a/nons, can decide for yourself what is true and what isn't in order to figure out how to move forward.
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  23. - Daiz !H.264BdrFs  07/25/14(Fri)15:20:47 No.111022132
  24. >1) What exactly is going on?
  25. Wanimagazine seems to have sent Sadpanda some extra takedown notices resulting in deleted galleries.
  26. >What roles exactly do Jacob and Wani play in this whole thing?
  27. Wani sent out takedown notices a good while back on their own to various sites, including both FAKKU and Sadpanda. The latter hid some of the galleries in the secret secret club, while Jacob (creator of the former) got in touch with Wani about working together. This resulted in the publishing deal FAKKU got with Wani.
  28. Wani most likely sent those extra takedown notices because Sadpanda didn't actually delete things, just hid them from some people. Neither FAKKU nor Jacob was involved in the whole thing as FAKKU only cares about its own legit releases as far as takedowns are considered (and there have been none yet).
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  30. - Daiz !H.264BdrFs Fri 25 Jul 2014 16:13:18 No.111025328
  31. >>111025192
  32. >Jacob has said the digital versions will likely be between $7-9.
  34. Yeah, this is the same figure he gave me when we were talking about pricing a while back. I'd say it sounds about right for those 200+ page books, but could go quite a bit lower too for shorter content (though I'm not sure how much of that you're going to find in the Wani catalog).
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  38. - Daiz !H.264BdrFs Fri 25 Jul 2014 16:51:26 No.111027542
  39. >>111026385
  40. FAKKU books won't have any DRM in digital downloads. The contract allows them to do that, and that's what FAKKU is going to do.
  42. Of course, that only applies for individual titles that you buy - if there's a catalog rental model that you can subscribe to ala Netflix, CR, etc, that'll restrict you to online-only reading with no DRM-free downloading. But nothing's going to stop you from doing both, rent the catalog for general usage, buy individual titles from artists you really like.
  44. >>111027141
  45. The context for that is that I've been talking with Jacob a lot ever since the announcement of the Wani deal, because I'd really like for FAKKU to do things properly and realize the potential the deal has. I'm not being paid anything at this point, but feel free to consider me an unofficial FAKKU PR person regardless.
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  49. for 5gb per file upload.
  50. for polls instead of shitty strawpoll.
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  53. - Maximum_Joe and Jacob
  54. - Jacob's Twitter
  55. - Wani Artists
  56. - I won't harm the Panda.
  57. - Jacob: I've been getting blamed but it has nothing to do with us.
  58. - Waar of Fakku's announcement.
  59. - Jacob: Haven't sent any DMCA
  60. - Satirical Cartoon
  61. - If Jacob didn't exist
  62. - Price Gouging
  63. - tenboro hints at hope
  64. - Daiz public enemy #1?
  65. - Daiz Fakku PR
  66. - Jacob's official stance towards his Uploaders and Helpers
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  70. <Jacob>: No one has rights to any doujins, including the artists that made them
  77. - Fake Jacob thread - Jacob's Response:
  78. - Bombthreat -
  87. - Daiz
  91. - A wild Moderator has appeared.
  92. - /a/ called out for being unintelligent |
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  103. Over 2000+ galleries:!d5QBWTiJ!eDb2HV2ji35y9WFhvqqYiA
  104. List of what it has:
  105. Partial backup magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:U6M4MPWAO66PO6O6M7QSKWAH4DDUTTHW&dn=H-Manga
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  107. X-Eros
  110. Kairakuten
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  113. Spreadsheet Form:
  114. Spreadsheet Doc:
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  117. I wasted 1500kgp and 5gb of harddrive space on this list:
  118. My torrent of 128 galleries out of a total of 149:
  119. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1CFB895BC5676E60F422AAFCFE66DA79D3E07712
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  121. _________________________STILL NEED_________________________
  123. placeholder
  124. We need someone to make a Google Spreadsheet where we can add missing galleries so we can keep tabs on what we need in order to start the recovery process. Once someone does this, I will link to it in the pastebin. Thank you.
  126. _________________________RECOVERED_________________________
  127. [Sameda Koban] Nyan Nyan Shi-See (Kairakuten Beast 2012-03) [English] [thetsuuyaku + 4dawgz]
  130. [Homunculus] Summer Beast - Natsu no Kemono (COMIC Kairakuten 2012-12) [English] [Life4Kaoru]
  133. [NaPaTa] House-Sitting (COMIC Kairakuten 2013-01) [English] [4Dawgz + FUKE]
  136. [Hisasi] Heartbreak Happiness (COMIC Kairakuten BEAST 2013-07) [English] {Life4Kaoru}
  138. [Napata] Natsuyasumi | Summer Break [English][Life4Kaoru]
  139. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:LOSVVX5N7IPRJ65L6GL23TFOGNEGMUP5&dn=%5bNapata%5d%20Summer%20Break%20%5bEnglish%5d%5bLife4Kaoru%5d.rar&
  141. [Inoue Kiyoshirou] The Job of a Committee Member (Part 1) (COMIC X-Eros Vol. 09) [English]
  144. [Hisasi] Ni Nen Go | Two Years Later (COMIC Kairakuten Beast 2013-12) [English] [Life4Kaoru]
  147. [Meme50] Metori × Metorare Ch. 1-2 [English] [fmko]
  150. [Henreader] Imouto Cupid (COMIC X-EROS #13) [English] [Facedesk]
  153. [Karochii] A Leisurely Report (Comic Kairakuten Beast 2014-01)[ENG][The Lusty Lady Project]
  156. [Yoshiura Kazuya] Dignified Darling (COMIC Shitsurakuten Vol.16 2012-10) [English] [Life4Kaoru]
  159. [Misato Nana] The Secret Bookshelf (COMIC Kairakuten XTC) [English] [The Lusty Lady Project]
  162. [Inoue Kiyoshirou] The Job of a Committee Member (Part 2) (COMIC X-Eros Vol. 14) [English]
  165. [Pierre Yoshio] Twin Sluts (Comic KAIRAKUTEN 2014-02)[ENG][The Lusty Lady Project]
  168. [Gujira] Little Magnum (Comic X-EROS #10) [English] [desudesu]
  171. [Gujira] Tsuishingu Girl (Comic X-EROS #12) [English] [CGrascal]
  174. [Jingrock] JK Nanka Kowakunai | School Girls Don't Scare Me (COMIC X-EROS #06) [English] [SFC]
  177. [Sakurai Energy] Genkin ni Karada wo Hare | Do it All for Cash (Comic X-EROS #11) [English] [thetsuuyaku]
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  182. <polwasright>: Why is sadpanda taking down the porn?
