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Rubio and the sex baron

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  1. As a quick summary: we know that the man Rubio was arrested with in 1990 was sued by Miami in 2007 for running a gay pornography studio out of one of his properties. We believe the totality of the evidence strongly implies that Rubio was engaged in sexual relations with that man in 1990, and that’s why they were arrested. Full story below.
  3. The story, published on January 21st, notes that Rubio was with his friend, Angel Barrios, and another unnamed young man, when they were stopped by the police in Alice C. Wainwright Park at about 10 PM on May 23, 1990. Unfortunately, the article does not give very much information about Mr. Barrios, other than the fact that he owns several coin-operated laundries in the Miami area. So we decided to try and find out who this guy is. His LinkedIn page was easy to find: www.linkedin. com/in/angel-barrios-19387360. Further searches revealed a case filed by the City of Miami against an Angel Barrios in 2007, seeking to enjoin him from allowing the use of his residential property for business purposes (http://www.miamigov.com/cityattorney/docs/litigation/Litigation-Report-Dec-2011.pdf). What were these business purposes? The production of pornography for distribution over the internet, by a company named Flava Works. What kind of pornography? Gay pornography: flavaworks.com (warning NSFW).
  5. Okay, but maybe “Angel Barrios” is a common name. Maybe they’re totally different Angels! But one of the co-defendants in the City of Miami’s suit was “Barrios Investment Group.” And according to Mr. Barrios’ LinkedIn profile, linked above, what company did he own from 1995-2007? Barrios Investment Group. Angel Barrios the coin-operated-laundromat-owning childhood friend of Marco Rubio is assuredly Angel Barrios, the man sued by Miami in 2007 for running a gay pornography studio out of one of his residential properties.
  7. Now, the story itself notes that this park was notorious at the time for deviant, illegal activity: “Gang warfare, gunfire, prostitution (straight and gay), drug dealing and muggings.” A police officer quoted in the story notes that people went there to drink, do drugs and have sex. So the story itself notes, twice, that this park was frequently used for public sex, both gay and straight. For cruising. A quick google search for “wrainwright park cruising” confirms this, with reviews of the park including: “Wander through and see what you can find. Afternoons are sometimes busy with business men looking for a quickie over lunch. Crowd: Young guys looking for a blow job. Local latinos with loving to share.” Nonetheless, the article seems to ignore the possibility that young Rubio may have been stopped and arrested for having public sex in that parked car.
  9. Of course, you say, that’s a mighty big leap, to assume he was having sex. Angel Barrios, quoted frequently in the article, notes that they were just “hanging out.” But the information offered by and about Mr. Barrios in the article is deeply suspicious. He seems to be fraught with guilt about that night (“We never even used to go to that area,” he said. “That might have been the first time I went there.”); he says he does not remember key facts about the night (“I don’t think we got handcuffed and taken to jail”); Rubio apparently dedicated an intimate senior yearbook quote to Mr. Barrios; and the two shared a townhouse together after graduating from high school.
  11. So, in 1990, Marco Rubio was found by the police “hanging out” in a parked car, in a dark and secluded park with a reputation as a gay cruising spot, with another young man who he was very very close to, who he lived with after high school, who went on to run a gay pornography studio out of one of his properties. Obviously, nothing is definitive here; unfortunately there is no photo of Angel and Marco caught naked together. But all the facts added together, along with the fact that Rubio has been dogged with rumors about sexual deviancy for his entire career, do seem to be awfully, awfully suspicious.
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