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Nov 8th, 2019
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  1. I left a lot of the early trolls rough and janky, especially the first two rooms, to try to sell the fact that I don't know what I'm doing as a newbie. You only get one chance at that! Here are some examples, but there are a lot. I'll explain why at the end
  3. * All the trolls in the first room are uninspired and unoriginal
  4. * The falling invisible blocks over the third pit can hit you and still not keep you from missing the jump
  5. * You can see the "NO" in the first room without landing on it
  6. * You can duck under the seemingly-carefully-placed bullet in the music room
  7. * The intended strategy for the music room feels like cheese
  8. * Lots of the level isn't filled in and a few of the sound effects are a little off
  12. The entire reason for the music in the second room is to disguise the music blocks at the end. They won't drop their contents unless they're visible, and noteblocks hanging there with no troll would be suspicious.
  14. The way I got all the stuff between CP1 and CP2 to behave differently based on whether you're big is with an off-screen progressive power-up that causes you to hit an on/off switch if you're big. I kept you from ever seeing any on/off blocks or switches and tried to disguise the sound effect. The reason for all this, besides the twice twice, is so that CP2 looks different the first time you collect it. Actually it's a twice-twice of CP1, but I'm hoping dice won't think so when he collects it. It's also the only twice-twice in the level, because I didn't want him to have twice-twice on the mind.
  16. The CP1 mushroom platform is a bright, recognizable color so that you'll think you're under it just after you get CP2, and then think you got tricked into hitting an off-screen CP1. That same trick is in another level that I know diceguyd30 saw carlsagan40 play. I'm hoping he'll think I'm doing the same thing to him. Actually, it's not a CP1, but when you die, CP2 looks just like CP1. If you go through the pipe that would be correct for CP1, you get the horrible anti-softlock (that was much more horrible in its first few incarnations) that turns into a real CP1 after you complete it.
  18. The end looks like another CP1 troll, but you can get yourself crushed by the red cannon. This is the reason the level is so janky. I need it to seem like letting you be crushed was a mistake in order to avoid arousing suspicion.
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