  183. <polwasright>: Because of you?
  184. <^ThundeR_>: largehotcoffee: any plans on supporting mobile devices properly?
  185. <AnonPower>: I sure hope so
  186. <whoknowswhat>: he started it yes
  187. <largehotcoffee>: No, like I said
  188. <AnonPower>: wani is being a bitch
  189. <largehotcoffee>: we had nothing to do with it
  190. <broven>: tonight was one hell of a night to randomly come back on irc
  191. <polwasright>: I thought you sent them that complaint
  192. <largehotcoffee>: We haven't sent a single DMCA to anyone, the only thing I did was request that E-Hentai not upload our books once we release them. And we haven't released them yet.
  193. <largehotcoffee>: everyone is just looking for someone to blame
  194. <largehotcoffee>: I was grocery shopping
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  198. "There was a batch of additional notices from Wani that we had to act on. Due to their content I strongly suspect that someone was involved indirectly, but there was no direct contact from anyone else." - Tenboro
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  201. [09:29:22]<tenboro> "deleted" is such a strong term
  202. [09:29:38]<tenboro> the dmca never requires deletion, just that access to content is disabled
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  205. ShindoL:
  206. >Thanks for the e-mail. I'm afraid I can't really answer your questions. I had no idea of what you were writing about so I did a quick search. Not sure if I understand the situation, but this is the first time I'm hearing of any exclusive copyright deal outside Japan.
  207. >Honestly, most of my manga is done outside of the Wani magazine company, and whatever rights deal for my work with Wani magazine is supposed to come by me, as I technically have exclusive rights to my work.
  208. > I may not understand this whole thing you are talking about; but if I were you, I would begin by double checking the legitimacy of whatever claims are being made.
  209. >Otherwise I cannot help or give any opinions on the matter. It should not affect whatever I draw in any way since from what I can tell it sounds like a matter outside the scope of legitimate publication or management of IP.
  210. >Thanks
  211. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  213. - Daiz !H.264BdrFs  07/25/14(Fri)15:44:22 No.111023633
  214. >>111023288
  215. >Well, I'm pretty mad, too, because FAKKU is absolute shit in all fields.
  216. I considered FAKKU to be pretty useless too, because sadpanda exists. Well, I still consider it pretty useless right now because nothing has really changed yet, but the Wani deal has absolutely enormous potential. FAKKU has all the cards to build an incredible service, and if those cards are played right the result should be pretty amazing. And it'll be available for everyone capable of paying since the deal is worldwide, so there will be no fucking region lock bullshit involved.
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  218. 10:49 AM Monday, July 28, 2014 (GMT) - Small Q&A with Jacob on the topic of Fakku in #faggu @Rizon -
  220. <largehotcoffee> if you guys have any questions just ask
  221. <HimekoTachibana> How did you manage to get into a licensing agreement with Wani anyways? What convinced them it was the right route to take? Legitimately curious.
  222. <largehotcoffee> They sent us a bunch of takedowns back in April
  223. <largehotcoffee> I took everything down, replied and asked if they wanted to work together
  224. <largehotcoffee> they were receptive
  225. <largehotcoffee> went to Japan met with them all, etc
  226. <rts13> This is like a Todd Howard AMA. Anyway Daiz said that you have a monthly sub thing planned but with DRM and no downloads. Why?
  227. <largehotcoffee> Yeah, the sub will probably come later
  228. <largehotcoffee> it makes sense for magazines but not really the tanks
  229. <largehotcoffee> tanks will all be drm free and all that
  230. <largehotcoffee> not sure what type of files they should be, raw images or something else
  231. <rts13> Why DRM and no downloads though? Because people could just download everything and cancel the sub is not a good argument since in theory there's going to be more content every month.
  232. <BluMeino> 2-3mb pngs.
  233. <largehotcoffee> What do you mean?
  234. <largehotcoffee> You'll be able to buy a book digitally and download it without DRM
  235. <rts13> Daiz said that you were planning a subscription plan, but with the subscription plan you wouldn't be able to download anything
  236. <largehotcoffee> That makes sense for a subscription plan
  237. <largehotcoffee> subscriptions would probably be for magazines when they come out
  238. <largehotcoffee> example, your sub gets you x-eros/kairakuten the day it comes out in Japan
  239. <largehotcoffee> every month
  240. <rts13> but will I be able to download those?
  241. <HimekoTachibana> Translated or untranslated?
  242. <largehotcoffee> Translated
  243. <largehotcoffee> we'll sumulpublish them
  244. <largehotcoffee> we're scaling up the team though, so it won't be for a little while
  245. <Goatmeal> well guess gotta keep an eye out for siterips
  246. <largehotcoffee> that would happen regardless
  247. * Fishqt_ is now known as Fishqt
  248. <rts13> Will I be able to download with the sub plan?
