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NES Zelda Doom wad Weapons and mechanics

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Jan 3rd, 2014
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  1. =weapons=
  3. Fist - Wooden sword and shield
  4. As long as the weapon is active, you can block incoming projectiles and hitscan weapons as long as you face them, not rockets or melee attacks though. Left click jabs with sword, more reach and power than the fist, also inflicts knockback, attack rate the same as the source material, can fire sword beams if at 100% or higher health. Right click results in a jab that has more wind up but always ends with a sword beam, regardless of HP. Can be charged to shoot a faster, harder hitting beam that pierces.
  6. Chainsaw - Bait
  7. Left click drops bait, enemies focus on it instead of you for awhile. Right click throws it, if you hit an enemy with it, they focus on IT instead of you, fun! No ammo, but there's a cooldown after using the bait.
  9. Pistol - boomerang and wooden sword
  10. Thrown weapon that stuns and damages monsters, bigger monsters aren't stunned as long, cyberdemons and spider masterminds immune to stun, but both always flinch when struck regardless. Left click throws boomerang, right click jabs with sword, can fire beams if at 100% or more health. No ammo needed for boomerang
  12. Shotgun - Bow
  13. Left clicking fires a straight flying arrow projectile, inflicts knockback and does a fair amount of damage. Right click shoots a bomb arrow, consumes 5 arrows and one bomb for this, watch where you aim with it.
  15. Super Shotgun - silver arrows
  16. Upgrades your bow to fire piercing arrows that penetrate one or two enemies, flies faster too. The downside is silver arrows won't knockback enemies.
  18. chaingun - blue magic candle
  19. Left clicking throws out a large flame that slides along the ground a fair distance away, flames damage anything that comes into contact, including the user. Right click sends out a smaller flame with less radius, but isn't effected by gravity and lingers in mid-air, useful for flying enemies. Doesn't require ammo, but recharges.
  21. Rocket Launcher - Bombs
  22. YOU WANT IT!? It's yours my friend, as long as you hit left click to throw one out, travels a short distance and bounces slightly before blowing up, will also explode on contact with enemies. Right click drops one, make sure to get out of range of the blast with either attack
  24. Plasma gun - Magic Rod
  25. Left click shoots out fast firing magic waves, right clicking would fire out a slower firing wave, but it always leaves behind a magic candle flame wherever it hits that lingers for a bit. Ammo behaves different for the magic rod, altfiring consumes extra ammo. When completely drained the magic rod can still fire waves, but now there's an attack animation involved where the rod moves back before being jabbed forward to fire a wave, at this stage its firing rate would be slower than the vanilla pistol
  27. BFG - Magical sword
  28. replaces wooden sword as long as user carries it, magical sword does MUCH more damage in melee, sword beams pierce, and a charged shot fires out a spread-gun like spray of swordbeams, possibly 3 to 5
  30. =recovery pickups=
  32. Health bonus
  33. gives 1 hp, to the max of 200
  35. stimpack - blue water of life
  36. gives 10 HP, doesn't overheal
  38. medikit - red water of life
  39. gives 25 HP, doesn't overheal
  41. Soul sphere - fairy
  42. gives 100 HP, to the max of 200
  44. Mega sphere - Heart container
  45. 200 health and 200 armor
  47. Armor bonus - small shield
  48. gives 1 armor
  50. Armor - Blue ring
  51. gives 100% armor, 1/3 protection
  53. Megaarmor - red ring
  54. gives 200% armor, 1/2 protection
  56. =ammo pickups=
  58. clips - orange rupees
  59. Would serve the function as an ammo supply for the bow, always valued at 1
  61. bullet box - red rupee
  62. gives twenty rupees
  64. Shotgun shells - blue rupee
  65. gives five rupees
  67. box of shells - silver rupee
  68. worth 50 rupees
  70. Rocket - Bomb
  71. gives 1 bomb
  73. Box of rockets - bomb bag
  74. gives 5 bombs
  76. energy cell - blue magic jar
  77. provides 20 units of magic
  79. energy cell pack - red magic jar
  80. gives 100 units of magic
  82. =Power ups=
  84. backpack - magic book
  85. doubles ammo capacity for all weapons, including the candle, which also recharges faster as well
  87. computer map - map
  88. fully reveals the area map
  90. light amp visor - compass
  91. full bright for 2 minutes (I know this one is a little odd but roll with it)
  93. partial invisibility - power bracelet
  94. instead of invisibility, the power bracelet doubles the attack speed for all weapons for 2 minutes, gives the sword INSANE knockback
  96. Invulnerability sphere - stopwatch
  97. 30 seconds of invulnerability and/or all enemies frozen in place
  99. radiation suit - boots
  100. protects against damaging floors for one minute
  102. Berserk pack - Magical shield
  103. replaces normal shield for the duration of map, blocks any oncoming damage as long as user is facing it and not attacking
  106. All enemies would have a chance of dropping rupees (for arrows), bombs (rarely), blue magic jars (rarely) and hearts (half the value of a stimpack, so 5 hp).
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