  249. <largehotcoffee> there's this misconception that I want to stop the proliferation of hentai, it's not based on any facts
  250. <largehotcoffee> probably no downloads with the sub
  251. <frederica> hey jacob did you actually sell a 16 page doujin for 30$
  252. <HimekoTachibana> I find it interesting Fakku is basically going the same way as Crunchyroll. It's technically not a bad thing, the only thing I'm worried about is what Western licensing companies are doing with LN and Manga volumes. Obtaining the rights but not translating them at all or take years to do so.
  253. <largehotcoffee> We're not like other companies
  254. <largehotcoffee> we're literally just people from the community who have this amazing opportunity
  255. <frederica> living the dream
  256. <rts13> You realize that every other company says that they're not like other companies right?
  257. <BluMeino> doujinshi cost like 600-1000 yen brand new, the other costs are incurred from from how expensive shipping is.
  258. <largehotcoffee> yeup
  259. <largehotcoffee> I've made a post already about the doujinshi
  260. <largehotcoffee> people doin't understand how importing works
  261. <largehotcoffee> or supply and demand
  262. <Daiz> tl;dr it's an old physical jp import thing unrelated to the legit fakku books and their pricing
  263. <largehotcoffee> ^
  264. <frederica> also how do you sell out on digital copies
  265. <largehotcoffee> it's not digital
  266. <largehotcoffee> where do you get these facts
  267. <Daiz> dude follow the conversation
  268. <largehotcoffee> that's the actual physical doujin from Japan
  269. <Daiz> I literally just said it was a physical copy
  270. <largehotcoffee> ^
  271. <frederica> I'm talking about screenshots of shit I saw on /a/
  272. <Daiz> yeah and it was for a physical thing
  273. <largehotcoffee> yeah, do you believe everything you've read on /a/?
  274. <frederica> nah
  275. <Daiz> untranslated jp import thing
  276. <largehotcoffee> the artist make a really limited amount of physical copies which they sell at comiket
  277. <BluMeino> like it'll probably cost me a good 20 eur to get the one thing I need from c86
  278. HimekoTachibana> Jacob you dom't mind if I add this conversation to the Pastebin for transparency reasons, correct?
  279. <largehotcoffee> those sometimes end up in stores in Japan
  280. <largehotcoffee> which is how people import them
  281. <BluMeino> because this shit never gets scanned.
  282. <largehotcoffee> I have a copy of pretty neighbor which I cherish
  283. <largehotcoffee> it was like $120 JP
  284. <largehotcoffee> also add that I'm not actually Jewish, I have a big nose because I'm Italian
  285. <largehotcoffee> and that I love pasta
  286. <Daiz> [] and it was the lizard people all along anyway!
  287. <Fishqt> Italian ewww
  288. <Fishqt> Anything below the Danish border is worstEurope
  289. <largehotcoffee> what's the point of that pastebin anyway Himeko?
  290. <rts13> inform people of what is going on
  291. <largehotcoffee> we werent involved in the E-Hentai stuff
  292. <largehotcoffee> Wani has been sending out takedowns for a long time
  293. <rts13> It's mostly saying good things about you so chill
  294. <Fishqt> is now at least
  295. <largehotcoffee> oh I thought it said I was a lizard jew or something
  296. <Fishqt> The pastebin has helped clear up a lot of misinfo about you jewcob
  297. <Fishqt> Even the fact that you're not a jew
  298. <largehotcoffee> then I appreciate it
  299. <largehotcoffee> I'll answer any more questions you all have
  300. <HimekoTachibana> The problem is that you guys say you have nothing to do with it but the majority of people believe it's a conspiracy theory. So I compiled the pastebin to contain all relevant information on all sides of the situation so anyone can read it and decide for themselves what the hell is happening while being a repository for our taken down porn.
  301. <Xenosia> ^
  302. <largehotcoffee> makes sense
  303. <Xenosia> ppl has their own opinion on this stuff
  304. <HimekoTachibana> It really was awful though, I spent 15+ hours on it while reading around 5 threads at the same time per hour
  305. <HimekoTachibana> Each thread moved 20+ posts a second
  306. <HimekoTachibana> Keeping it updated real-time with relevant information was not something I want to do again.
  307. <Fishqt> If there's a conspiracy going on it's Wani's fault
  308. <frederica> I was laughing the whole time
  309. <largehotcoffee> I heard people were getting pretty worked up
  310. <largehotcoffee> I understand though
  311. <frederica> threads with 1000+ posts
  312. <largehotcoffee> no one was giving any real facts
  313. <Fishqt> Yeah, what do you expect
  314. <Fishqt> Porn was being removed
  315. <Fishqt> It's not like people accept FAKKU as an alternative to sadpanda in the open anyway
  316. <Fishqt> So when content was being removed from exhentai they paniced
  317. <rts13> mostly because Fakku site and tagging system is shit
  318. <largehotcoffee> fakku was never meant to be an alternative
  319. <frederica> I checked fakku for the screenshot of the doujin that was 16 pages and sold out of digital copies for 30$
  320. <largehotcoffee> it's curated uploads vs user uploads
  321. <rts13> But Daiz said he's gonna fix that
  322. <Daiz> rts13: those are all things that can be improved
  323. <frederica> it wasn't even on sale
  324. <Fishqt> And what do you do when you panic? Find a scapegoat! That's you jacob congrats
  325. <Daiz> frederica: and it wasn't digital copies either
  326. <largehotcoffee>
  327. <frederica> it was free to read online
  328. <largehotcoffee> those are all imported doujins from Japan
  329. <Fishqt> Are those all then physical, translated copies?
  330. <largehotcoffee> wat
  331. <Fishqt> or untranslated
  332. <Daiz> do you not know what imported means
  333. <Fishqt> He mentioned importing earlier, but with translated copies
  334. <Daiz> they're physical copies from japan
  335. <Daiz> untranslated
  336. <HimekoTachibana> Japan doesn't translate their own exports
  337. <HimekoTachibana> ...Usually.
  338. <largehotcoffee> Himeko, here's a video of our most recent q&a panel
  339. <largehotcoffee>
  340. <largehotcoffee> pardon my nose
  341. <BluMeino> curation is too limiting.
  342. <HimekoTachibana> That video is way too long
  343. <rts13> largehotcoffee: Back to the subscription thing, is it really going to be just for the magazines? A full access with no downloads would be great.
  344. <Daiz> I agree
  345. <largehotcoffee> I would like to have a subscription option, it makes sense
  346. <largehotcoffee> but wouldn't /a/ just be mad about that too?
  347. <Daiz> though I guess one could always dick around with windowing or something and see how it works out for tank content etc
  348. <Fishqt> Well, /a/ is gonna be mad no matter what
  349. <Daiz> you'll never satisfy anyone
  350. <Fishqt> The Crunchyroll comparisons will be endless
  351. <Daiz> unless you give everything away for free forever
  352. <largehotcoffee> we'll probably add a sbu option once we have a few books out
  353. <Daiz> and that's obviously not feasible
  354. <largehotcoffee> wouldn't make much sense to launch it when we have a handful of titles
  355. <Daiz> satisfy everyone*
  356. <largehotcoffee> I think we've announced 6 so far
  357. <Daiz> and yeah sub only makes sense when you start to have a reasonable amount of content
  358. <largehotcoffee> what else would you guys like to see?
  359. <largehotcoffee> we can do steam type sales and whatnot
  360. <Fishqt> Are you backing him 100%, Daiz?
  361. <largehotcoffee> maybe have some way to collect everything
  362. <Daiz> steamy hot summer sales
  363. <Daiz> (☞゚∀゚)☞
  364. <largehotcoffee> Futanari February
  365. <HimekoTachibana> What is the endgame do you expect/want Fakku to be at and how fast do you see the company getting to that goal?
  366. <largehotcoffee> I don't know what the end goal is
  367. <rts13> largehotcoffee: Like I said I just want something I can pay every month that will give me access to everything.
  368. <largehotcoffee> right now I just want to share these books with everyone
  369. <largehotcoffee> it's crazy seeing the original uncensored raws
  370. <iLampaN> Uh, I haven't been paying attention to chat, is it okay if I ask a bunch of questions?
  371. <largehotcoffee> I thought people would be excited about it
  372. <Fishqt> but it's way too lewd uncensored!
  373. <largehotcoffee> the dick cheese practically comes off the page
  374. <HimekoTachibana> iLampaN, read this first
  375. <HimekoTachibana> I added the conversation so far.
  376. <Daiz> I'm sure they'll appreciate it more once they can actually get hands-on with it
  377. <BluMeino> maybe a full chapter would stimulate people.
  378. <BluMeino> Doesn't even need a translation.
  379. <Daiz> well it kinda does
  380. <Daiz> FAKKU can't release stuff in japanese
  381. <BluMeino> then do it raw
  382. <BluMeino> no text.
  383. <BluMeino> And something with a lot of vagina shots, they're more impressive than dicks.
  384. <Daiz> that would be pretty funny
  385. <BluMeino> Dicks are easier to uncensor by far.
  386. <Daiz> but it really might as well be translated too
  387. <largehotcoffee> this post is sort of meant to show it off
  388. <largehotcoffee>
  389. <largehotcoffee> I can show some shots from our next Bosshi book maybe
  390. <largehotcoffee> but that is meant to show the differences between the scan and the raw
  391. <Daiz> but something like free chapter samples are definitely a good idea
  392. <BluMeino> that censoring is so pre-olympics
  393. <HimekoTachibana> With the topic of censoring, I actually have an interesting question for you, Jacob.
  394. <BluMeino> Shit is so much worse now.
  395. <iLampaN> Will there be any free content? Will it be like doujin-moe is now in terms of digital?
  396. <largehotcoffee> you can even see in this image that we have access to the raws before it even went to print, with artwork outside the margin
  397. <Goatmeal> <largehotcoffee>
  398. <largehotcoffee>
  399. <Goatmeal> >all stuff that was axed from that other place
  400. <HimekoTachibana> Normally scanlation groups can edit pages and uncesor them while they are cleaning and translating them. Is Fakku going to be allowed to uncensor the pages you receive from Wani?
  401. <Daiz> HimekoTachibana: they're already uncensored
  402. <Daiz> you can literally just turn the censoring off
  403. <largehotcoffee> ^
  404. <Daiz> in the raws
  405. <Goatmeal> gee what a coinkydink
  406. <HimekoTachibana> Interesting.
  407. <largehotcoffee> this isnt redraws, its the raw from the artist
  408. <largehotcoffee> they draw it uncensored
  409. <largehotcoffee> then the censors are added to apply to the publishing guidelines
  410. <largehotcoffee> so they can scale it up and down if needed
  411. <HimekoTachibana> The more you know.
  412. <largehotcoffee> this shot shows some of the color differences
  413. <largehotcoffee>
  414. <largehotcoffee> scans have shitty color cause its a scanner
  415. <BluMeino> Every artist gets to enjoy their own stuff raw, but I doubt they can fap to it.
  416. <Fishqt> On that related note, is the a specific reason why the degree of censoring varies so much between magazines?
  417. <BluMeino> Familiarity ruins things.
  418. <HimekoTachibana> Since the paid content from you guys will be uncensored, I feel like /a/ won't be as uptight about it as we think they will be.
  419. <largehotcoffee> Different magazines are published by different companies
  420. <largehotcoffee> and are available in different stores
  421. <largehotcoffee> etc
  422. <HimekoTachibana> Uncensored content is infinitely better than redraws.
  423. <Daiz> Fishqt: probably just has to do with how much each magazine thinks they can get away with
  424. <largehotcoffee> some you can buy in 7/11
  425. <largehotcoffee> some you can't
  426. <Fishqt> I see
  427. <Xenosia> just if
  428. <Xenosia> let's say that subs system for $7@month exist, in january i got full access for the magazine without download. then i wish to buy it out of nowhere, do i need to pay another $7-$10 to be able to download it?
  429. <Daiz> HimekoTachibana: I've seen some people go "lol who needs uncensored content anyway that's not even a bonus!"
  430. <Daiz> which I find quite silly
  431. <Fishqt> Also yeah, what Himeko says - if you offer something you can't normally get somewhere else, the crusade against FAKKU will most likely devolve into just empty whining
  432. <Daiz> especially when censoring seems to be getting worse these days
  433. <Daiz> or not just seems
  434. <Daiz> is
  435. <Fishqt> Tags: Full censored
  436. <BluMeino> It is.
  437. <HimekoTachibana> Another question, Jacob. You know that despite your company asking people to not pirate the licensed content you guys host, old and new content, you know they will probably do it anyways. What do you plan to do about that, if you plan to do anything?
  438. <Fishqt> fucking dropped
  439. <BluMeino> Censoring is much worse.
  440. <largehotcoffee> Yeah I saw people saying "I prefer it censored"
  441. <HimekoTachibana> Daiz: That's absurd. Who faps to censored porn?
  442. <largehotcoffee> I was like.. what
  443. <BluMeino> Tanks to use to just have a transparent bar across the frenulum or down the clit, now it's multiple solid black bars or just mosaics.
  444. <BluMeino> On tanks.
  445. <Daiz> yeah, it's awful
  446. <largehotcoffee> Xenosia, I'm not sure how that would work
  447. <Daiz> and how anyone could prefer that...
  448. <Daiz> must be something wrong in their heads
  449. <Fishqt> I see a lot more white dicks and mosaics these days
  450. <largehotcoffee> We're still figuring out specifics
  451. <largehotcoffee> probably get a discount if you buy it at the very least
  452. <Goatmeal> I don't prefer it but it doesn't bother me
  453. <Daiz> Xenosia
  454. <BluMeino>
  455. <Goatmeal> actually I prefer it to some of the redraws
  456. <BluMeino> ruined.
  457. <Daiz> subscription and individual purchases would likely be separate
  458. <Goatmeal> if they are especially shit
  459. <Daiz> but there could be benefits
  460. <Daiz> like if you buy something as an individual title
  461. <Daiz> you get the DRM-free downloads
  462. <Daiz> but you could also then always read it online whenever you want
  463. <Daiz> regardless of whether you have a sub or not
  464. <largehotcoffee> yeah, that sounds right
  465. <Fishqt> Sounds like a decent option
  466. <Fishqt> Reminds me of PS+ in a way
  467. <Xenosia> well i mean, if i got the subs already for the first time. then i got access for the full magazine (just if) then i need to pay the full price again for the magazine for the full download option or a lowered price since i already got the subs?
  468. <HimekoTachibana> My last question simplified, How do you plan on combating the fact that your licensed content will be pirated?
  469. <Daiz> Xenosia: you'd be paying the full individual title price
  470. <Daiz> because let's face it
  471. <Daiz> if you're paying something like $8 bucks for a subscription to read everything
  472. <Carnage> >combating piracy
  474. <Daiz> that's a ton of content you can read
  475. <BluMeino> just accept the piracy.
  476. <Daiz> so offering discounts for everything based on that
  477. <largehotcoffee> There's no way to stop piracy, I would hope other sites would just respect our takedown requests
  478. <Daiz> would be kidna
  479. <Daiz> hurf durf
  480. <Carnage> i hope not :3
  481. <Carnage> i only pirate it anyway :3
  482. <Carnage> id*
  483. <HimekoTachibana> Unofficial question for Daiz: Rinne no Lagrange when.
  484. <largehotcoffee> that's fine
  485. <BluMeino> to be honest, the lack of background text excites me more than decensors.
  486. <Daiz> but yeah piracy's going to happen
  487. <BluMeino> It means things that might have been too difficult can now be TLed.
  488. <Daiz> FAKKU can always send takedown notices for FAKKU's own releases
  489. <Daiz> and see if they respect it
  490. <Daiz> if not, then too bad
  491. <Daiz> better to just focus on making FAKKU itself better
  492. <Daiz> and more enticing
  493. <largehotcoffee> BluMeino, everything we release will be translated
  494. <Daiz> I think he's talking from the point of typesetter
  495. <Fishqt> Question for you largehotcoffee, how do you feel your situation with Tenboro and the rest of the Sadpanda crew has been the last few months? We've seen some e-mails posted, but that's not telling much
  496. <Daiz> since he's a scanlator and all
  497. <BluMeino> no shit.  what I mean is shit like this
  498. <Daiz> Fishqt: tenboro doesn't seem very happy with the FAKKU deal
  499. <Daiz> who knows why
  500. <Daiz> jealousy?
  501. <Carnage> well, im not too happy about it either :V
  502. <largehotcoffee> He could have handled it a lot better than he did
  503. <HimekoTachibana> Of course not, tenboro also makes a bunch of oney from ad revenue and 80k+ galleries were removed from his website
  504. <largehotcoffee> there was room to work together
  505. <Fishqt> I feel like that's what started the /a/ crusade. It seemed from screencaps that he was blaming Jacob for the removal requests issued by Wani
  506. <Daiz> HimekoTachibana: that was Wani's actions though, not FAKKU's
  507. <largehotcoffee> ^
  508. <largehotcoffee> He made it seem like we sent them on purpose
  509. <Daiz> jacob just asked tenboro to add FAKKU books to do not post list
  510. <Carnage> its too much of a coincidence tho
  511. <largehotcoffee> even in that original email he basically threatened us via anonymous
  512. <Daiz> as in the stuff FAKKU actually releases
  513. <largehotcoffee> it was weird
  514. <Carnage> no matter how you look at it
  515. <Daiz> of which there's none yet
  516. <largehotcoffee> Carnage, no it's not at all
  517. <Carnage> it is
  518. <largehotcoffee> Wani has been sending takedown notices since before we were working with them
  519. <largehotcoffee> even to E-Hentai
  520. <largehotcoffee> if you ignore the facts, then sure
  521. <Carnage> and you can say nothing to change that
  522. <Fishqt> It's not so much a coincidence as it is a natural following event
  523. <Daiz> []
  524. <Daiz> see this
  525. <Carnage> and then AGAIN
  526. <Fishqt> Wani contacts FAKKU > FAKKU offers business deal on the basis of them contacting them first
  527. <Daiz> FAKKU, along with many others, got takedown notices from Wani back in April
  528. <largehotcoffee> ^
  529. <HimekoTachibana> "I am not going to masturbate in my living room today" Having this Q&A running in the background was the worst idea ever.
  530. <Carnage> i know the story
  531. <HimekoTachibana> Jacob why.
  532. <largehotcoffee> lol
  533. <largehotcoffee> Oh man we tell some funny stories in that panel
  534. <BluMeino> why are so many anime fans autists?
  535. <Fishqt> Because nerd hobby
  536. <BluMeino> that panel had some cringy moments
  537. <Daiz> and sadpanda got hit again because they didn't actuall remove the stuff, just hid them
  538. <BluMeino> I don't think I could handle that kind of stuff.
  539. <largehotcoffee> Japanese people use sadpanda more than anyone else
  540. <Carnage> "and sadpanda got hit again because they didn't actuall remove the stuff, just hid them" <-it was quite obvious who'd people turn to, is what im saying
  541. <Fishqt> Wasn't Wani's sudden killing spree on these websites the results of a Chinese website being snarky?
  542. <largehotcoffee> Carnage, that doesnt even make any sense
  543. <Carnage> doesnt even matter whether or not he's bullshitting
  544. <largehotcoffee> we don't have any Wani stuff on FAKKU
  545. largehotcoffee> because we also had to take it all down
  546. <Carnage> that was before you slept with wani
  547. <Carnage> the deal changed everything
  548. <Fishqt> It didn't though
  549. <largehotcoffee> It's like talking to a wall
  550. <Fishqt> That's what he's trying to explain
  551. <Carnage> peoples views, especiaööy
  552. <Carnage> especially*
  553. <Fishqt> The only thing that changed with the deal is that Fakku will now legally host Wani material
  554. <Daiz> yeah, this whole deal is just a continuation of what wani was already doing before the FAKKU deal
  555. <Fishqt> Sadpanda would've been fucked regardless
  556. <largehotcoffee> all Wani content has been disabled on FAKKU since April
  557. <HimekoTachibana> I'm sorry I can't listen to this Q&A anymore. IT hurts me.
  558. <Fishqt> Oh, if you're allowed to answer something like this, I was wondering Jacob
  559. <HimekoTachibana> I can't sit through another 50 minutes of that.
  560. <Carnage> as i said, it doesnt matter how it is. it matters more how people will look at it. and from that angle, people reactions were quite predictable.
  561. <Fishqt> When buying the rights to Wani magazines, is it a one-time deal, a subscription-type deal or an individual paid per magazine deal?
  562. <largehotcoffee> We are free to do it however we like, so it's up to you guys to tell me what you want
  563. <Daiz> Fishqt: what do you mean
  564. <Daiz> FAKKU just has rights to everythin
  565. <Daiz> g
  566. <Daiz> as for users
  567. <Daiz> you'd likely just be able to buy magazines like any books and such
  568. * anon-kun has quit (Read error: No route to host)
  569. <Fishqt> I was asking more in the business sense, as FAKKU buying rights from Wani and not users buying them in the front-end
  570. <Carnage> you made yourself out to be a target. whether on purpose or by accident really doesnt matter.
  571. <Daiz> and also read them with as ub
  572. <Daiz> a sub*
  573. <HimekoTachibana> Hmm... Jacob is there a time limit on the contract? Do you guys own licensing with Wani for only a limited amount of time ie, 2 years?
  574. <BluMeino> get fortune lovers by okumoto yuuta
  575. <Daiz> well in that case the answer is "FAKKU just has rights to everything"
  576. <Daiz> in the wani catalog
  577. <Daiz> past and future
  578. <Daiz> basically
  579. <largehotcoffee> ^
  580. <largehotcoffee> We have 10 titles lined up that we are focuing on
  581. <HimekoTachibana> So it's an indefinite partnership?
  582. <Fishqt> I think what Daiz is trying to say is that we don't get to know any more than "FAKKU gets Wani material"
  583. <Daiz> well, it would be pretty silly if FAKKU had to remove all Wani content a few years down the line
  584. <largehotcoffee> Can't get into those kinds of specifics Himeko
  585. <largehotcoffee> I'll share everything I can though
  586. <Carnage> emphasize on "can"
  587. <HimekoTachibana> Understandable, was worth asking.
  588. <Carnage> lol
  589. <BluMeino> Well, too bad doujins are now ruined forever
  590. <HimekoTachibana> > is under heavy load right now :'(
  591. <HimekoTachibana> PLEASE.
  592. <BluMeino> no way to get those uncensored.
  593. <Daiz> I guess one could always strike deals directly with artists for those
  594. <largehotcoffee> Mmmm, but doujins are a lot tougher legally
  595. <Fishqt> Jacob pls make direct deal with Rustle
  596. <Daiz> though in that case there'd probably be a risk of artists being careless and not having uncensored versions left over
  597. <largehotcoffee> Japan turns a blind eye
  598. <largehotcoffee> at least doujins based on existing things
  599. <Fishqt> It goes under copyright law of "parody" doesn't it?
  600. <Daiz> yeah, but if they turn a blind eye to doujins on comiket and all the shops in japan
  601. <Daiz> why wouldn't they do so with FAKKU as well
  602. <largehotcoffee> You'd have to worry about the American licensor as well
  603. <BluMeino> I have a few artists in mind.
  604. <Daiz> oh, I guess there's that
  605. <Daiz> though it would be pretty silly
  606. <Daiz> if someone like funimation tried to come after FAKKU
  607. <Daiz> for having doujins
  608. <Daiz> probably everyone and their dog would call funi out on that shit
  609. <largehotcoffee> funimation makes a lot of silly decisions.
  610. <Fishqt> That sounds hillarious
  611. <Carnage> make it happen
  612. <Fishqt> funi attacks FAKKU for having Bulma doujins
  613. <BluMeino> Would doujinshi fall under fair use in the US?
  614. <largehotcoffee> yes
  615. <largehotcoffee> but who knows what would happen in court
  616. <BluMeino> They're neither bootlegs or replacements.
  617. <largehotcoffee> if like Disney sues you or something
  618. <Fishqt> They're parodies BluMeino
  619. <BluMeino>
  620. <Fishqt> Oh, Jacob - what's the situation with loli? If Wani even publishes any loli material
  621. <largehotcoffee> loli is not illegal in the united states
  622. <largehotcoffee> there are no restrictions on the content we can publish
  623. <largehotcoffee> and wani does publish loli
  624. <largehotcoffee> and I happen to be a fan
  625. <Fishqt> lewd
  626. <largehotcoffee> ~~
  627. <Carnage> thinking about it, the uncensored thing isnt that great after all
  628. <Carnage> sicne wani tanks arent too heavily censored anyway
  629. <Carnage> since*
  630. <Daiz> it's not like FAKKU couldn't make more deals in the future
  631. <Daiz> with other publishers
  632. <Carnage> and most artists im interested in oly publish tanks via different publishers
  633. <Goatmeal> god I hope not
  634. <Carnage> only*
  635. <Carnage> in that case, fucking burn
  636. <HimekoTachibana> Yeah I wanted to ask, Jacob, does Fakku plan on making deals with any other publishers in the near future?
  637. <Goatmeal> well not that I care, I'm gonna pirate anyway
  638. <largehotcoffee> Right now we are focused on Wani
  639. <HimekoTachibana> Are you guys getting a .moe domain?
  640. <largehotcoffee> I keep getting asked that!
  641. <Fishqt>
  642. <largehotcoffee> I like it
  643. <Carnage> gross
  644. <Carnage> kill yourself
  645. <Fishqt> edgy
  646. <Fishqt> .moe domain is the best domain
  647. <largehotcoffee> maybe thats where we put all the loli
  648. <Fishqt> I'd buy
  649. <Zaton>
  650. <Carnage> but i sure as hell wouldnt wanna see that with fakku
  651. <Carnage> thats just offensive
  652. <HimekoTachibana> For those looking to be employed by Fakku, what sort of job openings are there, if any, and what sort of employment options exist behind the scenes?
  653. <Fishqt> Daiz should get nyaa on .moe
  654. <largehotcoffee> I'll be posting job openings on the website soon
  655. <largehotcoffee> we'll be looking for editors, translators, and a video editor
  656. <Fishqt> Would jobs be limited to US citizens only?
  657. <largehotcoffee> and we'll be doing internships
  658. <largehotcoffee> No we can employ anyone in the world
  659. <largehotcoffee> but it's a real job
  660. <rts13> largehotcoffee, I'm probably gonna sound like a broken record but I'm not sure I got answer for this. Do you have any plans for a subscription system that would allow access to everything and not just the magazines.
  661. <BluMeino> by page, by hour?
  662. <BluMeino> salary?
  663. <Fishqt> I like how you had t ospecify it's a real job
  664. <HimekoTachibana> I may or mat not be interested in an editing position but I digress.
  665. <BluMeino> does it come with vision or dental?
  666. <largehotcoffee> Editors will need to be familiar with InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  667. <largehotcoffee> there is no need for people to remove text from things
  668. <largehotcoffee> or anything like that
  669. <Carnage> >editing for money
  670. <Carnage> what a nightmare
  671. <largehotcoffee> What is this guy even
  672. <BluMeino> Most editors just use PS.
  673. <largehotcoffee> BluMeino, salary/hourly
  674. <HimekoTachibana> I am familiar with PS and Illustrator. I need to get more comfortable with InDesign.
  675. <BluMeino> Since there's little need for anything else.
  676. <largehotcoffee> depends on the person
  677. <largehotcoffee> if you're a scanlator I recommend trying your next release in InDesign
  678. <largehotcoffee> good practice, and it's a really nice tool
  679. <Carnage> why? isnt it only typesetting anyway?
  680. <swan_shagger> Isn't ID just an Adobe version of Quark Express?
  681. <BluMeino> What's the difference between the programs?
  682. <BluMeino> Other than coordination for the print version?
  683. <largehotcoffee> swan, sort of
  684. <largehotcoffee> I'm not an editor so I don't know, but it lets you bring everything together really nicely
  685. <largehotcoffee> take a psd file, typeset on top of it
  686. <largehotcoffee> while leaving the original psd alone
  687. <largehotcoffee> import and illustrator title logo
  688. <largehotcoffee> stuff like that
  689. <HimekoTachibana> Sounds like it's good for group projects but there isn't really a need to use InDesign if it's a one man project.
  690. <Carnage> as i asked, isnt it only typesetting anyway?
  691. <largehotcoffee> yeah it's primarily typesetting
  692. <BluMeino> Yeah, if it's just straight typesetting, you can knock pages out left and right.
  693. <largehotcoffee> but that might be, recreate this logo in english
  694. <largehotcoffee> and things like that
  695. <largehotcoffee> that are a bit more involved than just adding a layer of text
  696. <BluMeino> Like what, moansetting?
  697. <BluMeino> Unless you want people to also redraw SFX.
  698. <Carnage> he just said that nothing needs to be cleaned :V
  699. <largehotcoffee> Correct
  700. <Carnage> which would imply, no redrawing either
  701. <BluMeino> Look at your raw images on that comparison
  702. <BluMeino> The moans are still there, they're often hand-drawn.
  703. <BluMeino> same with sfx.
  704. <largehotcoffee> I just left that layer turned on
  705. <largehotcoffee> however some SFX is part of the art
  706. <largehotcoffee> we'd just leave it
  707. <largehotcoffee> there's an active discussion about sfx that I'm not a part of
  708. <HimekoTachibana> Full color pages are a pain.
  709. <largehotcoffee> Yeah, hence why any editors that apply should be ready
  710. <Carnage> and styling is easier with indesign than with ps?
  711. <largehotcoffee> this is a lot of work, but the pay is appropriate for the work
  712. <BluMeino> Do editors have a choice in artist?
  713. <BluMeino> Or is it just assigned?
  714. <largehotcoffee> Assigned, but we'd let people work on stuff they like as well
  715. <largehotcoffee> someone could easily request that we do a specific book
  716. <largehotcoffee> if they're a part of the team
  717. <Carnage> is what you say now
  718. <BluMeino> If you could turn off all the moans and SFX and it just requires setting and tweaking, then it should always be tled.
  719. <BluMeino> The main reason we ignore SFX is because it's not worth the redraw.
  720. <Carnage> and a lot simply look like shit in english
  721. <largehotcoffee> Yeah we have a different standard on that
  722. 18<24largehotcoffee> these books are going to be in stores around the world
  723. <largehotcoffee> So I want them to look awesome
  724. <Carnage> whatever you think awesome is
  725. <largehotcoffee> Think of SFX like karaoke on an anime
  726. <largehotcoffee> If we don't translate them, Daiz will get angry
  727. <Red_Vodka> largehotcoffee did you do it yet?
  728. <Carnage> >_>
  729. <largehotcoffee> and no one wants Daiz to be angry
  730. <largehotcoffee> Red, I'll email you now
  731. <Red_Vodka> TY
  732. <BluMeino> Awesome should be appropriately matching the Japanese.
  733. <largehotcoffee> Yeup, agreed
  734. <BluMeino> In font, in shape, and in general design.
  735. <Carnage> and exprssion
  736. <Red_Vodka> Why do you care about what Daiz says Jacob?
  737. <Carnage> expression*
  738. <Red_Vodka> Has he done manga publishing before?
  739. <BluMeino> But I'm only talking about SFX that can be easily turned off.
  740. <Red_Vodka> Feel like you should have gotten someone experienced with this stuff on board...
  741. <Fishqt> dude
  742. <BluMeino> Not a full page of hiku hiku hiku hiku
  743. <Fishqt> EVERYONE cares about what Daiz says
  744. <Red_Vodka> Not me???
  745. <BluMeino> which would require an hour for each one.
  746. <largehotcoffee> Red we have a lot of people on board
  747. <Fishqt> Well, you should
  748. <largehotcoffee> Daiz cares about quality more than anyone else I know
  749. <Red_Vodka> Why?
  750. <Flammz> translated effects generally look bad
  751. <Fishqt> Because it's Daiz
  752. <largehotcoffee> his desire for hight quality contente is not limited to anime
  753. <Flammz> if you look at what project-h did
  754. <Flammz> bad.
  755. <Red_Vodka> Right, but you need to do a cost/benefit analysis
  756. <Red_Vodka> Anyways
  757. <BluMeino> Translated effects can look great.
  758. <Red_Vodka> If you're doing physical printing I say do them all
  759. <BluMeino> Pick a good font and stroke it.
  760. <largehotcoffee> Project-H does not do a good job with their releases
  761. <Red_Vodka> digital, no need to
  762. <Carnage> "can"
  763. <BluMeino> Well then, Daiz should be working in film remastering.
  764. <Red_Vodka> Personally, I also recommend just getting one translator or something to do that shit
  765. <BluMeino> Like actually dealing with the transfer and telecine.
  766. <Red_Vodka> SFX can really be boring and kill motivation for a TL
  767. <Carnage> ive come across tons of sfx that dont even work in eglish
  768. <Red_Vodka> Rewrite Carnage
  769. <Red_Vodka> Or just go with something generic :3
  770. <Carnage> gay~~
  771. <Red_Vodka> "Ah!"
  772. <BluMeino> SFX are usually just ignored if they're not in a bubble.
  773. <BluMeino> Or if they're not just floating in white.
  774. <BluMeino> If they're on anything that requires a tough clean, forget it.
  775. <Red_Vodka> Thing with SFX is that it's mostly just onomatopotato for two things
  776. <Red_Vodka> 1) Moans
  777. <largehotcoffee> We'll have some samples of our first release soon
  778. <Carnage> i gnore them unless bubbled or relevant
  779. <Red_Vodka> 2) Wet noises of genitals
  780. <largehotcoffee> splooge splooge
  781. <BluMeino> kupaaaa
  782. <Red_Vodka> So again
  783. <BluMeino> that's my favorite now
  784. <HimekoTachibana> Anyone have any other questions for Jacob regarding Fakku/Wani/Porn? If not, I'm ending the recorded Q&A on the pastebin around here.
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